Why Doesn’t My Dog Bark At The Door?

Why doesn’t my dog bark at the door like other dogs? In this post, I’ll explain what could be the possible reasons for that.

why doesn't my dog bark at the door

Who needs friends when you have a friend in the form of a dog in your home? However, when your friend starts acting differently, it does raise a concern. In this matter, we are talking about the unusual occasions when dogs stop to bark at the door.

When you think that your dog doesn’t bark anymore, there could be multiple underlying reasons. If you just brought in a new dog into the house, the dog may take some time to settle down in the new environment. Besides this, some of the dog breeds are too friendly to bark at strangers.

However, it is crucial to understand why the dogs bark in the first place.

What are the Top Reasons Causing a Dog to Bark?

Barking is a natural mode of communication for dogs. A dog may bark to express different types of emotions, such as excitement, fear, and anger.

Below are some of the other reasons triggering the barking behavior:


Usually, dogs like to live in a community. The one thing that they dread the most is being left alone. This is the reason, why a dog comes wagging his tail when you may come home after a long day.

If a dog is locked up or is left alone, it may cause anxiety to him. In order to show his anxiety, the dog barks.

Emotional Needs

Just like human beings, even dogs have their emotional needs. If a dog is bored or feels insecure, he may bark continuously to request your attention toward him.

Physical Needs

A dog may be hungry, thirsty, sleepy, or in pain. He has his own set of physical needs. In this condition, a dog barks to draw your attention to his needs.


Besides this, as per the common notion, a dog barks when he sees a stranger entering your home. However, some of the breeds of the dogs, such as Basenji, are naturally calm, and they do not like to draw a lot of attention to themselves. As a result, they avoid barking.

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What to Do When the Dog has Stopped Barking Suddenly at the Door?

When you own a dog, you will know all the moods and temperaments of it. In such a case, you should first try to understand the reasons. Look for any physical changes.

One of the reasons that your dog has suddenly stopped barking is because of vocal stress. This primarily occurs during winters and monsoons. In such a case, you should seek the help of a veterinarian, and get a body checkup done for your dog.

In addition to this, if you have brought home a sheltered dog, he may have undergone training, which could have incited a no-barking behavior in him. A dog may also be sick and dealing with psychological issues.

The best way to help it get through is to encourage it to boost his mood and create a positive environment around. Take your dog to parks and gardens for a walk. A little physical exercise can help enhance its mood.

Ultimately, it is only you who can differentiate between the normal and abnormal behavior of your canine. When you think, “My dog doesn’t bark”, you should take ample measures to instigate the normal response of your dog. You should know whether the phase is temporary or is it lasting for a long time. If even the favorite food of your dog is not able to cheer him up, it is high time to consult a vet.

Try spending more time with your canine to provide him with the necessary warmth and care.

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