How To Trim Australian Shepherd Ears? 6 Best Areas To Trim!

When it comes to the upkeep of an Aussie, you need to learn how to trim Australian shepherd ears. A pair of thinning shears is sufficient to accomplish this task. Well, anyway, aside from the ears, you will learn the ways in trimming other areas.

This dog breed is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance dog. Even though they have two coat layers, only minimal trimming is required.

The thick coat of your Aussie is responsible for keeping them warm as well as in protecting them against burrs, sticks, and other hazards. Little trimming will only be necessary if you care for your dog correctly. At times, you might also need to remove the mats to resolve coat problems. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


6 Areas To Trim Australian Shepherd

In maintaining the beautiful coat of your Aussie, not much trimming is needed. But if you choose to do so with your pet, it is recommended that you use thinning shears rather than regular ones so that the look you can achieve will be natural.


#1. Feet

The hair of Australian shepherds on the feet is longer. If you keep this trimmed, your dog will look neat and become more comfortable. Lift the hair between the toes of your dog carefully. Do the same with the pads on the foot’s underside.

If you want the foot to look clean, you can also trim those hairs on the top of his foot. This way, the hairs won’t stick on top of the toes. Also, no hair should be sticking beyond the toes of your Australian shepherd. But leave those at the edge of the toenail so that the foot will look rounded and compact. It would help if you also cut the nails of your Aussie shot. Finally, lift your dog’s foot and cut the hairs below to make the hair length and the pads bottom even. This will complete the trimming that you have to do with the foot.


#2. Ears

In removing the long or thick hair surrounding the ears of your dog, you will need a pair of thinning shears. You are essentially thinning and not clipping off the hair to achieve a more blended look. Furthermore, there will be no sharp edges along with the coat. The area at the back of the ears near the bottom tends to matt often. The same is valid with the area right in front of the ear opening. You need to comb these areas carefully and remove those too thick or long hairs.


#3. Feathers

When we say feathers, it pertains to the silky and long hair at the back of the legs. These may mat or tangle, which is why many owners choose to trim those feathers so that the grooming requirements will be minimized. Although the feathers in front are relatively thin, those at the back are often thicker. Sometimes, it is referred to as the britches. In order to maintain its clean, your need to trim it. Again, use your thinning shears to remove the excess hair from the britches below the anus and tail so that nothing will stick to it every time your dog defecates.


#4. Britches

In case you prefer the britches to be shorter, cut those long coats on the rump by following their natural curve. Ensure to be careful with this and follow the regular coat’s curve.


#5. Tail

With the use of your thinning shears, you can also trim your dog’s tail. The trim should be lined straight across the tail’s end. Make sure only to cut the excess length to add to the neat look.


#6. Body

Although the body of your Australian shepherd can be clipped, it is not necessary to do this. Not only the skin or coat of your dog is damaged. In trimming the fur, you can use an electric clipper. Start cutting the back to the sides of your dog. Ensure to move it following the direction where the hair grows. Remember to leave about one inch of hair so that your Aussie’s skin will be protected. This will likewise prevent some problems like sunburn, for example. Also, note that if you cut the hair too short, it might not grow back correctly.

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In this section, let us answer the most commonly asked questions related to the Australian shepherd’s ears’ trimming. Keep reading as it can help you get answers to your question: How to trim Australian shepherd ears?


#1. How are the ears of an Australian shepherd supposed to look?

According to the dog breed standards, the ears of an Australian shepherd has moderate size. It also has a triangular shape with a bit rounded tip. The ears are sitting high on top of the head. Those ears may rise towards the side or forward when your dog is in active mode.


#2. Will the ears stay floppy after trimming?

In general, the ears of all puppies are flat to their heads when they are born. The ears will start to stick up if you have a puppy with prick ears when they turn four months old or so. It would take about a year for others before their ear would stand. Furthermore, the ears would remain floppy forever for some even though they belong to be that is characterized with prick ears.


#3. How would I know whether or not the ears of my puppy will stand up?

The best way to tell is by looking at where the ears are set onto the head. If the ears are set close together or higher, they will eventually stand up. Within 4-6 months, the cartilage will become firmer at the base.


It’s A Wrap!

Other than how to trim Australian shepherd ears, you also know how to trim the different parts of an Aussie’s body that you may trim. Again, it is advisable to use thinning shears to achieve a more natural look. Happy trimming!