Why Is My Pitbull So Clingy? 7 Surprising Reasons!

You may be asking yourself: why is my pitbull so clingy? We’ll they are bred to be as such, so you’ll not doubt why they are too clingy to you.

Perhaps, you love how your pitbull friend would shadow you anywhere you go. But, I guess you will agree with me when I say that dog’s faithfulness is on top of all.

Indeed, these dogs are undoubtedly for the people, and they want to have all the attention from you. Given that they’re bred with clingy nature, you cannot question why your pitbull is so clingy to you. But, I tell you, they are made to be companions of human beings. Due to this reason, you would see how your pitbull friend follows you just everywhere. And if you’re far from your pet, it will most likely suffer from separation anxiety.

In case you’re not ready for this clinginess, then this breed is not for you. My friends, they need a lot of attention. If you’re too busy for this, and you can’t provide its needs, then you already know what I mean, right? There are many more things that you should know about this topic, so just read on further!


Do Pitbulls Require A Lot Of Attention?

Without a doubt, they’re so clingy. Not only that, they’re manic, and also they’re fond of experiencing separation anxiety. So with this being said, it’s a big no-no for you to leave them alone; and this is true even if it should be within a short time.

Here are the things that you may not do if you have a pitbull:

  • Leaving your house
  • Cuddling your loved ones, even if they should be your partner and kids
  • Shutting them in your room once the doorbell rings
  • Going to the bathroom without them scratching the door or barking at you
  • Working for long hours, unless you seek help from a doggy daycare
  • Leaving them in your car even for a short time to run errands

But then, due to their cute size, it may be easier for you to bring them wherever you go. As I mentioned many times in this article, you know, you should not leave them alone at home; this will undoubtedly result in their destructive behavior. They will surely suffer from boredom or anxiety. Well, you may also want to know the answer to your question: why is my pitbull so lazy.

So, in case you’re living a busy life, pitbull is not for you. Or, if you love this breed, it’s a good idea that you have them in pairs. In this way, you will entertain them. The thing here is that attention is highly required, and if it’s not provided to them, this will be detrimental to their entire well-being.


Pitbulls Attachment To People

You know, if you’re the boss, it will most likely be attached to you. For sure, your cute pet will give you its whole world, and so you will realize how clingy its behavior is. However, there are cases when it becomes aggressive to others. Although this may not be true in all cases, it’s expected that a pitbull does become so clingy to its caregiver.


Why Is Your Pitbull So Clingy?

Yes, most pitbulls are clingy. But this clinginess is not the end; it can even step up to a higher degree. If this happens, then you’ll realize that your pet is more intense than ever. So, why is my pitbull so clingy? Here are the following reasons why this occurs:


#1. A new person is at home

Well, if you have a new partner, a baby, or a visitor, your pet may turn clingier than usual. It’s because it may change your attention, and it doesn’t want to be taken away from it.


#2. Your behavior changed

For example, if you have a slight change in your behavior, your pitbull may have sensed it. Maybe, you’ve changed your time coming in and out of your house, or maybe, you’ve got a new job, whatever it may be.


#3. Change of environment

Perhaps, you’ve changed your room, or maybe you’ve moved into a new house. These circumstances may lead to anxiety; that’s why you may observe your pet being clingy.


#4. Change of health

Yes, their overall well-being can affect their clinginess. So, if its hearing or eyesight begins to reduce, it quickly gets scared.


#5. Act of aggression or sudden noise

Just like any other dog, your pitbull might get scared when there is a sudden noise, like, for example, there are fireworks. You will see how fast your pitbull is. However, its behavior may also change when it is interacting with other dogs.


#6. Mental stimulation is lacking

This is not just true to pitbulls; instead, it applies to all dogs: they love to play. But, I tell you, here comes the importance of dog toys. Check out the 29 best dog toys for small, medium, and large breeds. When they lack mental stimulation, they become more clingy and needy whenever they are around. You may want to know why your dog needs mental stimulation.


#7. Separation anxiety

As mentioned so many times, this may be due to separation anxiety. If you leave your dog for just an hour or two, it will most likely suffer from the same.


It’s A Wrap!

If you’re someone who has the time in the world and you are committed to taking good care of a clingy dog, then pitbull is undoubtedly for you. Well, you’ve already known the answer to your question: why is my pitbull so clingy. My friends, if you want a companion, go for pitbulls. Being clingy is not always a bad thing, right? There are a few benefits to it. And I’m sure if you need attention, you will love having one at home!

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