How To Train An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix? 4 Best Tips!

The question is: how to train an Australian shepherd blue heeler mix? First, be aware that this mixed breed requires more exercise than regular dogs, and they have high energy levels. Therefore, training is essential if you own one to ensure that your dog will behave the way you want. 

If this is your first time owning a dog, it’s okay to get overwhelmed with the caring requirements of your pooch. But do not worry, that’s why we are here to help you. First, in this post, we will introduce you to this mix. Then, likewise, we will provide you with the training and caring tips for your loyal farmhand. 


Training Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler

The best way to train your dog is by using positive reinforcement. This is a very effective way to teach him tricks and make him understand the rules inside the house. When we say positive reinforcement, it pertains to the use of treats, praises, or physical rewards when your pet does as you told him. It would be best to avoid negative reinforcement as it can confuse your dog. As a result, your dog won’t learn what you are trying to teach him. Take note that this dog breed is very energetic by nature. Suppose you can’t give him enough physical activity. In that case, plenty of mental stimulation should be given, and training is one of them. 

Some mental stimulation that you can try with your dog are maze games and learning new tricks. But what your Aussie blue heeler would indeed like is agility training. With this training, they can spend their energy. Plus, it can stimulate their mind as they listen and follow your commands. 

You will see that many of these dogs are joining agility competitions. Since they want to impress, it makes training easy. But take note that you need to socialize them while they are young to be aloof to strangers. Enough exposure and proper training can make a puppy grow into a confident dog. It may be helpful to read about how to tire out an Australian shepherd.


4 Tips To Train An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

Other than the information provided above, we have here some other tips that you need to keep in mind to train your Australian shepherd blue heeler mix. Read and note them. Here’s how to train an Australian shepherd blue heeler mix:


Tip #1. Importance of food treats

It is recommended that you use food treats to reward your Aussie during training. Use the treat to praise your pup so that he will continue to do what you expect of him. It’s best also to know what to feed Australian shepherd puppy.


Tip #2. Establish authority

In essence, you need to establish your authority over your pup. Ensure to maintain eye contact all the time as this dog breed can read facial expressions very well. It would be best to keep your dog close to supervise him and make him comfortable for leash training. 


Tip #3. Time out

In instances where your dog develops a habit of nipping, you can try ignoring your dog. Stay where you are, but your face is away from him. This time-out method will teach your Aussie that nipping is not good. 


Tip #4. Start early

You should start training early. It would be best if you nurtured your Aussie while he is still a puppy, and this will have long-term benefits both to you and your Australian shepherd. 


Taking Care Of An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

Not much care is needed to keep this breed happy. However, it would be best to remember that they need plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise. The lack of exercise can lead to minimal problems until it becomes worse. Low grooming requirements are also required since their hair is should. However, with a double coat, your Aussie would shed more often. Also, do not worry because typically, this dog breed isn’t born with life-threatening health issues or diseases. Just don’t neglect the possibilities of joint problems. 


#1. Exercise requirements

You can give your dog exercise by simply letting it run around the yard. Given that they have high energy, it is best to train your dog to walk with a leash. Doing so will prevent your dog from running if there is something that he finds attractive. Running is an essential exercise for Australian shepherd blue heeler mix. They wouldn’t enjoy it much if you gave them toys to play with. Instead, you can throw objects they can chase or play tug of war with them. If you want to use toys, get those small animal toys as they are easily attractive. 


#2. Diet and feeding

Being active also means that they need sufficient food to replenish the energy they utilize throughout the entire day. As a good rule of thumb, you should give your pet three cups in total but separate them into three feedings or just two per day. This is to ensure that it will spread the energy out. Adult foods formulated for medium to large dogs are suitable for them. Make it a habit to check the labels of the food every time you purchase to ensure that he will get the needed nutrients. 

Active dog breeds like this need protein amount more than any other nutrients. Keep in mind that the protein intake of your Aussie should be around 22 percent of his diet.


It’s A Wrap!

Australian shepherd heeler mix can thrive on ranches and farms. They can utilize their instinct and exert their energy. But they can also be excellent family dogs. They are great around children. Aside from being friendly, they are also intelligent, and they would love to impress the people in the house. But take note that they have high energy, you should allow him to spend them during the day. Furthermore, training is essential so he will grow up loving and well-behaved. Keep in mind the tips included in this post on how to train an Australian shepherd blue heeler mix