Why Is My Husky Crying? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Sometimes, when you take home a new husky, you might wonder: why is my husky crying? Some husky owners claim they cannot sleep all night because their pet keeps on whining and crying. It is pretty common for new husky owners. If you are one of them, you would want to know why this is happening. 

But this does not happen to puppies only. Some older huskies tend to cry too much too. Either way, it is crucial that you know the cause to find the solution to your dog’s behavioral issue quickly. 

Why Is My Husky Crying 5 Surprising Reasons!

Huskies and wolves are closely related. So, just like wolves, huskies like calling out and talking by howling. This is said to be their means of communicating to their owners. The common reasons behind why a husky cries include loneliness, excitement, pain, and fear. Other than that, there can be other reasons. Let us look at them below. 


Reasons Why Is My Husky Crying

A husky’s vocal qualities are very amusing. For this reason alone, many buyers get attracted to buying this particular breed. The exciting sounds of huskies made them famous. They are usually the source of entertainment of some families as they provide a variety of vocals. Sometimes, they sound like they are talking.

However, there are times that your dog will become more vocal to the point that it affects your sleep. This behavior can be attributed to several reasons. Let us take a look at the common ones below. 


#1. Your dog is needy

Huskies, especially the younger ones, tend to be very needy. They need a person or another dog for companionship. Suppose you are not bothered to be waking up next to me every morning, then it’s okay. Otherwise, you might want to consider buying another dog so that your dog will have a companion. 


#2. Wolf ties

Huskies whine and howl more than they bark. Barking is typically used to assert dominance only or when they are claiming their territory. All breeds of a dog bark, whine, and howl, but huskies are more vocal than others. This is often attributed to their close ties with the family of wolves. 


#3. Lost

When your dog is lost or thinks that this somebody is lost, he will start to howl. Huskies do this to figure out the location of the rest of their pack or to help the one that is lost to locate them. For instance, when a husky hears an ambulance, he will think that it is the sound of a member from his pack trying to be found. In such a case, you will see that your pet will sit down, then point his muzzle up, and will start to howl. Know why does my husky howl.


#4. Fear

Your dog will also howl when he is scared. He is making this noise because he thinks that someone near can help him solve his problem or comfort him. 


#5. Your dog is upset

Another reason why your husky howl is the fact that he does not get things his way. Crying is a means used by huskies to communicate to you when they are upset about something. This is comparable to kids that wail or throws a tantrum. It would help if you did not panic about your dog crying.

Take note that huskies are very vocal by nature. Crying does not always mean that your dog is uncomfortable or in pain. At times, your pet wants to tell you that he is not happy about something. You may want to know how to cool down a husky


How To Stop A Husky From Crying?

While others are amused with huskies for being vocal, some find this behavior to be frustrating. Fortunately, you can train your pet to stop crying too much, and it can be simple to achieve. However, it requires consistency, the right tools, and time. Below are three different approaches that you can use. 


#1. Daily reinforcement

In this method, you need to train your dog every day by noticing them when they are quiet and rewarding them. This also includes not rewarding when your dog is being more vocal. Ensure to be consistent as this is the key to succeed in this method.


#2. Time out approach

This approach is pretty much the same as it sounds. Even when you continue to reward your dog for its good behavior, his crying might continue. In such a case, the time-out approach might be the best option for you. You can build a crate and then put your dog there every time he starts crying. It would be best if you did not let your dog out until he becomes silent for about 10 seconds or more. Just like in the previous step, the key here is consistency.


#3. Using command words

You can also command your dog to be quiet or to speak. This training includes putting an indicator on being quiet and speaking. It is counterintuitive to reward your dog if he is being vocal. Still, this method will teach your dog the difference between the two. Start by choosing the marker words to use. Also, read about how to calm down a husky.


It’s A Wrap!

It’s not enough to know why my husky is crying, but you should also know what to do about this. The degree of vocality among huskies vary. It can be tough to make some of them quiet, but others tend to be quiet all the time. But the majority of them are on the vocal side.

Although they do not bark often, huskies howl and whine. Being vocal is a part of their instincts. You should not be worried about this. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior and notice when he is vocal, what could have triggered it, and what usually stops it.

Training your dog to stop or avoid crying is essential if you cannot stand howling. Nonetheless, despite the very vocal qualities of huskies, they are energetic and fun dogs, so many people like to have them as pets.

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