How To Stop Chihuahua Aggression? 5 Easy Steps!

Even though Chihuahuas are tiny and cute, it is still essential to be equipped to stop Chihuahua aggression. All dogs, no matter their breed, are prone to aggression when not appropriately raised. In addition, when they do become aggressive, it can be challenging to take your dog seriously. 

This is especially true with Chihuahuas. When they seem to snap or snarl, you would say that they act cute, which is why you disregard this behavior. But this is a mistake. Aggressiveness in dogs means that they disrespect your leadership. Although Chihuahuas are tiny, they can still bite and cause damage. 

The reasons why a Chihuahua behaves aggressively is comparable with any other dog. It can be a sign of showing dominance, territorial behavior, or anxiety. Just like other dogs, Chihuahuas should also be trained. You should not let them behave dominantly. 


The Don’ts In Dealing Aggression Among Chihuahuas

Typically, the mistakes of dog owners as they deal with the situation with frustration can make worsen the behavior of their Chihuahua. Being a dog parent involves significant responsibility, and you may feel overwhelmed, especially when this is your first time owning a dog. To add, things will become more challenging with the growling and snapping of your dog, which might be unexpected since you thought that a Chi is always cute and sweet. But again, they are dogs. Remember that you need to be calm if faced with a situation like this. 

You must not yell or lash out at your pet. Physical punishment should also be avoided at all costs since your Chihuahua might consider this as a fight over the position of being the alpha. More so, you must never lock the Chi inside a room to punish him. 

Alternatively, use this chance to correct the behavior of your dog by helping him to understand the appropriate way to behave. Below are the steps that should be taken to stop aggression among Chihuahuas. 


5 Steps To Stop Chihuahua Aggression

We have asked dog parents to know the practical ways to stop aggression among Chihuahuas. Below we have listed the most common and effective ones. Let us walk through them one by one.


Step #1. Allow your Chihuahua to socialize

Many dog owners are unaware that fear plays a significant part in dog aggression. At first, they will be afraid of strangers or to do new things. Early socialization is essential when it comes to helping your dog overcome his fear of anything unfamiliar to him. Take your pet out and stroll him around to avoid having to carry him. Decide not to intervene in their exploration of the world. You should take advantage of every opportunity to teach your Chihuahua that interacting with other dogs and people is a positive experience.


Step #2. Build rules

Establishing house rules is the best way to give your dog a sense of order in its everyday life. You don’t want your dog to become aggressive if you let him rule the roost. As soon as you have made a decision, it is imperative that you stick to it.

Your Chi can be fed at any time of the day or night, what furniture they can use, what belongings they can keep, and when to play. You can establish these rules according to your preferences. But don’t be too tough with your dog, and ensure to remember these rules. Dogs need to know and respect their boundaries, so use positive reinforcement techniques to teach them.


Step #3. Tell him you are in charge

Chihuahuas are known for their aggressive and uncooperative behavior because they believe they are the pack’s leader canine. A snarl may ensue if you attempt to remove a toy from your dog’s grasp or disturb his bowls while eating. 

This is because they think they are the group leader and assume responsibility for the safety and security of their property, which can lead to more aggressive or violent conduct. Asserting your authority over the pack is the goal of this training. Using food is the most effective way to get its attention. 

The moment your Chi recognizes who is the one in charge of deciding whether or not he gets food, he will begin to respect and trust you as a leader. When your dog obeys the command to sit and waits patiently for his food, reward him with a treat of his favorite dog food.


Step #4. Importance of training

As a dog owner, you must teach your dog fundamental commands and signals. Even the most aggressive dogs who believe they are the alpha can be subdued with constant effort. You may still benefit from daily recall training, even if you’ve already taught your dog to be obedient. Sit, remain, and return commands can help restrain him from threatening or harming a stranger.

Furthermore, teaching your dog walking with a leash is essential since it helps establish yourself as the pack master and teach your Chi how to respond to your commands correctly. Also, read about how to train a Chihuahua to poop outside and how to train a chihuahua not to bark.


Step #5. Reward good behavior

When your Chi follows a particular command or ceases snapping and snarling at you for anything he used to do before, make sure to reinforce him with praise and give him treats. As much as possible, reward your Chihuahua every time he obeys your commands. There are times when you may need to be more assertive with your Chihuahua, but remember not to go overboard. Y0u may want to read about why are Chihuahua so aggressive


It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks! Those are the five steps on how to stop Chihuahua aggression. But in case your pet suddenly behaves aggressively, and he has never been this way before, then you might need to take him to a vet. It may be possible that he is suffering from a medical condition. 

But if this seems not to be the case with your dog, ensure that all the household members will cooperate in counteracting the aggressive behavior. The most crucial step in stopping Chihuahua aggression is consistency. 

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