Why Does My Australian Shepherd Whine So Much? 6 Surprising Causes!

You might be giving all your attention to your dog at all times that you now start to wonder: why does my Australian shepherd whine so much? All owners of Australian shepherds tend to make their dogs the center of their world. They automatically became best friends right after taking the fur baby home. If you have an Aussie, for sure, your heart melts every time he looks at you with puppy eyes, and you will be ready to give him anything he wants. But what if you give in way too far? 

Then, you would probably start to notice your dog whining so much. Most often than not, dogs cry or whine a lot when trying to tell us something. But this can also be a reinforced or learned behavior. 

Why Does My Australian Shepherd Whine So Much 6 Surprising Causes!

In this post, you will get to know the other reasons that can make your Australian shepherd whine. As we discuss each of the probable causes, we will also touch on the things that you can do about it. 


6 Probable Causes Why Does Australian Shepherd Whine So Much

It is heartbreaking to hear a pet crying, especially when it gets louder. I know how frustrating it can get if you cannot understand what your dog is saying. As such, it is best to know the most common causes for the whining of Aussies. So, why does my Australian shepherd whine so much? Here are the following:


#1. Stress

Dog owners need to learn how to read their dogs’ body language so that they can easily understand the reason for their cry. If you know what your dos are trying to tell you, the rest would be easy. When your dog is stressed, he won’t show all the signs at once. But it would help if you looked closely. The signs would include growling, barking, licking lips, raised hackles, yawning, pacing, tense or stiff body, and whale eyes. It would help if you were careful because, at times, the dog’s stress will push him to attempt biting you. 


#2. Your dog wants attention

The main reason for the whining of Australian shepherds is the need for attention. It would help if you kept in mind that caring for and raising a puppy is not easy. Mainly, Aussies are more challenging to manage since they demand more attention and time. Australian shepherds will build strong attachments with you. This is an ability that is attributable to their intelligence. That is because they can manipulate you using their little whimpers that is so adorable for anyone seeing them. You may also want to read about how to calm an Australian shepherd.


#3. Excitement

It is excellent to have Australian shepherds around because they have so much energy. They are ideal for those who want to have a dog that can exercise or play with them. However, if your Aussie does not get enough amount of physical exercise, he can get over-energized overexcited. This dog breed is very loyal too, which makes them good companions. They would always want to please you. However, it also means that they can easily pick up the emotion and mood around them. 


#4. Separation anxiety

As mentioned earlier, an Australian shepherd can get attached easily. This is especially true if you spend so much time with your dog playing, exercising, and caring for him. In such a case, your dog would want to have you around all the time. You will notice that he will cling to you so much. If you are not everywhere, your dog has a high chance of developing separation anxiety. 


#5. Boredom

I have mentioned a couple of times that this breed has high energy. It requires plenty of exercises. Owning an Aussie also means that you need to be active as well. Otherwise, it would help if you look for someone who can play and entertain him for you. 

At times, you will notice that your dog is following you around. This can mean that your dog is trying to ask you to give him a job or anything he can do. What’s good about this breed is that they can be trained easily. 

But You need to give them sufficient mental stimulation so that they will not get tired or bored in doing repetitive things. If your dog is left with nothing else to do, chances are, he will begin to bark, whine, or worse, get into trouble. Here’s how to tire out an Australian shepherd.


#6. Fear

It is a good idea to start socializing and teaching your dog early. It is also essential to get a puppy from reputable breeders. This ensures that you will get a dog that is well taken care of at the early stage of its life. It is such an unfortunate thing that many breeders are running puppy mills. Meaning to say, they are mainly breeding Aussies for money. They are not taking care of the puppies very well. A puppy that has started its life in an environment like this tends to be aggressive or fearful. This can affect their entire life. 

But do not worry because some things can be done to help if you get a fearful puppy. Although it can be hard to make your dog feel and behave confident, eventually, he will learn this with consistent reinforcement. 


It’s A Wrap!

Again, to answer your question: why does my Australian shepherd whine so much? Well, they cry or when to get your attention. They also do the same to communicate something to you, such as when you like to play with you. Whining can also signify separation anxiety, pain, anxiety, or hunger. If your Australian shepherd is whining, it can also indicate that there’s something wrong. Or you may have reinforced this behavior by giving your dog constant attention that the lack of it will make them whine so much.