What Size Collar For Australian Shepherd? Awesome Facts To Know!

Have you brought home your new puppy, and now you wonder what size collar for Australian shepherd? Do not worry because, in this post, we will help you in choosing the correct collar size for your dog. 

Now that you have a dog in the house, for sure, it has become your source of happiness and joy. You must equip your Aussie both when inside the house and when you take him out. Leash and collar are both critical. 

What Size Collar For Australian Shepherd Awesome Facts To Know!

It would help if you made your pet wear this the first time you take him out to get used to it. Keep reading to know the importance of making your pet wear a collar and to know the right size of collar to get when choosing for your pet. 


First Collar Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy

The breeders are making all the puppies of a litter wear a soft and lightweight collar. This is to distinguish one puppy from another. But this collar would be different from the collar that he will wear in the future. The breeder may provide the pet with a collar. But before your pet comes home, you want to prepare a special one for him.

Additionally, your pet will grow after a couple of weeks or months. He will eventually outgrow his first collar after six months or so. But this varies depending on the breed of your dog.


How Soon Should You Get Your Aussie A New Collar?

Most people would have a new collar at hand before their puppy arrives so that they can put it on them as soon they come home. It is recommended that you make your puppy accustomed to wearing this since the first day of being home. One law for owning a dog is to make him wear an identification collar. But there are some exceptions to this law. As a general rule, the sooner you let your pet wear a collar, the sooner he will be accustomed to this. As such, it is best to get a collar ready before he arrives as other pet owners do.

Although you wouldn’t have the opportunity to measure it yet, just use the information provided in this post. For standard Aussies, the size would range from medium to large. At the same time, for Miniature Aussies, choose from extra small to medium sizes.


Why Is It Important To Put On A Leash To Your Australian Shepherd?

First and foremost, you need to be aware that a leash is required to take your pet to public areas. But for the most part, it is necessary for your dog’s safety when you are taking him outside the house. For example, if you keep him on the leash, you can prevent him from getting lost or crossing the street with a lot of cards. Meaning to say, the leash is for protecting your Australian shepherd against danger.

Please take note that it is natural for puppies to walk at the pace of their owner while following. As such, it is necessary for you to teach your dog gradually until he learns to walk calmly at following your pace without getting mad and without pulling.


Getting An Australian Shepherd Wear A Collar

Start to make your pet get used to having a collar on his neck before adding a leash. It is advised that you put the collar in place when his attention is on something else. Then leave the collar for a couple of hours. Ensure that this will not squeeze the neck of your pet too tight. But at the same time, you need to ensure that he won’t be able to remove it. You should put on his collar every now and then until he gets used to it.  

When you notice that your dog starts to accept when you put his collar quickly, he is very much ready to have the leash on. In other words, he will be accustomed slowly to walking without you having to scold or compel him. Your puppy must look forward to walking as a pleasure to do.


Choosing A Collar For Your Australian Shepherd?

So, what size collar for Australian shepherd? In choosing a collar for your Australian shepherd, you need to consider different factors to ensure that you get the right one for your pet. The same is true with the leash. This is essential for training. Other than the aesthetics, the collar of your Aussie should be something that does not wear out fast. It should last until your dog reaches adulthood. Moreover, it should be adjustable so that it can adapt to the size of your Aussie, which will, of course, change as he is growing quickly. Not only that, but the collar should also be pleasant and comfortable to wear for your dog so that he will not try hard to get this off his neck.


It’s A Wrap!

Of course, before you can identify what size collar for Australian shepherd, you need to know how big the dog’s neck is. But typically, it would range from 16 up to 22 inches for regular Aussies. The necklace mostly comes with a medal or plaque with your dog’s identification, including your address and telephone number, so that it would be easy for the person who finds your dog to contact you in case your dog is lost. Furthermore, the collar is essential so that you can attach a leash which is crucial when taking your Australian shepherd out. But ensure to make your pet get used to the collar. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to take care of an Australian shepherd puppy and how to groom Australian shepherd.