How To Reduce Husky Shedding? 6 Ways To Do It 

Huskies are among the dog breeds with a double coat, so you may want to know how to reduce husky shedding because they typically shed significantly during winter and spring.

In this article, you will learn the best way to deal with the shedding of your husky so that there will be lesser hair on your floor and clothes.

How To Reduce Husky Shedding 6 Ways To Do It 

By following the techniques that we will discuss, you will be able to reduce your pet’s shedding. So keep reading!


Ways To Reduce Husky Shedding

By employing a few techniques, you will be able to control and reduce having dead fur onto the floor of your house. Below, we are going to walk through the details of each technique. Then, all you have to do is to scroll down to the end of this post. Now, here are the ways on how to reduce husky shedding:


#1. Have a brushing routine

It is crucial that you develop a routine to brush your dog so that you can reduce the dead hair from the coat of your husky. Doing this will also help in keeping your pet cool. Not only that, but brushing can also stimulate the growth of new hair.

It is recommended that you brush your pet about four up to 6 times each week. This is enough to get rid of the extra hair. But also make sure not to do this too often as it can irritate the skin of your dog. The key is to do this in moderation. Also, ensure not to skip if it’s already time to brush your pet.

Also, do not assume that you can make up the session you missed by simply brushing your pet too long in a day. Be aware that this technique does not work as such. Plus, it is not even stressful to sit down for a bit and brush your pet’s hair. However, I have encountered some people struggling to do this.

If you belong with those people, you will have to introduce brushing to your pet again. You need to help your pet to have a good association with the brush again. To do this, you can put the meeting onto the floor as you two are playing. Also, put it somewhere he can see every time you are giving him treats.

These things may seem irrelevant, but little by little, you are making your pet comfortable with the brush again. After that, you can gradually proceed to the next step until you have ensured that your dog is already comfortable with you brushing his hair. Your goal here is to make your husky associate his brush. He should think of it as something associated with positive experiences to not resist it every brushing session.


#2. Never shave or cut the coat of your husky

All dogs with double coats, such as huskies, must not be shaved. According to a myth, shaving will reduce or even stop shedding. But again, it’s just a myth. The problem that you will most likely encounter if you shave your husky is matting. That is because his undercoat will grow faster than his topcoat.

In such a case, the undercoat outgrows the topcoat, leaving the two coats tangled. What a mess, right? Even worse, the matting wouldn’t be good in regulating the body temperature, and it will cause overheating of your husky.

This is mainly a considerable problem when summer is about to occur in which you would want to keep the husky cool. The purpose of the topcoat is to stop the heat from various heat sources, including the sun, to heat the skin of a husky directly. Unfortunately, after shaving the husky coat, the hair that will grow is often matted with a texture almost similar to Velcro. This can cause your pet to overheat. So if you are thinking about it, don’t!


#3. Using the right brush

Another essential thing to keep in mind is using the right brush. It can be a bit confusing to choose which brush to use since there are many brush types available. The best ones to use are the simple slicker brush and undercoat rake. Combine these two every brushing session. Start from the head of your husky and move down using long strokes.


#4. Providing healthy diet

Both the skin and coat of your dog reflect its health. If you are not careful with his diet, the shedding process will become more complex. Even though shedding occurs due to the changes in climate and season throughout the year, it can also happen when your dog does not get enough nutrients.

The same is true when he has allergies. Take note that a husky has a sensitive stomach. It may not agree with several foods. Some commercially offered dog foods have allergens that your husky may be sensitive to. Usually, an allergy can dry the skin, causing dandruff and making the fur brittle and shed more.


#5. Do not bath your husky too much

Bathing is an excellent way to get rid of dead hair, but bathing your dog too often will dry out his skin. With that being said, it is best to stick with bathing once every 3-4 months. 

The coat of huskies is very clean. It does not produce that much oil, so you need not bathe them frequently. However, on a shedding season, you can give your pet an extra bath. This will encourage shedding, and the loose hairs will be removed. You can make use of some bathing tools as you bathe your husky.


#6. Enough exercise

Although you exercise your pet for about 2 hours each day, you can take him out for extra activities when he is shedding. This will keep him in shape as well as help in removing the dead hair. Maintain the health of your pet so that he will shed adequately and efficiently. You may also want to know how to cool down a husky and how to calm down a husky.


It’s A Wrap!

So, how to reduce husky shedding? Shedding is normal among dogs, you cannot stop this process entirely, but you can minimize the consequences you will face with the help of the techniques above on reducing husky shedding

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