Why Does My Husky Sleep So Much? 5 Surprising Factors!

Have you noticed your pet sleep more than he used to, so you wondered why does my husky sleep so much? How much sleep does a husky suppose to have? On average, husky should get about 14 up to 16 hours of sleep daily.

But this can vary. Depending on his general health, size, age, and activity level, your dog might need less or more. 

In this post, you will learn how much sleep is normal among huskies and the factors that can affect the amount of sleep they get so that you if you have to be concerned about this or not. So keep reading and find out the possible factor that causes your husky to sleep more than usual.


What Amount Of Sleep Should Huskies Get?

 If you think of 14 hours of sleep, it may seem a lot. But for huskies, this is pretty normal. It can be a bit lower or over this amount at times. This breed has a lot of energy, and they love extreme physical activities. 

It would help if you gave your husky about 2 hours of exercise daily at the very least. This can include hiking, chasing, running, or sled pulling. If you are already doing this with your dog, then great! Unfortunately, this can be why he needs more sleep of about 12 up to 16 hours. 

While your pet is active, he will use plenty of his energy to play and sniff around or even to escape. After the playtime, he will need to recharge his energy by having long enough rest.

Generally, dog owners will find their dogs taking several naps for a few hours during the day and still sleeping through the entire night. In some cases, your husky is sleeping because he is bored or got nothing left to do. This is true to all dog breeds and not on huskies alone. 


Factors Affecting Why My Husky Sleep So Much

Several factors can affect how much sleep that your husky needs. After I became aware of these things, I have understood why my husky slept so much. Scroll down and find out the factors that affect the sleeping pattern of your dog. So, here’s the answer to your question: why does my husky sleep so much?


#1. Age

The age of your dog will affect the amount of sleep it needs. The puppies grow at a fast rate. Too much energy is being consumed during this, so you will find out that 20 hours of sleep every day is standard. When they become adults, they will generally sleep at 12 up to 16 hours, the average amount. Typically, adult ones require lesser sleep as compared to when they are puppies. 

But as they get older, they will become more like babies again. As a result, old huskies will need more sleep than when they are in their middle-age. As dogs get older and older, they quickly get tired and thus need to sleep and rest. 


#2. Activity level

Suppose you go out with your pet to hike or run. In that case, he will most likely sprawl onto the floor when you get home—simply giving your pet a toy that he can chew on or toss around for several hours will make him snooze off to sleep later.

Most owners would assume that their husky is being lazy. But they fail to realize that spurting too much energy will lead to your husky needing rest. Do not be worried if your husky is being lazy, not unless there is a medical concern. Your husky will naturally get sleepy if you are out for long or if he is bored.


#3. Size

Another factor that can change the sleep requirements of your dog is its size. The majority of huskies come in similar sizes. But if your pet is particularly more significant, he will most likely get tired easily and quickly compared to those smaller than him.


#4. Medication

Suppose your pet has an underlying health issue which is why he is currently under medication. It could be the reason why he sleeps so much more than he used to. A variety of drugs can make a dog lethargic and tired.

Particularly, dog medications for anxiety can impact the brain. Those also tend to make them sleepy. Perhaps, you recently gave your husky a medication. You must monitor him carefully. You need to contact the vet if his behavior or sleep has been so different.


#5. Health

In case your husky is suffering from any health issue, then it will affect his sleep requirements. The changes that it brings to his sleeping pattern will vary depending on what health issue your dog is experiencing.

Generally, any illness will exhaust your dog’s energy leaving him to sleep almost the entire day. Other things such as hormonal imbalance also tend to make a dog sleep more.

In any case, if you have noticed that your dog sleeps more than the average, perhaps, about 18 hours or more every day, then it is time for you to have your pet checked by the vet. Conversely, other health conditions can keep your pet awake. Some diseases and injuries cause too much discomfort and pain that will keep your husky to rest when needed.


It’s A Wrap!

You must be concerned about asking yourself: why does my husky sleep so much? Visiting the vet is recommended if your dog’s sleeping pattern has changed drastically and increased by several hours or if he moves very slowly and is not alert once he wakes up. Do the same if your dog seems to be very tired and lethargic even though he was asleep for too long or if he continuously displays discomfort, whine, change position, and shuffling because there may be something wrong with your dog.

There are various reasons why your pet sleeps so much. You should take note of the recent changes in your environment and situation and always be prepared to notice anything unusual.

It may also be a good idea to read about related topics: know how to cool down a husky and how to reduce husky shedding. Have a great day, my friends!

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