How To Stop A Chihuahua Puppy From Biting? 6 Easy Ways!

Starting from an early age, you learn how to stop a Chihuahua puppy from biting. Otherwise, this will become a problem. Although Chihuahuas are known for having good temperaments, the puppies are using their mouths in learning. As a result, they tend to bight anything they see. 

In this post, you will learn to overcome the biting problem of your Chihuahua puppy. Although this can be challenging, it’s not impossible. Take note of all the tips so that biting won’t be a problem with your pet as it grows into an adult dog. 

But before we proceed to the different techniques, let us first know why a Chihuahua bite and whether or not it is normal for a Chihuahua puppy to do this.  


Reasons For Biting Among Chihuahuas

There will come a time that you Chihuahua will show aggression or fear. To let you know that he is scared, your pet would tend to bark. This is his means of telling you to go away. If you insist on getting near him, he will start growling, showing his small yet sharp teeth. Eventually, he will snap or even bite you. 

Usually, a Chihuahua will bite when scared. This can even come with a nip. For aggressive and older Chihuahua, a bite can be excruciating, especially for children. 


Ways To Stop A Chihuahua Puppy From Biting

In this section, you will be provided with the different wants to stop the biting behavior of your Chihuahua at its young age. All of these methods are effective. Choose whichever you think will work for the both of you. Here are the ways on how to stop a Chihuahua puppy from biting:


#1. Bite inhibition

If you have seen puppies that play together as they are inside the litter, you will hear that they produce a squealing sound if their sibling bites them. When the puppy who bits hear that sound, it tends to withdraw. You can imitate this behavior as a way to stop your pet from biting you. 

In case your dog bites you, try making a squealing sound. But you may also command him with a firm “stop” or “no.” This method has been utilized by professional dog trainers that can prove its effectiveness. This works because your puppy would thing think that they have hurt you through biting. 

However, some puppies may not like this. That is because it will appear to them that you are reprimanding them. When doing this method, your puppy may seek comfort or reassurance, but you must not give in. Ignore him for a short moment. You may even try to turn away from them. 

Although it sounds mean, it works. The earlier you start to use this method, the sooner you can correct the biting problem of your Chihuahua. In such a case, biting your family members or even yourself will be avoided. 


#2. Do not playback when your puppy is biting

The biting will not stop if you keep reacting back to your puppy when he bites and nips you. For instance, pushing your puppy away playfully will even encourage him to bite more. That may be the case since you are giving back the fun as you react playfully. As such, your pet would want to play more and bite again. 


#3. Do not use physical punishment

Remember that dogs cannot comprehend punishment that is done physically. So smashing will never work. It will only make the pup scared of you, resulting in more biting due to fear. 


#4. Chew toys

Most people find it fun to play with their pets using their hands. Even if there are some nips, it won’t hurt. However, this only trains your dog into thinking that your hands are up for grabs. Rather than using your hands, you can get some chew toys. Focusing their attention on the toy will teach your pet that your hands and fingers shouldn’t be bitten. This is what you call a positive association.


#5. Training the puppy not to bite for food

Usually, puppies bite when food is involved. Chihuahuas, mainly puppies, are overprotective of their food. This behavior may persist if not corrected. So in case, your dog shows aggression over food, show him that you are the one in charge. Hence, you can pick up and put back the bowl anytime you want. 

You can try to put the food bowl in front of your pet and remove it quickly. If he does not react or attempt to bite you, verbally praise him and give him a treat as a reward. If he growls or tries to bite you, command him a firm “no” and keep holding his food bowl. 

Repeat doing this technique until he gives you the expected response. As a result, your Chihuahua will see you as the alpha or the dominant one in control of the food. You are not someone who should be bitten, or else they won’t get any food. You should know how to train a Chihuahua to not bite.


#6. Putting your hands close to the mouth 

This training will teach the puppy to be okay with your hands close to its mouth without biting. Your hands being near them should be something that your puppies should accept. Often, puppies eat something they shouldn’t. In such a case, you will need to get the thing from their mouth. Not only that, but you should also check their gums and teeth. But you cannot do this if your pet keeps biting you every time you try to check its mouth. 

The best way to train your Chihuahua is by using a snack or a treat. Show it to them and make use of your fingers in popping it into and out of their mouth. Later on, they will become comfortable with your fingers being put into their mouth so they will not bite it anymore. Read how to discipline a Chihuahua.


It’s A Wrap!

Those are just six among the many other means on how to stop a Chihuahua puppy from biting. At the end of the day, if you put hard work into training your pet while it is still young, biting will not be a problem. You may want to read about why is my Chihuahua so clingy and  why are chihuhua so aggressive.

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