How To Stop A Dog From Chewing His Bed?

So you got aggressive chewer dog, right? Here’s how to stop your dog from chewing his bed.

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing His Bed

You are home after a long day at work. Your puddle just jumped onto you. You acknowledge its love for you and feel happy. The very next moment, you happen to see is the messy floor with cotton coming out of the bed. You look at your canine, and it makes a puppy face. You are done your dog chewing up his bed.

Does this sound like your story? Well, you are not alone.

A large cohort of dogs chew their beds, and it is quite normal for them. Basically, they do it either out of anxiety or out of boredom. In order to prevent your dog from chewing his bed, you need to first look for the conditions that provoke your dogs in behaving like that.

Why Does your Dog Chew His Bed in First Place?

Stress is not humanly; it equally influences the behavior of your dog. Look for the signs—separation anxiety, change in the environment, emotional issues, loss of a family member, etc.

Another reason could be boredom. If you leave your dog in the house for too long without anyone to look after him, he may get bored and start chewing his bed. Here is the list of possible reasons why does your dog chew his bed:

  • Testing
  • Teething
  • Exercise jaw muscles
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety
  • Obsession
  • Enjoyment

In any of the cases, it is recommended that you do not punish or yell at your dog. If you take the punishment route, you may worsen the situation.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Chewing His Bed?

If you see that your dog is suffering from the issues mentioned above, you can simply follow these tips:

Pinpoint the Stressors

This is the most effective solution when it comes to preventing a dog from bed chewing. Try to make your dog feel secure about the surrounding. If your dog is fearful due to the presence of a stranger, pat him and make him comfortable.

Get him toys

If your dog is aggressive chewer, it is advisable to get some chew toys for him so that it can avoid chewing your items such as shoes, bedsheets, etc. You will find a variety of dog toys, but buy ones that meet size of your dog. Providing toys will keep your dog busy.

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Use Phermone for a Calming Effect

Pheromones are available in different types—wrapped wipes, sprays, plug-in diffusers, and collars. These are odorless and are said to have calming effects on the puppies and dogs. It is recommended to use pheromones for at least a week or two and wait for it to show its effect.

Switch on a Television or a Radio

In case you have to go out for some time, you should engage your dog in some kind of entertainment. While it may get tired too soon playing a toy, you can switch on a television or a radio. This way, it won’t notice your absence and won’t get anxious.

Get your Dog on its Toes

If a dog is lazy, it tends to chew its bed more out of boredom. In such a case, it is crucial that you encourage your dog to sweat the boredom out. The possible reason for laziness in your dog could be the food you provide. Make sure to provide high-quality and nutritious food to keep your canine stay active and happy.

Final Thoughts

If you have tried and tested everything, and still the chewing continues, you should not wait but seek consultation for an expert vet.

Getting a full body checkup for your dog will help you understand if there is anything wrong, and you can get him treated before anything serious pops up.

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