When Should I Neuter My Australian Shepherd? 5 Best Reasons You Should!

Are you wondering: when should I neuter my Australian shepherd? I was like you before; I was very curious, so I investigated this matter and what I found out was something exciting. 

Well, an Australian shepherd should be neutered around 6-14 months. But some Aussies, a few factors have to be considered hold this off until later or choose to proceed earlier. 

Due to some reasons, the procedure is done sooner or later than the earlier timeline. But it may not be ideal. Let us find out why that is so as we discuss neutering Australian shepherds below. Keep reading!


5 Benefits Of Neutering

So, when should I neuter my Australian shepherd? Most, if not all, would have their Australian shepherd neutered since it comes with several benefits. Below, we have outlined the benefits for you. Read on and reflect on whether or not you should neuter your pet. 


#1. Your dog will become calmer

The benefits of neutering your Australian shepherd are more than reducing puppies abandoned to community shelters. It also makes your dog healthier physically. The process would also affect the behavior and temperament of your dog. Generally, neutered dogs become calmer a bit. These are debatable as no scientific evidence fully supports this theory. Still, many dog owners have reported such in their male dogs. If you own both male and female Aussies, you might have noticed that the male one is not as well as the female dog. 

This will remain true even if both of them are unaltered. So you can consider curbing the worst impulses of your dog. Moreover, Australian shepherds are a working breed of dog that likes spending most of their time outside and keeping themselves busy. 

Troubles are inevitable, especially when your pure breed is left unattended. Not unless you get them neutered. Although no specific time is right to alter your dog, some guides are there which most people follow depending on the development of a particular breed. Click on this link to know how to calm an Australian shepherd.


#2. Improved prostate health

If you neuter your dog, the risk of reproductive-related cancer will be reduced. This will also result in improved prostate health for your Aussie. Furthermore, neutering will also prevent the development of other types of tumors and cancer throughout his life. This will include reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer. 


#3. Increased life expectancy

Many also claim that neutering a dog will result in an increased life expectancy, whether it is directly connected to the fact that the risks of tumors and cancers are reduced or mainly coincidental. You may want to find out how to take care of an Australian shepherd puppy.


#4. Improved behavior

Regarding mental health, behavior, and emotional health, it is said that neutering will result in reduced territorial issues and aggression. As mentioned in the first benefit above, the procedure will make your dog calmer. As such, the procedure will be beneficial for those who own many dogs with more male ones. That is because the environment in the house will become less aggressive. But it would help if you neutered all male dogs. 


#5. Reduced pet population

Above all else, neutering your Australian shepherd will reduce the population of pets around the world. This is good since most community shelters are now overcrowded with pets their pet parents abandon. As a result, a lot of cats and dogs are euthanized. 


Should You Wait Longer To Neuter Your Australian Shepherd?

Nobody knows whether neutering later or sooner will benefit the wellness and health of your Australian shepherd. But most experts would recommend that you should wait until your dog has entirely developed into an adult who is almost one year old. This is when your puppy has grown fully in all aspects of life – emotionally, mentally, and physically. In other words, your pooch has matured and developed naturally, which makes his body healthy when he undergoes this procedure. 

But then again, it is purely a theory. Either way, no scientific proof can support this. The theory is mainly based on the statements of the pet parents. Now, the decision on whether or not you should wait longer is up to you and your vet. 


#1. Neutering an Australian shepherd early

As mentioned, it is not ideal to neuter the dog earlier than six months since his reproductive maturity is not reached yet at this point. During that time, your poop will also likely lose his puppy coats. But some would still push through the operation to avoid finding their pups becoming a father early. 


#2. Neutering an Australian shepherd late

You can also wait and proceed with the procedure later in your puppy’s life for instances when some health issues are needed to be addressed. But, ideally, the parents would keep watch of the puppy all the time. All breeds have no real-time for neutering. But in general small breeds of dogs reach complete reproductive maturity earlier than larger ones. 

Australian shepherds belong to the breed with medium size, so their full maturity will be attained when they reach the age of six months old. This is ideal for dog parents who do not want more dogs. 


It’s A Wrap!

Once again, you have to keep in mind that every pet is different in its life development regardless of the breed. So the answer to your question: when should I neuter my Australian shepherd is dependent on you. Do it anytime you are comfortable with this and when you think it is needed.