Why Does My Australian Shepherd Pant So Much? 5 Surprising Reasons!

You might be curious as to why does my Australian shepherd pant so much. Well, Australian shepherds pant when they exercise or due to excitement.

Even telling your dog that you will be going out for a want will cause him to pant wildly. They do this to show you their excitement. 

Why Does My Australian Shepherd Pant So Much 5 Surprising Reasons!

It is natural for all dogs to pant, but you will inevitably get worried about it if your pet is panting too much. In this article, you will learn about the usual causes why dogs pant. You will further know what you can do when your Australian shepherd does so. 


Is It Natural For Australian Shepherd To Breathe Fast?

Your Australian shepherd will look like they breathe faster if you compare them with humans. For example, if they are relaxed and calm, it will take about 15-30 breaths per minute. But if they are excited, hot, or when your dog exercises, he sill start to breathe faster. Humans, on average, breathe 12-16 times every minute. So when you listen as your dog breathes, it might sound very fast to you. Furthermore, Australian shepherds are active dogs; they will breathe quickly as they are exercising. 


5 Reasons Why Does Australian Shepherd Pant So Much

The panting of an Australian shepherd can be attributed to several reasons. First, take note that panting is normal among dogs. This is similar to sweating in humans. Dogs pant when they are exercising. Below we will be discussing the most common reasons behind the panting of the Australian shepherd. So, why does my Australian shepherd pant so much? Here are the following:


#1. Too hot

One reason for your dog’s panting is when they get too hot. This is their way to cool themselves down. If you live somewhere hot and your dog is spending time outdoors, expect him to pant when he is trying to cool himself. 


#2. Exercise

Commonly, the dog is pants when he is exercising. As mentioned earlier, Australian shepherds are active dogs, so they need plenty of exercise. Suppose your dog has been running, walking briskly, or playing fetch. Then, you should not be worried about your dog panting. Read about how much exercise does an Australian shepherd puppy need


#3. Excitement

A dog may pant due to excitement. For instance, when you are about to take him for a walk or when he picks up his favorite toy, you will notice that your dog will start to pant. Know how to tire out an Australian shepherd


#4. Working mode

Generally, Australian shepherds are playful and active. They are panting more often as compared to other breeds. That is because Australian shepherds were initially bred as working dogs. They can quickly shift into active mode and be ready to become active. This will make them pant. 


#5. Feeling anxious

Another reason why your dog pants are when he is anxious. Try to notice when your dog pants. For instance, when he starts to do this when he is nervous about getting inside the car, panting is because of anxiety. 


Excessive Panting Of Australian Shepherds

I have mentioned a couple of times that excessive panting of Australian shepherds can be attributed to the hot weather or exercising. In any case, if your dog is panting outside these reasons, then it signifies something else. 


#1. In heat

The coat of Australian shepherds is thick and long, so if they pant during hot months, you shouldn’t be worried. Instead, you can shave their coat as this can help cool them off. Although their coat looks beautiful, it would be a relief for them if you shaved them off. If your pet likes swimming and water, you may consider getting them a kiddie pool and placing it in your backyard. Then, as they splash in the water, they can keep themselves cool. Also, do not forget to bring water when taking your dog out when it is hot. 


#2. Anxiety

Your Australian shepherd may be anxious with new situations or people, so if he pants excessively, he is trying to show you that he is anxious about the new person entering the house. But take note that the triggers can vary among dogs. Some other things that can make pants excessively include car rides, vets, and thunderstorms. If you are worried since your dog pants frequently, ensure to let your vet know about this. Also, if your dog quickly gets nervous, he tends to pant excessively even if he is not doing any physical activity. 


It’s A Wrap!

If you own an Australian shepherd, you sure know that they are obedient and loyal companions. But sometimes, you cannot avoid thinking, “Why does my Australian shepherd pant so much?” We mentioned earlier that it is normal for this breed to pant or breathe heavily. Often, panting is caused by anxiety, excitement, exercising, being too hot, etc. This should not cause concern, but you still need to look closely at your dog as it can indicate a health issue. 

If other symptoms are noticed along with the heavy breathing, it would be best to talk to your vet about this so that you will be given appropriate advice on what you have to do about this.