Why Does My German Shepherd Stink? 5 Shocking Reasons!

Are you wondering why does my German shepherd stink? A variety of factors might cause your German shepherd’s odor. It might have health issues such as foul breath, unhealthy molars or teeth, ear infections, or frequent diarrhea difficulties. It might also result from crawling in stinky stuff, an unhealthy diet, or exposure to water.

Like every other breed of dog, German shepherds aren’t particularly stinky. All dog species have their unique characteristic odor, which you will assume from this breed. German shepherds, too, have such a more significant potential for odor because of their type of hair and long coat. 

Why Does My German Shepherd Stink 5 Shocking Reasons!

The best technique to just get rid of your German shepherd’s unpleasant odor will be determined by the source of the problem. It might be hard to decide on the specific cause of your German shepherd’s foul odor. Below we have discussed some causes that lead to stink in the GSD. Let’s get started.


Reasons Why German Shepherd Stink

There are a few causes for why does my German shepherd stink, which we’ll go through. While you attempt to lessen the odor, you must first determine why your German shepherd stinks so then you may more quickly remedy the problem.


#1. Health issues

There seem to be various health issues linked to foul odors. Your German Shepherd’s poor breath may be caused by diabetes or kidney failure. It’s natural for a dog’s breath to stink a little, but if it’s awful, it might indicate a health problem.

Gums and teeth disease can also produce unpleasant breath. Excessive drooling can be caused by decaying gums and teeth that can get stuck in their hair and make it stink even worse. Infections due to bacteria in the eardrum can also cause them to stink. It is usually followed by a lot of head shaking, and some flatulence is natural, but a great deal of it might be attributed to gut difficulties.

If you suspect that your German shepherds’ poor odor is due to a health issue, you must take him to the veterinarian to be tested out. Here are the common health problems German shepherd.


#2. Rolled into smelly stuff

German shepherds are known for rolling within the grass; however, when they do so on a routine schedule, the grass can become stinky. If your German Shepherd seems to have a routine of rolling around in this stinking grass, you should stop it from moving in this grass. German shepherds are regarded for rolling in include dirt and mud. To avoid this, restrict your German shepherd’s direct exposure to such items, ensure that your lawn is free of filthy things like dung, and try learning the German shepherd to return to you on orders.


#3. Submerged in water

One reason for your German shepherd’s incredible stench is that it may have been in the rain before. When it has been rained, or your German shepherd has been bathing in a pool or lake, his fur may grow stinky, mainly if the water is unclean. To eliminate the odor, wipe it up, so the dirty water just doesn’t collect on your German shepherd’s coat, and don’t let it within till it’s scorched.


#4. Poor diet

An unhealthy diet might be an additional reason for German Shepherds stinking. A poor diet might cause poor breath and excessive flatulence. If you suspect that the German Shepherd’s food is to a fault, speak with a veterinarian and seek assistance improving their nutrition.

If you have ever taken onion or garlic and then discovered that your perspiration or breath smelled for hours afterward? Your dog is subject to the exact rules! Most dogs are lactose intolerant; therefore, it’s better to keep lactose out of your dog’s diet entirely. If you’re not sure exactly to feed your German Shepherd, look for dog chow made exclusively for German Shepherds. You can find German shepherd dog biscuits here on Amazon and Chewy, and you can see this for GSD pups here.

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#5. Improper grooming

Grooming is required for German shepherds. A shower is advised now and again, but it is especially vital to become filthy or mud during a stroll. In any case, they do need to be brushed daily because their coat can get extremely untidy, but they’re a breed that sheds a lot. Brushing their teeth at a minimum once per day is required because bacteria in the tongue can promote dental caries, contributing to various health problems. It’s also one of the most prevalent causes of foul breath.

Dogs’ ears also have to be wiped since bacteria in drums may promote ear diseases; you’ll find that if the ear wax within your puppy’s ear piles up and isn’t cleaned on a routine basis, it can start to stink. While you can still typically wash your dog’s ears alone, a dog trainer or veterinarian may perform it for you if you possess any worries in doing so.

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It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you all will understand why does my German shepherd stink. Above, we have discussed five leading causes that lead to this problem. Just keep in mind that proper grooming of your GSD helps you keep them clean. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!