When Do Husky Puppies Ears Stand Up? 3 Surprising Factors!

The question is: when do husky puppies ears stand up? To find the answer to this question, some factors should be looked into.

Aside from that, there are things that you need to do when taking care of your husky so that its ears will become cute and pointed.

When Do Husky Puppies Ears Stand Up? 3 Surprising Factors!

The ears of huskies are erect and triangular. If you look at their ears, you will have an idea of what your husky is feeling. But are you aware that it would take time before the adorable ears will develop ultimately? Read on the entirety of this post to know more about the ear growth of Huskies. We will show you everything that you have to know regarding the adorable ears of this breed.


Factors Affecting The Ear Growth of Huskies

When your husky is still a puppy, you will see that its ears are floppy at first. This is entirely normal. It will take time before those ears will develop completely. If you want to know when it will stand up, you should consider a few factors.

But the typical age that the ears of a husky will completely perk up is six weeks. This is when a husky will become an adult. The reason behind this is that the bones, including the ear cartilage of the husky, are growing. As your pet grows older, its bones will start to become more firm, resulting in more erect ears.

Typically, it would range from 4-6 weeks before the ears of a husky will perk up and become firm. But sometimes, it takes longer than this. So, when do husky puppies ears stand up? Below are some factors that affect the ear growth of huskies: 


#1. Diet

The diet of a husky is essential for its overall structure, and this does not exclude its ears. When your husky has a calcium deficiency, it means that he is not getting the right amount of minerals for his ears and bones, in general, to develop properly. Therefore, it is best that you add more amount of calcium to his diet.


#2. The way you are holding your pet

It can be very tempting to ruffle the head of your husky, scrub his head, or even snuggle with your pet. But you shouldn’t do this while his bones have not developed completely. That is because doing so can cause its cartilage to break down, leaving his ears pliable and soft and not firm enough to support its pointed ears.


#3. Socialization

If you own other pets in your house, then your husky most likely plays with them, especially when he is still a puppy. As he plays with other dogs or even cats at home, his ear cartilage might get broken down. This primarily occurs when the other animal chews on the ears or plays around the ear or head area.


Are The Ears Of Husky Puppies Floppy?

The appearance of a husky is more noticeable as compared to other breeds of dogs. This includes its erect ears, coat markings, piercing eyes, and features similar to a wolf. At the beginning of its life, your husky may come with those floppy ears that tend to fold over towards the front. But do not worry. It is entirely normal if the ears of your puppy are floppy. 


Why Do The Ears Of My Puppy Become Floppy Again?

You might be worrying because the ears of your pet do not stand up. One thing that can impact ear development is teething. Many husky owners claim that the ears of their puppy start to drop back when the teething begins. In other words, the ears may start to become floppy again when the teeth of an adult husky push through.


3 Causes Of Floppy Ears

The floppy ears of your husky can be attributed to some factors. In this section, we will be looking at the most common causes that contribute to floppy ears.


#1. Breeding

Another factor that can contribute to the physical appearance of your husky is its bloodline. If the parents of the husky that you get have floppy ears, then there is a tendency that his ears will also become floppy. That is because you can pass on the feature.

On the other hand, if your pet comes from a bloodline of show dogs, then you shouldn’t be worried about him getting floppy ears. That is because show huskies come with prominent ears. However, it will not develop right away. It would be best if you asked for information from your breeder to know more about your pet.


#2. Weak cartilage

Another contributing factor for a dog’s floppy ears is weak cartilage. As we all know, ears are composed of cartilage and bones. Both of these play a vital role in the ears’ strength and structure. Your dog’s ears will only stand up when their cartilage and bones are developed and firm. The weak cartilage can be attributed to the rough play when your dog is still a puppy. This can be done by other puppies or someone by mistake.


#3. Teething

This is something that all puppies must go through, and it can take a couple of months. However, the process of teething has a significant impact on the ears of puppies. That is because teething is putting all sorts of stress on your puppy’s neck and jaw muscles.

When the muscles responsible for the perky ears of a puppy are under stress, the ears will tend to flop down in response. With that being said, it is usual to see puppy ears flopping down during teething.


It’s A Wrap!

You do not have to worry about the ears of your husky puppy as you are raising him. In case the ears of your pup are pointing downwards or floppy at first, you shouldn’t be concerned because it is normal, and it will perk up soon. It will just take some time, but eventually, it will ultimately develop. 

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about when do husky puppies ears stand up in this article. Then, you can start to monitor the ears of your husky puppies and notice their growth. You may also want to read about why does my husky howl and how to calm down a husky.

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