Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs? (6 REASONS)

Why does my dog sleep between my legs? When your dog sleeps in between your legs, it’s usually a sign of love and affection.

Why does my dog sleep between my legs

To keep your dog stay energetic and active all day, it is essential for him to get enough sleep. If your canine’s favorite sleep position is between your legs, you must be wondering why this so. And what can you do about this?

This post lists six main reasons why does your dog sleep between your legs.

So, why does your dog sleep between legs?

There can be various possible reasons behind this. It’s usually a sign of love and affection. Or, your dog may be trying to be protective. He sleeps in between your legs for protecting you. Or, your dog may be feeling safer sleeping between your legs.

Actually, there are different theories behind this. Below I have listed the six main reasons why your doggo prefers sleeping between your legs, all the time:

Being affectionate

One of the main reasons why your canine does this is because he is just being affectionate. Some dogs love being around their loved ones. By sleeping between your legs, your dog expresses his love and affection toward you.

Being protective

Your canine may be trying to be protective. If you notice your dog sleeping between your legs when someone’s around (other people or animals), then think of it as  a sign of protectiveness. Well, your dog is protecting you from the possible danger.


Another possible reason your dog sleeps between your legs could be because it makes him feel comfortable and protected. Dogs often look for closed and contained spaces, especially when they fear (could be due to thunder, firecrackers, etc.). In this situation, sleeping between their loved ones’ legs makes them feel protected.

Separation anxiety

You will find dog breeds of different types. Some breeds tolerate being left alone, while some can’t. If your ones is friendly, always like being around with someone, and can’t tolerate being alone, then he is likely to build separation anxiety when he’s left alone for longer periods. We are talking about dogs that don’t leave their owners alone and follow wherever they go.

You accidentally trained him to do it

Yes, you heard it right. You may have accidentally trained your dog to do it, maybe unknowingly. Many times, dog owners encourage certain behaviors of their dogs with affection or by giving something reward. When owners appreciate a specific behavior of their dogs, they are very much likely to repeat. You may have rewarded your canine when he was falling asleep or just sitting between your legs.

It’s cold weather

When it’s cold weather, your dog is more likely to sleep between your legs. During winters, your dog needs a warm and comfortable sleeping space. By getting a warm and comfortable dog bed, you can avoid your pup from sleeping between your legs.

Why my dog sleep between my legs


If your canine sleeps between your legs, there could be a number of reasons why he does it. To understand the possible reason behind it, you need to understand his behavior.

Now, the important question is, how actually you can stop this behavior? Here are some ways you can stop your dog from sleeping between your legs: First of all, don’t reinforce this behavior and train him to lay down somewhere else, give him a comfortable sleeping place, and then reduce the separation anxiety.

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