How To Potty Train An Australian Shepherd? 5 Easy Tips To Follow!

After taking home the little pooch, you need to learn how to potty train an Australian shepherd. For sure, the puppy will become the favorite of everyone.

But you can get very unhappy with how your dog behaves at times.

How To Potty Train An Australian Shepherd 5 Easy Tips To Follow!

For instance, he will not pay attention to you anymore when you take him outdoors. There will be lots of distractions. Then, when you arrive at the house, he will relieve himself just anywhere. You can try the pee pads. However, the success rate here could be limited. What you need to do is to potty train your Aussie. This will reinforce his good behavior. To know where to start, scroll down!


5 Tips To Potty Train An Australian Shepherd

Since you are persistent about eliminating your dog’s behavior to just pee or poop anywhere in the just, you need to keep in mind the following tips. Take note that this training won’t be easy, but it’s essential to do this. Here are the tips on how to potty train an Australian shepherd:


Tip #1. Limit the foods and drinks of your Aussie

You should expect your Aussie to be using the bathroom soon when he has eaten something and drink water from his bowl afterward. When your Aussie eats because he is simply bored and you are out for words or some errands, your pet might end up doing his business on the kitchen floor or anywhere in the house. Freshwater should be made available for your Aussie at all times, but always putting out food is unnecessary. Also, take note to only feed your dog based on his age and growth accordingly. 


Tip #2. Crate-training your Aussie

Potty training can include laying down some pee pads everywhere in the house so that when your pet has to go, he can. However, this type of potty training can be a problem. Your pet won’t understand that he is peeing on the pee and not directly on the den or living room floor. Chances are, he will keep peeing on the floor. So you are accidentally training your dog to think that this is acceptable behavior. But after you have taken off the pads with pees, it won’t be okay for them to pee in the den or living room anymore. 

A better way to potty train your Aussie, no matter his age, is by using crate training. By instinct, dogs will look for a nest, and a crate is naturally appealing to them. The crate should be filled with things that your pet likes. For instance, you can get a dog bed and put some plush toys and blankets on it.

The crate should be kept small but not too tiny. It should be something cozy and easy to maneuver. If your Aussie is not interested in the crate, even with his favorite toys in it, you can try to lure him using some treats. Eventually, your Australian shepherd will learn to feel comfortable in this space and will use it often. 

Do you probably ask what the point of this training is? Well, your dog wouldn’t want to do his business in the crate because it is where he is sleeping. So when he is about to go, he will leave the crate. Your Australian shepherd might also cry, whine, or move towards the door. This will be the sign to take your dog out. It may also be a good idea to read about how long does it take to potty train an Australian shepherd.


Tip #3. Establishing a bathroom schedule

After you have succeeded with the crate training, it would be best to establish a bathroom schedule. Aussie puppies peep once per hour or every two hours. Once your Aussie becomes an adult, you must take him out 3-5 times daily. 

But remember that this will depend on the diet of your Aussie. Some require more trips to the bathroom. The same is true with several medical conditions. Regardless of how often your pet goes out, you need to keep it consistent. If you are awake for work at 6 am, you could take your Australian shepherd by 6:10 am. Then, you can give your pet bathroom breaks during lunchtime. Also, take him out once you get home. Make this schedule doable for you both on weekends and weekdays and stick to it, if possible. It may be helpful to read about how to groom Australian shepherd.


Tip #4. Reward your pet when he goes out

Every time your dog does as you told him must be celebrated. It might seem excessive to reward a dog for simply pooping or peeing outside. But this is important. This is the same with training your Australian shepherd to sit or shake. When he follows your command, don’t you give him a head rub or some treats? By doing this, you are essentially reinforcing your dog that good things will happen when he continues this behavior. As such, your Aussie will repeat this behavior often. 

The same applies to potty training. This does not mean giving him treats only. It should also include verbal rewards. Even physical rewards such as hugs or head pats can reinforce good behaviors.


Tip #5. Be consistent and patient

Throughout the potty training, you need to have an extra ounce of patience. It would take about four months to succeed with potty training an Australian shepherd. It would take about six months in maximum. Although it seems hard at times, ensure to follow your bathroom schedule at all times. Always reward the dog for good behavior. Sooner or later, you will succeed with this training.


It’s A Wrap!

When learning how to potty train an Australian shepherd, be mindful of things you might do incorrectly. This includes yelling at the dog when he has made a mistake and using pee pads rather than crate training. But if you ensure to follow the tips above, your Australian shepherd will be potty trained. Regardless of your dog’s age, you need to start as soon as possible.