How To Stop My Chihuahua From Shedding? 3 Easy Ways!

You might be wondering: how to stop my Chihuahua from shedding? It would be one of your happiest days when you take home a little pup. But just like another furry member of the family, a Chihuahua can come with challenges along with unconditional love and joy. 

No matter you have a smooth or long-coated Chihuahua, your pet will shed. Before we go into the details on how to stop or at least prevent the shedding of your Chihuahua, let us first understand that this is an essential and natural process for all furry animals, such as canines. 

All dogs are shedding, with only a few exceptions. You have to know that this process is an integral aspect of their life. This is crucial for both their well-being and health. If you want to stop it completely, you should be warned that it is not possible. But, there are definite ways to deal with the process to minimize its negative impact. 


Why Does A Chihuahua Shed?

As mentioned earlier, shedding is normal among dogs. Even the smooth-coated dogs shed. Technically, this is comparable with the rejuvenation of our skin. The skin cells will eventually die and shed to replace the new, good-looking, and fresh skin cells. As a result, you will look fresh and young. 

This is pretty much the same among dogs. Through the process of shedding, your pet will have a new protective coat. If you don’t know, healthy fur is an indicator and guarantees that your dog is in good health. 

The primary function of shedding is regulating the body temperature of your Chihuahua. The body temperature of dogs should remain the same at all times. Temperature balance is so important among them. Just remember the way you are well when you have a fever to understand this. 

However, unlike humans, Chihuahuas do not have sweat glands to release the extra heat in their bodies. That is why nature made an alternative way to regulate their body temperature, and shedding is among those mechanisms. 

Try to notice the fur of your Chihuahua during winter. It would be thicker. Once your pet starts to shed excessively, then it could be a sign that spring is about to come. Furthermore, even Chihuahuas of a similar type may have a bit different fur if they live in areas with different climates. 


Ways To Stop A Chihuahua From Shedding

Whether or not you allow your Chihuahua to sleep with you in your bed or on whichever furniture in your house, loose hairs will be all over your place if the shedding starts. Earlier, we have made you understand that eliminating the shedding process is impossible. 

But, we have here some rules that you can apply to take the shedding of your Chihuahua under control and avoid any frustrating consequence of this process. Each Chihuahua owner should follow these ground rules. So, here are the ways on how to stop my Chihuahua from shedding:


#1. Don’t neglect to brush

Regular brushing your Chihuahua will remove the loose hairs in its fur before those hairs go to your clothes. Not only that, but it is also very beneficial for the health of your pet. By brushing your pet, you are also essentially massaging the skin of your Chihuahua. As such, you are helping improve its blood circulation and spread the natural oils from the dog’s body towards the fur. This can result in a healthier and more luscious coat. 


#2. Regular bathing your Chihuahua

Chihuahuas require a bit more effort for their grooming. Genetically, they lack the body mechanisms and qualities that will enable them to take care of their bodies thoroughly. You must also know how often should I bathe my pitbull


#3. Make your house shed-proof

Other than focusing on grooming your Chihuahua, you can protect your belongings and entire house against your dog’s loose hairs using several ways. First, you can do it by cleaning your floors regularly. 

Although you are not along with your Chihuahua onto the furniture in the house, the loose hairs from the floor will transfer to the chairs, counters, and even your clothes. With that being said, you need to vacuum and sweep the floors each day. By doing so, you will reduce the risks of having your dog’s hair on the pillow. 

Regular furniture swabbing and damp mopping will also make the shedding of your pet unnoticeable. You can also make sure of a lint roller if you like. Then, before leaving the house, you can ensure free from loose hairs by using the lint roller. It may also be helpful to read about how to discipline a Chihuahua.


5 Anti-Shedding Solutions And Products

Here are the products that you can use for your pet:


#1. Hypoallergenic shampoos

In case the shedding of your Chihuahua is associated with any allergic reaction, you can use hydrocortisone shampoos to minimize shedding. This hypoallergenic shampoo treats the irritations and skin inflammations that make the skin dry and prevent it from adequately holding the fur. 


#2. Proper brushes

It is mentioned above that brushing is a crucial part of grooming a Chihuahua. But you should not use just any brush. Picking the right brush is essential. It would help if you matched the needs of your pet. For Chihuahuas with undercoats, the specialists suggest that you use a sticker brush. In case your Chihuahua only has a topcoat, it is recommended that you use a bristle brush. 


#3. Deshedding sprays

Using de-shedding products helps strengthen the hair follicles of your dog. As such, too much hair loss will be prevented. 


#4. Olive oil

Adding olive oil into the diet of your Chihuahua once every day will also help strengthen the fur of your dog. As a result, the coat will be rich and healthy. Excessive shedding will also be prevented. 


#5. Food supplements

Other than oils, many food supplements rich in fatty acids would be beneficial for the fur of your Chihuahua. It keeps healthy and allows moderate shedding. But make sure to consult your vet about this before adding it to the diet of your dog. Here is a healthy dog guide.


It’s A Wrap!

How to stop my Chihuahua from shedding? Again, you cannot stop shedding among dogs, but by keeping in mind the different ways above, you can take control of this process and minimize its consequences. 

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