What Size Dog Crate For Australian Shepherd? 2 Best Factors To Consider!

Many dog owners have been asking: what size dog crate for Australian shepherd? Well, some factors have to be considered when looking for a crate. Generally, the height of adult Aussies would range from 18 to 23 inches, and their weight would be around 40 to 70 lbs, depending on their gender. 

In this post, we will explore the appropriate crate size for Australian shepherds and the best kind of materials for the crate. Additionally, we will consider the considerations when choosing the crate for your Aussie. Although I know you can’t wait to find out the size of the crate for your dog, my friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!

What Size Dog Crate For Australian Shepherd 2 Best Factors To Consider!


Factors To Consider When Choosing Dog Crate

Before purchasing a dog crate, you need to consider some factors first. It would help if you didn’t neglect the importance of this to ensure that you will get the best possible rate for your Aussie there is. 


#1. Crate material

Although a crate made of plastic is relatively durable and can be cleaned easily, this may not be ideal for crate construction. That is because it won’t be strong enough. For your Aussie, it would be best that you get a crate made of steel and is designed with healthy joints. But ensure that those steel bars are not rough nor hard. That is to ensure that your dog’s coat won’t be harmed. 


#2. Crate size

If you own a female Australian shepherd that is a complete adult, she should be around 18-21 inches in height. On the other hand, male Aussies would be around 20-23 inches. Therefore, when buying a crate, ensure that the full height of your dog will be accommodated with an extra of about 4 or 5 inches.


What Size Dog Crate For Your Australian Shepherd?

So, what size dog crate for Australian shepherd? For Aussies weighing 70 pounds, you should get a crate measuring 36 by 24 inches, length, and width, respectively. But it will depend on the height of your pet if your Aussie weighs more than 71 pounds, the crate you should get measured 42 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 30 inches in height.

Remember that if you get a crate of the wrong size, it can cramp the limbs of your Australian shepherd. Of course, you wouldn’t want that, so ensure to get the right size dog crate.


Benefits Of Creating Your Australian Shepherd

Suppose you think about whether to crate your Australian shepherd or not. In that case, it’s worth looking at the benefits that come with creating your Australian shepherd. Below is the list!


#1. Short time-out

Given that Aussies have energy levels, they like running and playing around all the time. But when they get overexcited, it would be hard for you to keep up. A dog crate can help you calm your pet for a short time, from about 30 seconds up to 3 minutes.


#2. Ease of travel

It would be less stressful to travel with your Aussie in your car if you have a crate. This would be safer also because you will secure your pet at the back without fear. Furthermore, it also reduces accident risk since you will have total concentration while driving, knowing that your puppy is safe. You may also want to read about how to take care of an Australian shepherd puppy.


#3. Reduces chewing

If you crate your dog, you will reduce the chances of developing nibbling habits. You should put some chew toys inside the crate. Chewing on those things for a particular period will make him fixated on such items preventing him from chewing on other things in the house, such as your furniture. I guess it’s helpful to read about what to feed Australian shepherd puppy.


#4. Security

The crate would also offer your dog security and safety. Ensure to keep its kennel dog open so that your dog can get out and enter freely if it feels like it. Tell the kids not to get into the dog crate so that your Aussie will think that he owns the crate.


#5. Safety

If you can’t supervise your Aussie personally, you will feel at peace knowing that he won’t get hurt physically if you know he’s inside the crate. That is because he can’t access the toxic objects and chew on them.


Disadvantages Of Crating Your Australian Shepherd

Although there are several benefits to creating your dog, this also has a fair share of its disadvantages. Let us walk through them.


#1. Cramped space

Australian shepherds are big. If you get a crate of the wrong size, there are risks of limb cramps. Not only that, but a small-sized crate won’t provide your dog with enough space when they have to stretch.


#2. Emotional distress

Your dog might be under emotional distress when you put him in the crate for some instances. As such, you must check your dog’s mood constantly when you are crating him. For example, check whether he becomes withdrawn, less active, or gloomy. In those instances, it would be better not to create them.


#3. Separation anxiety

At first, your dog may suffer from separation anxiety when you put him in the crate. Your dog might not be able to comprehend why he is not allowed to play or hang out with you. If he whines when you put him inside the crate, off-crate him some other times until your dog will understand that it does not mean he can’t hang out with you anymore.


#4. Crate instability

You cannot take it away from you to feel scared that the crate will collapse while your dog is in it. These kennels can be hard to assemble. Not doing it right can harm your dog physically when the joints collapse or get undone.


It’s A Wrap!

Crating your Australian shepherd comes with several advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to get one for your dog, it is best to determine what size dog crate for the Australian shepherd. So, what size dog crate for Australian shepherd? Ensure to keep in mind the two factors discussed above before making a purchase.