How To Take Care Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy? 10 Helpful Tips!

So, how to take care of an Australian shepherd puppy? The fact that you end up in this article about taking care of an Australian shepherd means that you got a puppy or are planning to get one.

I admire your eagerness to learn more about caring for this breed, whatever the case may be. For sure, you would be able to raise your pup as a healthy and happy adult Aussie.

How To Take Care Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy 10 Helpful Tips!

In this post, we will provide you with the tips that you should keep in mind as you raise your puppy to ensure that he will grow happy. Keep reading and find out the basics about caring for this particular breed. 


All About Aussies

Australian shepherds were initially bred not in Australia but in California despite their name. The breeders claimed that this breed was a descendant of herding breeds which is it is named: Australian shepherd.

This breed has a medium size. An adult male Aussie can weigh up to 55 pounds. On average, the life span of Australian shepherds ranges from 12 to 15 years. This breed is double-coated with medium-length hair. Meaning to say, Australian shepherd would shed twice every year. 

What makes this breed popular is the unique colors of its fur. Not two Aussies will have similar coats. Furthermore, Aussies are brilliant, and they love training. They can quickly learn tricks and commands. Not only that, but Aussies are highly loving and loyal. 


10 Tips To Take Care Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy

Given that they have so much energy, you need to keep him active. Please take note that they can become a bit naughty when bored, so you should not allow your pet to have time for boredom. Below are some other helpful tips to keep in mind on how to take care of an Australian shepherd puppy:


#1. Exercise

It would be best if you allowed at least one up to two hours per day to let your dog out. It would be best to take your Aussie for a walk or play catch with him so that he can expend his energy. This dog breed is ideal for those families with an active lifestyle. Take note that your dog won’t be happy to be stuck at home the entire day. It may be helpful to read about how to keep Australian shepherd busy.


#2. A regular visit to the veterinarian

If it’s your first time owning a dog, you need to do your research to ensure that you will discover the best vets in your local area. Once you have your vet already, ensure your pet is checked regularly to ensure that his good health will be maintained. 


#3. Grooming

The beautiful coats of this breed need to be brushed daily. Grooming should be started while your pet is still a puppy to get used to this. It means that you need to bring your Aussie to the nearest grooming salon and have him get an excellent cut. Through this process, your pup will the proper way to behave in the salon. Also, ensure that your pet is bathed often. It would be best if you also brush his teeth regularly. Not only that, but your pup’s nails have to be trimmed periodically. If you are afraid to do this yourself, you can take him to the groomers. Do note that too-long nails can make walking painful for your pooch. 

Click on this link to know how to groom Australian shepherd.


#4. Provide your dog with chew toys

If your Aussie is bored, he may end up chewing on things. To ensure that your pet will not get bored, you should give him toys or anything that he can chew on. You can consider getting some puzzle toys for your pet and place some tiny kibble pieces or treats inside. This can surely keep your pet entertained. 


#5. Train your Aussie

This breed is very trainable. You can train your pet to pull the cart, bring you some paper, or pick up the laundry. Dogs can also be trained to do tricks, play sports, or play games. Even adult dogs can be trained, too.


#6. Socialize your Aussie

Since Australian shepherds are herding dogs, they tend not to trust strangers. This dog breed is also very protective. In other words, it will take some time before they can warm up with others. As such, it would be best to socialize with your Aussie to ensure that we will get used to being surrounded by other people and dogs. 


#7. Feed with quality foods

Ensure to feed your pet with high-quality foods. Of course, you wouldn’t want to give your pet food that is only filled with fillers. If your budget allows, you can get those grain-free and organic food. 


#8. Proper feeding

It would be best to feed your pooch on schedule to help him get on a routine. This way, your pet will learn when he should expect the food. Ideally, it would be best if you fed him twice per day. Avoid giving too many treats. Although treats are good for positive reinforcement and training, ensure only to give these in moderation. Small pieces should only be used. Know what to feed Australian shepherd puppy


#9. Watch the weight of your dog

Ensure that your dog is of healthy size by watching his weight. On average, the weight of Australian shepherds ranges from 55 to 70 pounds for the male ones and 35 to 55 pounds for females. An Australian shepherd with a healthy weight wouldn’t have visible ribs. The waistline would also be clear. Take note to adjust the portion of his food accordingly if he gains or loses weight.


#10. Provide your dog with plenty of water

Water and food are equally crucial for your Aussie. Ensure that your pet will have access to water all the time. It would help if you placed water bowls filled with water all around the house or the area where your dog stays. 


It’s A Wrap!

Knowing everything about how to take care of an Australian shepherd puppy is essential in raising your pup to be healthy and happy. Ensure that your pet will get enough exercise and eat well. He should also be groomed and taken to the vet regularly. The combination of those things will lead to responsible pet parenting.