7 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Getting a dog for the first time is fun. But, people often get a dog before they are ready for it. If you are planning to get a puppy/dog, there are certain things you need to consider.

Things to Consider before getting a dog

True words by Josh Billings

A dog is the only thing on the earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

You must be excited about the first puppy/dog. Decide on whether or not to get a dog after considering the following factors:

1. Can You Commit?

a dog with girl

Do you need a dog?

After getting a dog, you will have many responsibilities. Daily, you have to spend time on various essential tasks like grooming your dog, going for walks with your dog, and much more.

If you do not have the time for all these, you should stop thinking about getting a dog. Committing to dog ownership is very important. Don’t own a dog only because you want to have fun.

Sometimes, dogs can be destructive. After getting a dog, when your dog makes your home a mess, you can’t do anything. Dogs are trained so that they behave properly in different situations.

If you can handle all these and can get time for your dog, then you may consider adopting a dog.

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2. What Kind of Dog You Should Get?

different dog breed

If you can commit to dog ownership, you may consider getting a dog. Before getting a dog, another important thing to consider is the type of dog.

The mistake people often make is they own a particular type of dog just because the dog is good-looking and cute. Different dog breeds have a different set of personalities. Make sure your selected dog breed suits you.

If you don’t have time and energy to train and socialize the puppy, then it is a good idea to get an older dog. But, senior dogs have a lower energy level as compared to puppies.

The decision regarding what kind of dog to get is also based on your lifestyle. Make sure the selected puppy or dog fits your lifestyle.

3. Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

dog at home

Before bringing the cute one to your home, make sure your home is dog-friendly. You should prepare every corner of your home in such a manner that your dog does not get harm in any way.

This becomes more important when you bring a puppy because puppies can be destructive. They are so energetic. So it is your responsibility to prepare each area of your home.

To make sure your dog is safe & healthy at your home, you have to:

  • Store items high
  • Use blockades
  • Close the toilet lid
  • Cover the garbage
  • Have some healthy chew toys
  • Clean the house regularly
  • Cover sharp edges of furniture
  • Keep the dustbin closed
  • Keep food items out of reach
  • Keep treasured items out of reach

4. Veterinarian


What’s another important thing you need to do before bringing the dog to your home is to interview and choose the right veterinarian.

You have to take your puppy/dog to the veterinarian within the few days of getting it to your home. You can find a good veterinarian within your area by talking about it with your friends & relatives and by checking online reviews.

Your puppy/dog will have a physical examination and your veterinarian will discuss the vaccines with you.

5. House Training

house training

House training the dog is something that requires a lot of time and consistency. Your time and energy on house training worths when your dog starts following your schedule for different activities.

Your dog will not start following your schedule correctly within a few days or weeks. But, when you will dedicate enough time and maintain consistency, you will start seeing results.

Train the dog by establishing a schedule. You need to have a schedule for taking your dog out, feeding, etc. After that, make sure you properly supervise your dog. You can reward your dog every time it eliminates outside.

6. Get Dog Accessories

Get puppy accessories

You need to get all the accessories and essentials before adopting the dog. Instead of rushing for essentials after getting the dog at home, it is a good idea to buy those accessories and supplies for the dog in advance.

This way, you will have everything with you whenever you need something for your dog.

7. It Can Be Expensive

Owning a puppy can be expensive

Before getting a dog to your home, one thing you need to keep in mind that owning a puppy/dog can be expensive.

If you have enough time to take care of a dog but don’t have enough money to bear the expenses, then you should drop the idea of adopting a dog.

Owning a dog includes expenses such as food, supplies, accessories, veterinary care, emergency care, etc. Apart from this, it also requires spending plenty of time.


So here we have seen important things to consider when adopting a new dog. Before getting a dog, make sure you are committed and you can manage to bear all the expenses. Apart from this, you will also need to get time for taking care of the dog.

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