How To Stop Husky From Digging? 5 Easy Ways!

At some point, husky owners will have to deal with the common problem wherein their pets are digging holes, so you need to know how to stop husky from digging. In this post, you will learn the different training approaches and tips that you can employ to stop your dog’s habit.

But ensure to understand why does your pet is doing so. Otherwise, whatever method you choose may not work. It may be challenging to train your husky, but do not worry because this post will serve as your guide to overcome this challenge.


Ways To Stop Husky From Digging

Before you can stop your husky from digging, you should first know why he is doing it. Identifying the cause will help figure out the best approach to solve the problem. You would end up wasting your time if you tried a solution even before you had worked out the issue. Suppose your husky might be digging since it needs an area where it can cool itself down.

So if you choose to increase your dog’s exercise levels, then it will not end its habit of digging. Consequently, if your dog is digging due to an insufficient amount of exercise or if it does not get enough attention, then what you have to do is to work out your husky. In any case, we will discuss this approach more in detail below. Now, here are the ways on how to stop husky from digging:


Method #1. Providing sufficient exercise 

A husky who does not get sufficient mental stimulation and physical activity will quickly become bored and may start to develop some destructive behavior. This can include digging holes. Some other signs to look for include the attempts to escape, causing chaos, or destroying furniture. Although your pet has not shown this before, even the most minor routine change can frustrate it.

In such a case, your husky will find another way to keep himself entertained. Make sure to provide your pet with many opportunities to exercise and do activities that can help release his energy. For example, try to take your pet for a walk every day, so when he is tired, he will no longer have enough power to dig holes. 


Method #2. Mental stimulation

Also, try to give your pet some toy that he can play with. This will keep your dog occupied and mentally stimulated. Mainly, chewing toys with hidden treats inside are particularly good. Any dog will enjoy it as they make their best to get the treat hidden inside.

With this challenge, he won’t have time for digging. Suppose you often leave your house, and when you get home, you tend to find out that your pet digs some holes. In this case, you can try to give your pet a bone that he can chew every time you leave the house. Then, when you get home, check if there are holes. If none, then it can indicate that your pet requires more stimulation. 


Method #3. Designated area for digging

Setting up a designated area where your husky can dig in will prevent him from digging on other parts of the yard. To make this, you can section off a particular portion of the yard and put some dirt or sandbox for your pet. It would also be best if you make use of different sand or soil in that particular area so that your dog can differentiate it through smelling or learning the difference between where he can or can’t dig. 

Essentially, setting up a specific area for digging will encourage your pet to only dig in that particular area. It might seem risky for some to encourage the digging of a husky, but this is training your husky to do a particular activity in a specific place that is appropriate for it. 

This training will prevent your dog from digging just anywhere. It will also help if you try to bury some of its toys in the digging area or hide a tiny treat under the soil to encourage them to search and dig there. Doing so is a sound reinforcement for telling the dog where digging is allowed while incorporating fun at the same time. 


Method #4. Making a den

If you provide your husky with his den, he will not dig to make one for himself. This is anything like a sheltered area kennel or dog house that provides your pet with protection against elements and shade at the same time. If your dog digs holes to escape the cold or heat, this option is the best for him. 

You may also ensure to put some huge blocks of ice inside the den during the warm season to have something to lick in cooling himself. In the colder season, extra blankets would help to make the space more inviting and comfortable for your dog. Know how to train a husky puppy.


Method #5. Using deterrents or obstacles

If your husky keeps on digging below the fence, this is the best approach to stop this habit. It is most likely that your pet is searching there since he found something interesting outside. But if there are some obstacles or deterrents, your pet will be annoyed, so he will give up and choose not to go out. 

Take note that this approach will only work in this particular situation. Perhaps, your pet is lacking with mental stimulation and exercise. Having a deterrent may not work. Your pet may even persist as he expends his extra energy. 


It’s A Wrap!

Again, the methods above on how to stop husky from digging may or may not work depending on why your dog is doing so. Know the cause first and choose the approaches above to fit the digging problem. It may also be a good idea to read about what to do with the husky while at work and when to neuter a husky

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