How To Tell If A Husky Is Male Or Female? 5 Key Differences!

Those who think about buying a husky would want to know how to tell if a husky is male or female. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place. This article will learn the distinct characteristics that distinguish one from another.

Keep reading as we will be providing you with the critical differences on husky genders. We also included the assumptions from dog owners parenting both male and female huskies. Most husky owners agree with the statements in the forum where those assumptions are posted. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!

How To Tell If A Husky Is Male Or Female 5 Key Differences!


Ways To Tell If A Husky Is Male Or Female

At this point, you may wonder if what husky gender should you get. If so, you need to learn the differences between the two personalities. So let us run through and compare the varying traits of male and female huskies below. Here are the ways on how to tell if a husky is male or female:


#1. Dependency vs. interdependency

In a pack of huskies, you will notice that males show more dependency than more independent females. This is because huskies, in general, are known to be independent dogs. Meaning to say, they can become happy alone. But only up to a certain point. 

But male huskies are recognized as dependent on their loved ones and pack. You can look at how both husky genders chose to interact. Most often than not, a female husky would be happy to be lying down alone while her owner is somewhere else. On the other hand, male huskies would want to stick near you. They do this to ensure that they know what you are doing and where you are at. 


#2. Territorial tendencies

Male huskies tend to show dominance more often. This is attributed to their trait of being territorial. However, female huskies can be territorial too. This comes along with showing dominance that can further lead to aggressiveness. But this is not the case all the time. 

Generally, huskies do not belong to the territorial or aggressive dog breed, no matter their gender. But take note that it can happen, more likely with males. Although huskies look like a wolf, they are not aggressive by nature, and they can be a terrible option if you are looking for guard dogs. Click on this link to know how to deal with an aggressive husky.


#3. Showing dominance

Establishing and showing dominance will likely happen among male huskies than female ones. This is one of the key differences between the two genders. Male Huskies will attempt to show that they are dominant in numerous ways. Among those, the most problematic and probably the easiest to notice is the habit of peeing on everything in the house. Of course, they do this following their territorial need.

But, unfortunately, this can go beyond peeing. So if you are considering buying a male husky, you have to prepare and establish yourself to be the pack leader, also known as alpha since day one. Once you bring the dog into your house, you need to teach him immediately that you are the one who is supposed to be followed in there. This is called alpha training. 


#4. Showing affection

The male huskies are all out to display their affection for you. If you prefer your dog to be more affectionate, you should get a male husky. He will show you affection, love, and attention. They are said to be outgoing and playful come older. I am not saying that female huskies will not show affection and love. But based on dog owners, female huskies are decisive and reserved when displaying their affection. Know how do huskies show affection.


#5. Trainability

Although female huskies are more independent, it is easier to train them. Female huskies tend not to challenge the authority of their owners as much as male huskies do. It is challenging to train any husky, no matter its gender. But in general, training female huskies is relatively more straightforward.

Since the female ones are not as dominant as male huskies, they usually do not contest the authority of the one training them, impacting how they listen and follow your command. However, it does not mean that male huskies are untrainable at all. On the contrary, female huskies are more obeying, learning, and receptive to training. This is associated with the fact that a female husky will readily accept the pack leader, unlike the male ones. You may also want to read about
how to train a husky to walk on a leash and how to train a husky to not run away.


More Assumptions About Husky Genders

In this section, I have listed down the common opinion shared by many husky owners about their male or female companions. But take note that this is not true for all huskies since, just like humans, each husky vary from one another. 

  • Female huskies mature faster than males. This is true both in physical and mental aspects.
  • It is easier to train female huskies. 
  • Male huskies are more affectionate, loving, and playful. 
  • Female huskies will not challenge the authority of the leader. This includes you when you take her home. 
  • Male huskies are more laid back and calmer. Therefore, they will be more willing to share their food, unlike females. 
  • Many packs have females as their alpha, so the female husky will mainly become one if you have many dogs at home. 
  • Female huskies are happier doing things on their own. They are more independent than male huskies, who often look for their owners. 
  • Male huskies grow bigger and heavier than female ones. 
  • The male huskies can become more aggressive and territorial. This is attributed to their need to show dominance. 
  • Male huskies become more potent when they grow up than female ones. 


It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks! Those are the key factors you can look out for in distinguishing a male from a female husky. Hopefully, this post on how to tell if a husky is male or female has been helpful for you.

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