What Is The Rarest Color Of Chihuahua? 5 Rarest Chihuahua Colors!

Someone asked me before what is the rarest color of Chihuahua, and I could not give her an answer, so I decided to do my research and come up with this post. Chihuahuas are cute in size, which is why they can easily capture our hearts.

Even more, the rare colors of Chihuahuas can make our hearts skip even faster. 

What Is The Rarest Color Of Chihuahua? 5 Rarest Chihuahua Colors!

Chihuahuas come in a variety of coat patterns and colors. In approximate, there are about 16 up to 30 colors. Among those, there are some that you can seldom find. In this post, we list down the rarest among those patterns and colors. Scroll down and see for yourself how lovely a Chihuahua can be in those colors. 


What Are The Rarest Colors Of Chihuahua?

Given the size of Chihuahuas, they are adorable balls of happiness. But with rare colors, they would be lovely. So are you excited to know what is the rarest color of Chihuahua? Below is the list!


#1. Solid black

Even if your dog’s dominant color is black, a solid black Chihuahua puppy without single markings or other stains on its fur is very rare. But makes a black Chihuahua so different from others? 

Chihuahuas are known for being the most loving, charming, and gentle dogs. But according to some superstitions, a black Chihuahua has a different temperament than Chihuahuas with other colors. They are said to be more aggressive when they see other dogs and unfamiliar humans. 

Furthermore, some claim that they tend to bite more often and develop anxiety when their owners leave them alone. So if you have a black Chihuahua, you need to train your pet well.

You should raise it in a caring and loving environment. You may like the idea that your dog is unique in its solid black fur, but rare colors like black come with some issues related to health. Also, being included in the society of exclusive dogs, you need to match their coat to the title your pet will live by. What’s good about a black Chihuahua is its ease of maintenance. Brushing occasionally will keep its fur gleaming. 


#2. Brindle

If you want both a Chihuahua and a little tiger, but you are bound to get only one. A Chihuahua that comes in a tiger stripe pattern is perfect for you—just kidding! Brindle Chihuahuas may not be the rarest color, but this is among those that can be hard to find. 

That is because a brindle puppy will only come about if both of its parents are carrying a recessive gene of brindle Chihuahua. This is not a breed. It’s a coat pattern or color of a Chihuahua, which can either be short or long-haired. But the brindle patterns can be hard to notice if the Chihuahua is long-haired. 

In terms of behavior, brindle Chihuahuas act pretty much the same as regular colored Chihuahuas, not like the black ones, which have a more aggressive temperament. 


#3. Merle

In terms of the rare Chihuahua, coat patterns are all about genes. You will see Merle Chihuahuas if the parents have M genes in them. The color will dilute everywhere in the coat of the dog, leaving darker spots. These splotches may come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. 

For your information, the merle Chihuahua is a new breed that appeared just fairly recently, about fifteen years ago. You know what, this Chihuahua breed is not pure. The merle pattern typically occurs in larger dogs. So if you prefer to have a merle Chihuahua, you have to opt for the giant pup. Other than that, some health issues come with this Chihuahua breed. The other gene is acting more dominant over the other, which can be a problem. In such a gene situation, it is possible for a merle Chihuahua to become deaf, blind, or even both. 


#4. Lavender

Who would not love a Chihuahua in lavender color? For some, this may be odd, but yes, lavender Chihuahuas exist. However, it can be scarce. It is so rare that although both parents come in lavender color, you may not get a lavender puppy. If you are curious what causes such a rare color, again, it’s genes. 

The diluting gene produces the chocolate color of the dog. Another rare color similar to this one is lilac. Most people thought that the two were just the same. But no, lavender makes a silver or blue-colored Chihuahua due to its light color. On the other hand, lilac is a product of the red and blue highlights combination. 


#5. Pure white

Another rare breed of Chihuahua is the snow-white. This dog comes in pure white color without a single marking of any other color. This breed is considered rare since producing this is not easy. A white Chihuahua will only come bout if both parents are white with no black or any other pigments running on their genes. 

Even their nails, ears, and nose are of light colors like pink. But take note that pure white Chi is not the same as the albino Chihuahua. They aren’t even relatives. So don’t confuse the two. 


It’s A Wrap!

What is the rarest color of Chihuahua? It would bring great happiness to have a rare-colored Chihuahua since they are specially bred. But take note that they come with a cost. If you are searching for a Chihuahua with a rare coat pattern, you should know the potential price you have to pay to bring the pup home. 

Other than that, you need to find out the health issues common to the breed. Also, know that they might not be a pure breed; you should be aware of this if this matters to you. If you notice a sign of any health issue, you should visit your vet right away. All in all, I am confident you will love these Chihuahuas. If you got one with rare color, then consider yourself as one of the privileged Chi owners! You may also want to read about related articles; know how to stop my Chihuahua from shedding and how to groom a long-haired Chihuahua.

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