How To Train A Husky To Walk On A Leash? 3 Easy Ways!

The question is: how to train a husky to walk on a leash? Unfortunately, huskies belong to breeds that can be very daunting to train. This is especially true for leash training.

Huskies are initially bred to pull heavy objects. For instance, they are used as sled dogs during snowy climates.

How To Train A Husky To Walk On A Leash? 3 Easy Ways!

Since they are used to heavy pulling, there are risks for some issues when taking your husky on a walk with a leash. Besides this, huskies tend to be aloof and stubborn, training even harder. But if you put hard work into this, your husky can be a great companion.


Leash Training

As mentioned earlier, leash training is a bit challenging for husky owners. But the key here is repletion and establishing obedience. The two are the most valuable tools in making your dog listen to you. Of course, it would be best to introduce the leash first to your dog, which should be done when still a puppy.

After that, you should choose a method that seems fit for you and your dog. The vets recommend that you only start taking your dog out for a walk when it has been two weeks after his last vaccination. This is a preventative measure that can protect your dog against airborne diseases present in your area.

When your dog turns 15 weeks old, he should be ready to learn to be obedient. Therefore, start early when walking your dog and expect that it will work in a matter of weeks before your dog can do what you want him to. Generally, huskies require many patients. This is true even with practiced dog owners.


Methods To Train A Husky To Walk On A Leash

When training your husky, he might pull his leash as you walk. But do not worry because there are different techniques that you can use to stop this from happening. Here are the ways on how to train a husky to walk on a leash:


#1. Stop & go

When you are about to walk, do not be too excited. Stand up and go. When your rough starts to pull the leash, stop walking immediately, or else your arm will sore later on. Stop again when your pet pulls the leash again. Typically, dogs will sit down the moment you stop. This is especially true for dogs that are taught to stop at the road. But for some dogs, they will continue to pull shortly. But eventually, they will stop.

So do not resume walking until your dog stops pulling. One possibility is that your dog will pull again in an instant. In such a case, you should stop again.

Take note that you cannot get far at first. You will spend most of the time stops. But this method is an effective way to communicate with your husky. He will know that you, the leader, are in charge of making choices, and pulling can’t bring him anywhere. He will eventually learn that he should cooperate with you if he wants to go anywhere since you are the one who sets the rules. You don’t need to shout at your dogs.

Your actions, expressly, by stopping, are enough to tell him that you do not like him pulling on the leash. In this training, talking will only distract your dog. But, of course, you would want him to focus on the lesson. But you should know that this method does not work for every dog, especially adult ones. If that is the case with your dog, it is best to consider other approaches. You can even combine the different techniques.


#2. Random walk

If your dog has learned the previous technique, you can train him more using this other technique. However, your dog must master the previous one first before adding this to his training. In this method, instead of stopping every time your pet pulls, you can stop randomly. For example, try stopping for about 10 seconds.

Then, walk in another direction—this time with different pacing. You may also change the slack of the leash. Essentially, you are training your dog to walk with its loose leash. But this also includes having your pet focus on you. At first, it would be inevitable that your pet will resist as he pulls towards another direction. This is because the dog is not paying you attention. But later on, he will learn to focus on your move more intently.

The training sessions shouldn’t be stressful for the husky. Likewise, this shouldn’t be stressful for you. Otherwise, your pet will pick up the tension, affecting his behavior. The progress will be noticed even faster if you have fun and take your time. Treats won’t also fail you. Always keep his favorite treats ready for any desired behavior. It’s best to also know  how to get a husky to howl  and how to train a husky to not run away.


#3. Advanced walk

After your dog masters the two techniques above, you will notice that your dog will always seek your instruction before he moves. In such a case, you can start to add some reinforcements, including treats, praises, and verbal cues. These are used in marking your dog’s desirable behaviors.

What you can do is to place your husky on the left side of your body, with the leash wrapped over your body which you hold from the right. Then, start to walk the dog. If he begins to pull, you can produce a sound as you stop moving. In that instance, your pet must have stopped moving too. You need to mark this behavior using any cue word and then give your pet a treat when he does. Start walking again. Be consistent until your dog learns all the cue words for acceptable behaviors.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, this article on how to train a husky to walk on a leash has helped you. Remember that the key here is determination and consistency. Yes, it is not easy. But if you do it right, you will be amazed at how fast your dog learns to walk on a leash.

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