What Happens If You Shave A Husky? 4 Surprising Reasons Why Not!

The experts would tell you never to shave your husky, making you wonder what happens if you shave a husky. The fur of huskies is double-coated, and it plays a crucial role.

You are only allowed to shave your husky due to a medical procedure.

Even clipping the fur of a husky is not recommended. But it does not mean that you should not groom your husky. Instead, you should brush its fur often. This way, having its hair all around the house will be avoided. Brushing can also help make your pet stay cool during summer and hot during winter. Let’s begin to read this article!


Reasons Why Huskies Must Not Be Shaved

Unlike humans, a dog does not sweat. It only cools itself through panting through the mouth. The only part of their body that sweat is their paws. Shaving a husky will not help him cool down. Huskies do not have skin pigments which means that if you shave your pet, you are exposing its sensitive skin.

Exposure to sunlight makes your pet vulnerable to various diseases such as skin cancer. This is something that you should take seriously. Other than this, several things can happen if you shave a husky. To know them, read about what happens if you shave a husky and why you should not. We have outlined them below:


#1. Temperature regulation

The body temperature of a husky is almost controlled by its coat completely. As mentioned earlier, a double jacket plays a crucial role in keeping the husky cool or warm depending on the particular weather. You might be thinking that since its coat is thick, shaving it will help him cool. But it is the opposite.

The undercoat of a husky will shed. This will create plenty of circulation, making it not too hot for your pet. Consequently, the topcoat protects against UV rays and direct heat. However, if you shave off the hair of your husky, it will disrupt its temperature control. Furthermore, this can also lead to overheating. 


#2. It does not help to shed

Since this dog breed is double-coated, it includes too much shedding, and many dog owners are dreading when this happens. Typically, the huskies will shed twice a year, which means having your house almost full of fur. Shaving a husky will not stop this. You cannot stop the shedding. 


#3. Stop dirt and insects

Huskies are very active dogs that are up for any adventure. Your pet would love to hike, walk, and roam all around the yard. Your husky will inevitably come back with much dirt. The topcoat is essential as it keeps the skin clean. It serves as a barrier that will block the dirt from reaching its skin. 

Not only that, but it also shields your pet from insects and bugs. If you live in a hot area, the topcoat is mainly to stop many biting insects from reaching your pet’s skin. Unfortunately, shaving the husky also means removing your pet’s protective layer. 


#4. May not grow back

Breeds with a single coat grow their hair back normally. But double-coated huskies are a bit different. Their undercoats are growing faster as compared to their topcoat. Or worse, the topcoat will not grow back anymore. As a result, the new coat of your pet might become rough in texture. Furthermore, it is also likely that the undercoat and the topcoat will mix. Sometimes, the coat that has grown back will be sticky. The texture will also hinder proper airflow leading to some health issues. You may want to know why to never shave a husky.


All About The Coat Of A Husky

Huskies are double-coated composed of an undercoat and topcoat. These two work together to provide the husky with its need, including protection and warmth or cooling, depending on the particular season. It is fascinating how well a husky’s coat can deal with extreme conditions.

With their natural double coating that acts as an insulator when the temperature is too cold, you will prevent the ice and snow from buildup into the skin of a husky. This also helps in avoiding hypothermia and frostbite. When it becomes too hot, the undercoat will go through a couple of shedding cycles during summer. This is entirely normal. You will notice that during this period, the undercoat will become thinner. It would be best that you brush yourself periodically.


#1. Topcoat

These are the longer hairs of your husky that are visible to you. They repel sun rays, water, dirt, and insects or parasites. For that reason, these hairs are known as guard hairs.


#2. Undercoat

These hairs are softer and shorter, hidden pretty well below the topcoat. The undercoat is a crucial coat layer since it protects the huskies against extreme temperatures.


It’s A Wrap!

Most, if not all, will agree that huskies are bred to adapt to any environment. However, their mesmerizing and unforgettable coat is helping them to remain protected and safe regardless of the situation they are in. After reading the entire post on what happens if you shave a husky, you should never consider doing this to your husky.

Shaving will not help in keeping his cool down. Instead, it would help if you groom your pet frequently. More so, you should exercise him and give him some iced treats. Read related articles; know how to improve German shepherd coat and how often to bathe a husky

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