What Dog Can Kill A Pitbull? 8 Surprising Dogs!

Are you wondering what dog can kill a pitbull? Well, my friends, it mainly depends on the kind of dog’s temperament. Here’s what you should know, though:

Pitbulls are not friendly dogs and they are very territorial. There’s no doubt about these facts; they are initially bred so they are equipped with these instincts.

Also, they have bad habits like peeing and jumping. But then, you can manage these baits. You can definitely train your dog, plus it may come from one with good genes. And you don’t want your dog to be a threat to others, right? Of course, you want to see to it that your dog is not destructive or aggressive.

So, if you’re wondering what dog can kill your aggressive pitbull, then let’s find out! But, first, I guess we’ll discuss those breeds which can be dangerous other than your pitbull.


What Dog Can Kill Or Beat A Pitbull

In this section, let’s discuss what dog can kill a pitbull or maybe beat it. Here are the following:


#1. Caucasian shepherd

These dogs can be massive, and they can be heavy at 50 kg or more. But, much more, they can last from 10 to 12 years, so they can be great pets for those who want longevity.

But then, these dogs can very dangerous; no doubt why we have included them in our list.

Usually, these dogs come from Russia, while others come from other parts of Europe. Initially, they serve as guard dogs, specifically to protect livestock. They are usually found in mountainous regions, and they are feared even by prominent predators like wolves. Given their sizes, they can be deadly to pitbulls too.


#2. Perro de presa canario

These dogs are typically characterized as dominant and strong-willed. Other names of these dogs include canary mastiff and Canarian catch dog. They are usually used as working dogs, mainly for farm animals. Also, their features are similar to numerous breeds of fighting dogs.

They’re known to be like pitbulls; they engage in dog fights which can be deadly. Given these characteristics, they may beat pitbulls too.


#3. Rottweiler

When we talk about one with a fearsome reputation, you could represent a rottweiler. But, just like other animals in this list, they are also known as breed herding farm animals. What’s impressive about these dogs is that they are very aggressive yet intelligent.

So by nature, you’re sure that they can be effective guard dogs. But, do you know that rottweiler in the US causes around 50 percent of death due to dog attacks? Now you know!


#4. Fila Brasileiro

Have you ever heard of this breed? If you have ever encountered a Brazilian mastiff, then you know what fila Brasileiro is. It’s also one of the massive herding dog breeds out there. Of course, from the name itself, you would know that they come from Brazil. It may be helpful if you read nine best herding dog toys.

Yes, they’re guard dogs, and you’re required to be an experienced owner. However, remember that these dogs are protective and aggressive. There’s no doubt why they are typically feared of. Also, you can’t control their behavior so, you should know how to handle an approaching dog. So, if they can be dangerous and fatal to human beings, they may kill a pitbull too.


#5. Alaskan malamute

These dogs are used to carry a heavy load; they are usually referred to as sled dogs. Well, if you’re living in the Arctic or have been there, you may be aware that this breed is common.

Without a doubt, these are some of the massive domesticated dogs out there. And they can grow around 45 kg.

What’s amazing about these dogs is their capability of thriving in extreme conditions. They are made to be hunters, so that means they can kill not only pitbulls, which can be small for them, but even bears. Isn’t this surprising for you? Now, there’s no doubt why they are dubbed fearsome.


#6. Wolfdog

When we’re talking about a breed combination, specifically wild wolves and domesticated dogs, we could refer to wolfdogs. These dogs are made of protective instincts, so they’re brave. However, they are unpredictable too, so it’s best to be careful when you have them. And oh, these breeds may be capable of beating your pitbulls; don’t keep them both. Well, some countries would not permit breeding and owning this breed of dog.


#7. Bullmastiff

If we’re talking about solid-built, strong, and powerful dogs, bullmastiff won’t come last. They have excellent guarding abilities, so they’re sure to protect you in times of need. Also, they are more significant than pitbulls; this may be an advantage for them to kill the latter.

But, much more, they are efficient and dependable when we’re talking about security. As long as you train them consistently, you’re sure these dogs can be obedient and dependable.


#8. Husky

These dogs are undoubtedly prominent domesticated animals, and you can find them in the Northern areas as they’re being used as sled dogs. Yes, they are capable of carrying freight that comes with cute colors and thick coats. Plus, huskies have unique facial masks, especially with their attractive blue eyes.

They look like wolves, and they’re related to malamutes. What’s surprising is that some of these dogs are reported to attack human beings when they’re packed; how much more pitbulls? We can’t underestimate their power. Anyway, you may want to read seven dogs that get along with huskies.


It’s A Wrap!

So, you’ve already learned what dog can kill a pitbull; we have eight on the list. Hopefully, you’re enlightened. Your dog may be the most aggressive one you’ve ever seen, but be careful with other breeds; they might kill. Well, you can read 12 dog breeds that are least likely to bite.

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  1. There may occasionally be an outstanding specimen of one of the breeds listed of great size pitted against a small inferior specimen of a pitbull be victorious. But most encounters of the listed breeds with a decent pitbull would die if he could not escape after quickly cursing out. Your information is from reading overblown breed descriptions, not actual knowledge.

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