How To Shave Australian Shepherd? 2 Myths About Shaving An Australian Shepherd!

For some reason, dog owners would want to know how to shave Australian shepherds. This would seem like an excellent idea for some, especially during the hot summer season. They think that shaving their dog’s fur will help them cool down. 

Some people also think that removing the hair would make grooming easier. Others think that shedding will go away after shaving. However, shaving is associated with some adverse outcomes. Generally, Australian shepherds should not be shaved, resulting in more harm. 

So the question should be: should you shave your Australian shepherd. Take note that by shaving, you are taking away the natural protection of your pet against elements. Shaving is only recommended for excessive matting or medical reasons. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


Is It Ideal To Shave Your Australian Shepherd?

So, how to shave an Australian shepherd? Dog owners should understand how the fur grows as well as its function. The hair of an Australian shepherd is unique with double coating. In other words, their coat is composed of two layers. The upper layer is water repellent and stiff. In contrast, the lower layer close to their skin is fluffy and dense. 

Those two layers work together to protect the dog naturally. The upper layer protects your pooch against elements, rain, and dirt. On the other hand, the lower layer provides your dog with the appropriate insulation against cold or heat. This also helps in regulating the body temperature of your Australian shepherd. During the heat of summer, your dog’s undercoat will trap some cool air, which will prevent your Australian shepherd from overheating. This is so if the coat is tangle-free, dry, and fluffed. But this ability has certain limitations. It would be best if you did not leave your pooch under extreme temperatures. 

But most often than not, the two layers would be enough to protect your pet against the hot UV rays. The double coating is not only for staying cool but also for protection against skin cancer and sunburns. 

Conversely, during winter or colder months, the hair of your Aussie naturally gets thicker. The undercoat will help in keeping the heat. It also protects your pet against frostbite and hypothermia. Since the topcoat is resistant to water, the undercoat will be covered. As a result, the undercoat can do its job. Take note, however, that it will only work optimally if your dog’s coat is mat-free and clean. I know it can be a choice to comb the thick fur of your Australian shepherd. But you can try various brushes and find out which one can help you make the process easier and quicker. 

Also, be aware that shaving the hair of your Australian shepherd will make the double coating equal in length, which can be a problem. The undercoat is naturally growing back faster with causing even more problems.

When more volume of undercoat has grown back, the normal shedding cycle of your dog will be interrupted. As a result, the coat will shed more and mat easier. Shaving can also potentially cause permanent damage to the coat of your pet. It can cause bald spots and hair loss. Once the upper layer begins growing back, its texture would be so different. It will feel like Velcro. Not only that, but it will also attract seeds, grass, burrs, or any other things that your per touches. 


2 Myths About Shaving An Australian Shepherd

Most pet owners shave their Australian shepherds due to some myths circulating around. Well, we cannot blame them. The ideas seem right, and most would not bother questioning these ideas. 


#1. It stops shedding

For so many years, dogs have learned to adapt to thrive and survive in the environment they are in. For that reason, the Australian shepherd will begin to shed as the season changes. They will lose plenty of hair as the end of the winter months approaches. Of course, it would seem not very good to find their hair everywhere, which is why you often get tempted to shave their hair off. Most people are doing this thinking that it will help prevent shedding. But believe me, it is not the case. Shaving the coat of your dog won’t stop shedding. 

What will happen is that your dog will still shed, but it would be the shorter hair this time. It is also most likely that your dog will shed even more hair than usual. That is because the undercoat is shedding and growing back again numerous times in a year. 

On the other hand, the topcoat sheds and grows back a few times a year. If the undercoat grows back thicker and faster than usual, the undercoat will shed more often than the topcoat. Meaning to say, you will face more shedding than before. Furthermore, if more hair is in the bottom layer, the hair will tangle and mat easier. This indicates more grooming and brushing, which will seem to require shaving, again and again, every once in a while. 


#2. It helps them cool down

It seems plausible that shaving will keep your dog cool during summer. But removing all their hair will hinder their natural ability to retain cool air on their skin. If both coat layers grow simultaneously, the Aussie can feel even hotter. That is because the undercoat will prevent proper circulation. So, that’s why you should know how to shave Australian shepherd!


It’s A Wrap!

Again, I would like to highlight that you should only resort to shaving if the matting has become excessively worse or if it is due to medical reasons. Other than these two reasons, it would help if you did not learn how to shave Australian shepherdsDoing so is not helpful. It comes with many consequences, so better avoid doing this. Shaving is not ideal for an Australian shepherd. We already discussed why. And more importantly, it does not help with shedding. In fact, it can make shedding worse. 

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