Why Does My Pitbull Lick Me So Much? 5 Best Reasons Why!

You may be asking this question: why does my pitbull lick me so much. There are many reasons, which we will be discussing as you delve into this article deeper.

After a long day of work, you go home, and your pitbull tends to greet you with a lick. You may be wondering whether or not it’s a sign of some sort of affection. Also, it may indicate that your cute little one is happy that you’re there. The thing is that there are several reasons behind this, which may either be good or bad.

Why Does My Pitbull Lick Me So Much

In this article, let’s understand the reason why your pitbull licks you so much. There are many methods for conveying various emotions to human beings, especially if you are their favorite. And not all dogs are the same, so you should figure out how to understand their behavior. There are so many things that you need to know about this topic. So, without further ado, let’s start!


Reasons Why Does Your Pitbull Lick You So Much

My friends, dogs employ different ways so they can communicate with their caregivers. They lean, bark, and show you their puppy eyes. So, why does my pitbull lick me so much, you ask? It may just be once, or twice, much worse, many times. But, you’ll be amazed when you find out what they want to convey. Here are the following reasons why a pitbull licks so much:


#1. It’s a sign of affection

This behavior is not just faithful to pitbulls; it’s the same with other domestic dogs. So, if you caught your dog licking you so much, it may be a way for it to give you its love. There may be times when you feel that it is too much. Perhaps, the best thing to do about this is to train your dog to react with an alternative favorable response. But then, if this is not something that bothers you in the first place, go with the flow.

There’s a positive indication when this behavior is shown too. Your pitbull releases endorphins when it is happy, helping it to calm down.

I guess this question may pop into your mind: are pitbull licks kisses?

The answer may be in the affirmative or negative. Well, your pet works reciprocally. Say, for instance, if your dog licks you and you also respond to the same, like kissing, hugging, or playing, then it will most likely repeat this kind of behavior.

And this is true even if the reason behind it is not for purposes of showing affection. Your pup will surely keep on doing this behavior if you respond to this. To better understand why it used to lick you so much, it’s best to know the frequency and intensity of the licking and the area where it licks you.


#2. It may want to gauge your mood

While you’re sitting outside with your dog, and it suddenly licks your face, it may be because it is trying to know your current mood. However, in case your pitbull is keen on licking your feet and hands, even though these are sweaty, there may be a different reason behind it; I’m sure you’re interested why.

You know, just like any other dog, your pitbull may be driven with its senses. Frequently, it is the first portion of your body that you reach out to it. For example, when you sweat, you emit pheromones. With this, your dog may decode, so it determines your mood. I want to be clear; the tongue does not take this; instead, it’s the signal that is conveyed to its vomeronasal organ so it can figure you out. My friends, you may want to make your dog happy; read how to make a pitbull big.


#3. You taste better

If something tastes better for dogs, they will do just anything to get their hand to such. And you will know it as you have observed in your dog; it may get the scraps from its bowl, lick crumbs off your floor, or clean the spill- all of these behaviors are shown, especially if it is wants to be involved.

These behaviors may just be the same when your pet licks you. That means that it may lick you, so it takes the last bits of your food after you eat. Also, the taste of salt on your skin may be attractive for your dog.

It may be a good idea to read why your pitbull is so clingy.


#4. It’s a sign of empathy

Are you upset or stress? There goes your pitbull; it tends to lick you. It’s a way for it to express its empathy to you. It is also concern about your feelings. It showed that dogs would nuzzle, lick, or snick their pet owners whenever they cry (out of pretense) compared to then they’re just talking or humming.

If this happens to you, I guess you could relate to how this feels so comforting. It can be fantastic to know that your dog can determine whenever you feel upset. Well, it’s a dog mechanism, so it understands more about you. You may also want to know the signs your dog is secretly mad at you.


#5. It’s submissive

When you find your dog licking your hands, it may be a sign that it is submissive. And this means that you are recognized as the leader of the pack. Much more, this behavior can help ease the stress due to separation anxiety, such as when you’re absent for some time.

Yes, this behavior is usual behavior for canines, evolving from wolves to dogs. For example, canines used to lick their pack leader. And this usually occurs when they go home, reuniting with other pack members. It shows that they miss them, and they’re an obedient companion.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, we have answered your question: why does my pitbull lick me so much? You see, there are many explanations for this behavior. But, whatever it is, just make that licking so much is a positive indication, not a sign of any negativities.

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