Why Do Dogs Like Crinkle Toys? (3 THEORIES)

Why do dogs like crinkle toys

If you have got a crinkle toy for your pet dog, you must be noticing the unique behavior of your dog with the toy.

Dogs love playing with different toys (balls, rope toys, chew toys, stuff toys, etc.), but there are some theories why they are more attached to crinkly and squeaky toys.

There are various reasons why do dogs like crinkle toys. Some major reasons are crinkle toys are instantly rewarding, they give hunting instincts, and they provide mental enrichment.

Let’s get into each of the reasons one by one:

Instantly Rewarding

By playing with a crinkling and squeaking toy, the dog gets an instant reaction. The sound comes from the toy tells your dog that he has an amazing bite.

The instant rewarding reaction allows your dog to keep playing with the toy and continue making those crinkling sounds.

Hunting Instincts

One of the major reasons for why dogs love playing with crinkling toys is that such kind of toys gives them hunting instincts.

You might be knowing dogs are descended from wolves. Just like wolves hunt for their food, dogs do have some similar qualities.

The crinkling sound of the toy seems that they have captured & injured a small animal. When the sound comes from the toy, it makes them keep doing (it tells they are injuring or scaring the small animal they have with them).

After the crinkling sound from the toy stops, it tells the dog that they have successfully killed its prey.

You must have noticed that after your dog removes the squeaker and the sound stops, he does not seem to be as energetic to play with the toy as it was earlier.

Mental Enrichment

Allows your dog to play crazy with the crinkling toy is beneficial. By playing with such type of toys, your dog gets mental enrichment.

It does not just have mental benefits, it provides many health benefits as well. When your dog plays with a crinkle toy, it gets them to exercise, which helps to gain better physical health.

Final Thoughts

So here we can see dogs like crinkle toys for various reasons. Many dog owners think that allowing their dog to play for long would harm in some way but it’s not true.

When your dog plays with a crinkling toy, it does not just provide mental benefits to your dog, it also enhances physical health.

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