How To Tire Out An Australian Shepherd? 6 Easy Ways To Do It!

If you have noticed that your dog is often hyper, you need to know how to tire out an Australian shepherd. The best way to do this is to perform high-intensity activities such a running or playing fetch. 

These two exercises are great but if you don’t like repeating the same activities, do not worry because there are a lot of other activities that you can do to tire out your pet.

In this post, we will provide you with six different ways to do this. Keep reading and choose whichever is suitable both for you and your dog. Let’s have a deep look at it!


6 Ways To Tire Out An Australian Shepherd

Needless to wait any longer, we have here in this section the list of the activities you can do with your dog to expend his energy and prevent him from getting hyper. Here are the ways on how to tire out an Australian shepherd:


#1. Playing fetch

The most common way to expend your dog’s energy is playing fetch. This is an excellent workout for your dog. Basically, you will be doing a sort of wind spring as they are chasing after the ball. After repeating the throw 5-10 times, you will notice that your dog starts to puff and huff.

But take note that it is best to give your dog a break during the game. What’s great about this game is that you can play them anywhere you want. For instance, if there’s a huge backyard in your place, you can bring his ball and start slinging.

In any case, if you do not have a backyard, you don’t need to worry. Simply look for a park with a sufficient amount of space where you can play fetch. Rest assured, your Aussie will find playing fetch enjoyable at all times since he can run as much as he wants. You may want to find out how long to walk Australian shepherd puppy.


#2. Water play

Another great activity to exercise and tire out your pet is to play in the water. This is likewise good for you if you want to get a slight tan as you play with your dog. Swimming is an exercise that uses most if not all muscles in the body. As such, it is ideal for taking your dog swimming when the summer season comes around. You may also swim during this time or walk at the side and enjoy the scenery as your dog swims. If you want to tire him out more, you can play fetch in the water. Rather than running to get the ball, your dog must swim to retrieve it. This is an excellent way to entertain your dog while exercising, only if he is comfortable enough in the water. For this activity, you will need a toy that does not sink so that your dog can quickly get it.


#3. Water hose play

Try to spray your hose in the backyard, and you will see your dog chasing after the water stream. When you need to water your grass, you can bring out your hose so that your pet can rise after the water. In just a couple of minutes, you will notice that your dog will start to puff and huff. This is an excellent exercise for those with backyards that need water. In this method, you are essentially doing two activities: tiring your dog and watering your grass.


#4. Dog park

Most Australian shepherds would love it to meet other dogs. If your pet is one of them, it would be best to consider taking him to the nearest dog park. Your dog will find it exciting to see new faces. With the numerous dogs in the park, your pet will be kept entertained and busy. Furthermore, he can find some buddies, and they will keep chasing each other for several hours. Going to the dog park will also allow you to meet other people who also love dogs as much as you do, from which you can learn some tricks and tips as you chat with them.


#5. Taking your dog for a hike

If you love hiking as your pastime, why not bring your Aussie with you. This will make the experience even better for you while at the same time you can keep your pet tired throughout the activity. To make the experience even more entertaining for your dog, you can pick up some rocks and throw them for your dog to fetch. With this, you are essentially giving your dog a double-exercise: chasing rocks and climbing hills. What a workout, isn’t it?

You may also bring the favorite ball of your Aussie and toss it instead of rocks. But you need to be careful as you might lose his favorite toy. If you are after socialization, hiking is also an excellent way to have your dog meet other people.

It’s best also to know how much exercise does an Australian shepherd puppy need.


#6. Teach him some new tricks

Brain games are another way to go. Challenging your pet mentally is also an excellent way to tire him out. You can search up on Google and YouTube to find some tricks. You will see that the options are almost unlimited. As your dog learns the trick, you can progress on more challenging ones.


It’s A Wrap!

So, that’s it, folks! You have read the six different ways on how to tire out an Australian shepherd. It would be best to experiment with different activities and see the most suitable one for your schedule.

The activities provided can fit varying situations to ensure that you can find time to exercise your Australian shepherd even if you are working. Wherever you live and whatever schedule you have for your dog’s physical activity, one of those activities would surely be applicable. Furthermore, you need to always keep in mind that the activity must be enjoyable for your dog and for you. All in all, we are hoping that we have been helpful to you!