How To Train A Chihuahua To Poop Outside? 4 Awesome Tips!

When it comes to dog parenting, knowing how to train a Chihuahua to poop outside is essential. This dog breed is known for its intellect. You can quickly teach them to obey several commands and tricks. Only a matter of a week is needed to prepare a Chihuahua to do his business outside. 

The only thing that makes potty training hard among Chihuahuas is their size, making it hard for you to catch your pet on the act. If he poops inside the house, it will not help if you scold him since the dog cannot comprehend why you are mad. 

How To Train A Chihuahua To Poop Outside 4 Awesome Tips!

Just take note that to succeed with this training, you need to be consistent so that your pet can learn what you want him to be. Otherwise, all the effort and time exerted will be useless. 


Potty Training

This is the term used to refer to the training done to puppies so that they will not leave awful surprises anywhere in the house. You are to teach your dog how important it is to wait until you let him out before pooping and do it in the right place. 

When he becomes used to this habit, you will see that your dog will find ways to notify you when he is about to poop. In any case, you may also teach your pet some signals, such as barking at the door. 

You need to watch your Chihuahua closely. Every time you see any sign that he has to go, ensure to take him outside and do this regularly. Over time, your Chi will learn that he needs to do his business outdoors since this is where he’s supposed to. 


Tips To Train A Chihuahua To Poop Outside

First of all, you need to ensure that the designated area outside is safe for dogs. Also, ensure that the space inside your house is safe for your dog student. You must suit the place to his needs. Here are the tips on how to train a Chihuahua to poop outside:


Tip #1. Using a bell

Before, I used to think it was a terrific idea to use bells to urge children to use the bathroom. You can also use this to educate your pet to ring the bell anytime he has to go outdoors for a bathroom break. If your dog needs to go out to poop, they can easily use the bell to let you know. Using these three simple methods, you can teach your pet to respond to a bell. The bell will chime if your dog knows how to “nose target” it. 

All you need to do is place the bells near your dog’s nose to pique their curiosity and allow them to investigate. When they touch, boop, or sniff the bell, make sure you reward them with their favorite treat. Make it more difficult for your dog to reach the bell by moving it further away from him after a few attempts.

You can also put the bells onto the doorknobs of every door your dog uses to leave the house. Again, it’s a good idea to encourage children to play with the bell on the doorknob. When this happens, be sure to note it and reinforce it later on in the lesson. Soon your dog will realize that if the bell rings, the door will open. 

In such a case, have the door opened and walk your dog only after the doorbell has rung. If he empties himself, reward him with a second gift and quickly return to the house. Before letting your dog out for a poop or pee break, be sure he has finished eating. Otherwise, he may have a minor accident as you wait to open the door. 


Tip #2. Stay positive

Next, you need to maintain an optimistic outlook. When teaching a dog to defecate outside, you must not use any form of punishment. A severe reprimand after an accident will only make your dog more adept at hiding the places where he poops inside than at going outside. 

In such a case, the relationship you are establishing with your dog is a waste of time and energy. As an alternative to teaching your dog what they shouldn’t do, teach them how to do it. For example, when they approach the door, treat them and pat them on the head to signal that they’re ready to depart. 

When he uses his pee pad, reward them with a favorite treat, and if they manage to go outside successfully, reward them with a treat. Would you please make a point of praising them for going outside regularly during the early stage of training? Your Chihuahua is just like every other animal on the globe, and you’re sharing your house with a completely different species. Throughout the process, patience and a cheerful attitude are essential.


Tip #3. Right timing

You should also make sure that the timing is proper. Successful toilet training relies on predicting when a dog, particularly a puppy, will need to relieve itself. It’s easier to avoid conflicts if you know in advance when they’ll be leaving. In addition, your dog may show signs of stress, such as weeping and whimpering, jumping up and following you, or even suddenly bolting. Examine your dog’s behavior for these signs. 

These are telltale signs that your dog needs to relieve himself. Before or after you do several of your everyday activities, your dog must be allowed outside. Make this a part of your daily habit. 


Tip #4. Always clean

If you get into an accident, it’s not the end of the world! Eventually, your dog will realize that he can relieve himself in other places. Keep your dog’s surroundings clean and devoid of any potentially contaminated materials. For example, wash the bedding or stuffed animals when they are used twice or more.


It’s A Wrap!

By keeping in mind the four tips on how to train a Chihuahua to poop outside, minor accidents in your house will be avoided. Remember to be consistent when it comes to potty training your Chihuahua to ensure success. My friends, it’s a good idea to read about how to train a chihuahua not to bark and how to make a Chihuahua like you.

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