6 Things To Know Before Getting A Golden Retriever

As adopting a dog is a great responsibility, you must be aware of a particular dog breed’s personality before adoption. Here I have shared things to know before getting a golden retriever.

What to know before getting a golden retriever

Having a clear idea about the breed’s personality gives you an idea of whether the dog breed you are considering is right for you or not.

In this post, I’ll talk about one of the most popular dog breeds – Golden Retriever.

The beautiful look and appearance of this dog breed can attract anyone. But, the key points to keep in mind before getting a golden retriever dog are:

Shouldn’t leave them alone for more than 4-5 hours

Golden retriever sitting alone

The golden retriever is a friendly and social dog breed. They love to play and being around with their owners. After getting a golden retriever, you should not leave him alone for more than 4 or 5 hours.

Leaving the golden alone for all day long will cause a great depression and separation anxiety.

So, get this dog breed only if you can spend most of the time throughout the day with your dog.

When you have some important work and you can’t manage to spend time, you can hire a dog walker. But, being around with your dog is advisable.

They shed a lot

Golden Retriever shed a lot

They experience heavy shedding during the fall and spring seasons. However, light shedding is normal throughout the year. It is not possible to completely stop the shedding of the golden retriever.

If you are allergic to dog shedding, this breed is not for you. Consider adopting a hypoallergenic dog breed.

The best way to minimize is by brushing regularly. If you can’t manage to brush daily, consider brushing at least once or twice a week.

Another great way to minimize shedding is by providing bathe. The golden retriever is the breed that requires higher grooming as compared to other dog breeds.

By getting pissed of dog shedding, many people make the mistake of shaving the dog.

Shaving will make your dog suffer in many ways – changes in coat textures, irritation, fur getting damaged, and chances of skin cancers.

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They love to chew

Chewing a shoe

Goldens can’t be kept alone for more than 4 or 5 hours because they get bored very easily. And when they get bored, they are likely to discover new things to chew.

When you go out, always make sure accessories like shoes, telephones, games, pillows, etc. will not be found by your dog.

As they love chewing, make sure your dog doesn’t put something in his mouth that can harm him. Before adopting a dog, making the home dog-friendly is advisable.

They are energetic

Golden Retrievers are energetic

Goldens are energetic. Take your dog for exercise, walking, running, or swimming for at least 1 or 2 hours per day for the right use of energy.

As your golden retriever will have a high level of energy, he can ruin your stuff at home if you don’t take him for the exercise.

Not following the exercise routine properly will lead to bad habits in your dog and it may lead to bad habits.

In short, if you are a couch potato, this dog breed is not for you.

They love food

Golden Retriever puppies eating

They love food and they overeat. That’s why they get fatty very easily. To keep your dog stay fit & healthy, make sure you provide high-quality food.

Creating an exercise schedule for your dog is the best way to manage weight. When your dog overeats every day and you don’t get him out for walking, running, or exercising, it is obvious he will start gaining body fat.

As goldens love eating, make sure your golden retriever dog doesn’t find human food as it can harm him.

Get essentials in advance

Golden Retriever essentials

You need to have everything ready before getting the golden retriever at your home. You will need many accessories to take care of your dog.

Getting important accessories in advance will help to avoid rushing to buy different items later. Here are things to buy before getting a dog:

  • Dog carrier
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Dog food
  • Bowls (for food & water)
  • Poop bags
  • Dog bed
  • Pee pads
  • Dog toys

This way, you will have everything ready with you when the new member comes to your home.


The golden retriever is an energetic, social, and friendly dog breed. Don’t get a golden retriever just because it looks beautiful.

You must be knowing about the dog breed personality you are considering to buy, before adopting it. This way, you will know whether it fits your lifestyle or not.

As a golden retriever is a social & friendly dog breed, leaving alone will lead to depression and separation anxiety in the dog.

So, before getting, be clear about the responsibilities you will have.

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