What To Do With Husky While At Work? 4 Alternatives To Choose From!

You can leave your husky alone at home, but you first need to know what to do with husky while at work. Of course, huskies would want to stay close to you if possible. But it does not mean that you cannot leave them at home alone.

Before you leave your pet, you need to provide him with everything he needs. Although huskies would love the company of humans, they may be left alone when appropriately prepared. This post will help you plan about leaving your husky alone when you have to go to work.

What To Do With Husky While At Work 4 Alternatives To Choose From!


Things To Do With Husky While At Work

So, what to do with husky while at work? Several options can be considered when leaving a husky home alone. Below are some alternatives that you can choose from. You may also combine several options if you leave your pet for more extended periods.


#1. Doggy daycare

One of the best alternatives is to take your pet to doggy daycare to prevent him from creating problems at home like howling and barking the entire day or, worse, destroying everything. This is also ideal for dogs suffering from separation anxiety and stress.


#2. Pet minder

Several pet sitting companies can provide services when you need them. For example, the pet minder can either stay or visit your place. Other pet sitters may also opt to take your husky into their house.


#3. Leave your pet with family or friends

You may also leave your husky to your family or friends while working. It is ideal to have someone who can keep the company of your pet while you are gone.


#4. Taking your pet to work

The number of offices and workplaces that become pet-friendly gradually increases in number. If you are working somewhere like this, you may be allowed to take your husky to work. Employers adopt this policy since there are benefits if pets are allowed at work.


Things That Your Husky Needs When Left Alone

If the options provided above are not feasible on your part, do not worry because you can leave your pet alone at home. Huskies can tolerate being alone. However, you have to ensure that everything needed is readily available. Furthermore, your pet must be entertained so that he will not resort to destructive behaviors.


#1. Comfort zone

Your pet needs an area where he can feel secure and safe every time he feels anxious. This is also somewhere he can sleep. Suppose you leave your pet outside; this will serve as his shelter or kennel. But if you are leaving your pet inside the house, you can make a crate and leave its door open. Or, if your pet is comfortable in a particular corner, place his bed, blankets, and toys there.


#2. Feeding

You also need to make sure that your pet will have enough food. This is especially important if you can’t get back on his next mealtime. Even if you can get back during his mealtime, it would be best to give him extra food not to starve if something comes up. Huskies prefer to have structure and routine as they feel secure this way.

Ideally, you should not leave the food inside their bowl and let them eat any time they want. Your dog may finish everything at once despite being full already. You should train puppies to eat 3-4 times per day. Free feeding, in general, is not ideal as it poses a higher risk for obesity. It would also be hard on your part to monitor the appetite of your dog and his eating habits. Alternatively, you can invest in a dog feeder designed with a timer that can automatically make the food available for your husky based on the time you have set. You may also want to read about why is my husky not eating.


#3. Shelter

If your dog is left to stay outside, a shelter where he can sleep is essential. This will also ensure that your pet is protected against the weather. Ideally, the size of the shelter should be large and wide enough, allowing your dog to stand and turn around quickly. Avoid making too large a shelter as your dog may not use it since it will not provide him with a secure and snug feeling. If you configure your husky into your garage, ensure that he cannot access the areas where toxic materials are situated. Also, take note that the temperature in the garage can get too high during hot days.


#4. Water

Another important thing is access to drinking water. Using typical bowls can lead to accidental spillage. Not only that, but it can also run dry. You should avoid this problem at all costs, as your pet may end up getting dehydrated, especially during the summer season. It would be best to use non-spill bowls.


It’s A Wrap!

This article on what to do with husky while at work has helped you prepare to leave your pet home alone. But if you are worried or if your dog keeps on howling and barking, consider the other alternatives provided above. Remember that each dog is different. Whether or not you can leave your pet alone depends on his health, age, character, and personality.

Even the weather is a crucial factor for this matter. Suppose you are fortunate to be working in a pet-friendly company, then good for you as you can bring your pet to work. If your dog tends not to like being left alone, he may be suffering from separation anxiety. Therefore, he would want to keep your company or be happy to be with another person for instances that you are not around. Read related articles; know how to cool down a husky and how to reduce husky shedding.

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