How To Train A Husky To Not Run Away? 3 Easy Steps!

Although your dog seems comfortable in your house, you may want to know how to train a husky to not run away. There are three easy steps, which I will be sharing with you as you delve into this article further. 

Your furry friend will bring you joy. Every time you arrive at the house, he will jump and show you his eagerness to play with you. So when your dog attempts to go away, it would be unfortunate. 

How To Train A Husky To Not Run Away 3 Easy Steps!

Most husky owners neglect the importance of this. You may be giving your pet water, food, a comfortable bed, and lots of love. But it shouldn’t end there. It is also essential that you train your pet not to escape. That is because when he runs away, he would be in danger of accidents. 

If your dog ends up getting injured from a collision, this means that you will have to pay for large vet bills. So it is crucial to train your dog. This training is also helpful in disciplining your dog so that you can quickly get rid of any bad habits that he may develop. 


Defining The Task

Training a husky is not easy. You will have to determine first the reason why your pet is attempting to escape. If you know the case, then you can begin solving the issue. But as you are identifying the problem, you can first introduce to him some preventative measures. 

First, you need to establish obedience with your dog. It is best to start when your pet is still a puppy since he will be receptive at that stage. In such a case, you can quickly see the results in just a few weeks only. 

However, suppose your pet is old already. In that case, he might be stubborn, so the results will only be noticeable after several months. Once you succeed in this training, you don’t need to worry about your dog trying to escape again. This also means that you can take off your leash so he can get more freedom in exploring and exercising. 


Steps To Train A Husky Not To Run Away

It is a part of a husky’s instinct to run away and won’t even be bothered whether or not you are supervising them. Huskies will make sure that they can find their ways to do this. You must be aware of the physical activity requirement of your pet before starting his training. Here are the steps on how to train a husky to not run away:


Step #1. Planning

As mentioned earlier, training a husky is not easy. You should first identify the possible reasons why your husky will run away and establish a plan. You cannot find a solution if you do not know what the issue is, right? So, train your husky not to run away.

If your pet is still young, you will be surprised at his capacity to learn and respond when you train him. In just a matter of a week, you will already get the results that you desire. But if you take home an adult dog, it is possible that he is already stubborn or has unfriendly behavior.

You will need to remain calm in such a case. The goal here is to help your pet to disremember about running away. Although it can take you a couple of months, the time and effort you invest in this training will be worth it.


Step #2. Start the training

Before training your husky, you need to prepare some things, including a dog collar, leash, harness, among others. You should also make arrangements in the house, such as building baby gates, securing fences, and the likes. Also, ensure to prepare some food items, including the favorite treats of your pet.

As the expert says, there is no better way of training a husky than having patience and his favorite treat. Other than that, you should be willing to spend an hour each day if possible in training your husky. You should also arrange the yard so that you will have a wide enough area for training. Then, you are all set!


Step #3. Making use of positive reinforcement

You can list the activities that huskies love and teach your pet the basic commands such as to roll over, shake, stand up, sit down, among others. Teach your husky that he can only get what he wants if he can do what you command him to.

Consequently, you have to show kindness to your dog all the time. Every time he follows your command, you should pet him and tell him that he is a good boy or any other positive words like well done, for example. This is to show him that you did ignore his efforts.

By using positive reinforcement, you can build confidence with your dog. You feel more secure and safe, and more importantly, your pet will see you as his leader or master.


It’s A Wrap!

With the above steps on how to train a husky not to run away, you can ensure your pet’s safety. Other than those steps, other methods can also be used, such as calling your dog’s name and rewarding him every time he comes to you. Be consistent and loosen his leash gradually. Ensure not to frighten your dog.

It would help if you were consistent in giving all your dog’s basic needs to ensure that he will be obedient and happy. Be constant in providing his food, exercise, playtime, and favorite toys.

Another approach is to obscure any opportunity of him running away. Bushes that your husky dislikes, fencing, and gates are the best things to utilize for this purpose.

Remember, huskies like to escape, which is why training at a young age is essential. This dog breed also requires more care than others. But all of your efforts will be worth it for this loyal, sensitive, friendly, and beautiful dog. In raising this dog, discipline and training are as important as love can care. That’s how to train a husky to not run away! It may also be a good idea to read about how to train a Chihuahua to poop outside and how to house train a pitbull puppy.

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