How To Play With A Husky? 5 Games Huskies Love!

When you take home that ball of happiness, it is best to know how to play with a husky. You can play many fun games with your pet to keep him mentally stimulated. This post will go through various great games and how they can help stimulate your husky.

If you play with your pet, you can prevent destructive behaviors like escaping from the property and digging holes. So it is good that you are here and interested in knowing about this. It only means that you want the best for your pet to the extent that you want to keep him happy and stimulated.

How To Play With A Husky 5 Games Huskies Love!


What Are The Benefits When You Play With Your Pet?

All breeds of dogs, in general, loves playing, and this includes huskies. Although they belong to working dogs, huskies also enjoy it when playing games. The same is true when they get to spend time with other dogs or people. Huskies have playful and curious nature. They are bursting with energy. Meaning to say, if they cannot play, they can become bored quickly.

In such a case, they might develop harmful and destructive behaviors. So they do this to entertain themselves. When your rough starts to dig up holes or escape from your property, it can indicate that he needs more mental stimulation. Allowing your pet to play with your or other pets in the house can significantly help ease boredom. This will also help expel extra energy and strengthen the bond between you.


Ways To Play With A Husky: Games Huskies Love To Play

Huskies love to play any game that involves mental stimulation and interaction with other dogs or their owners. Since they are highly energetic, huskies also like games that make them active, allowing them to run and jump around. Below are some games that huskies like. Most of which includes running around.

But take note that each husky vary from one another. Sometimes, it will take several failed attempts before you can figure out the particular game that your husky will enjoy. Here are the ways on how to play with a husky:


#1. Agility course

This is among the best games to play with your dog to expel his excess energy. The agility course is also suitable for mental stimulation. You can make use of your backyard to create an agility course for your dog. But you can also have it indoors. Note that this game requires a high commitment from you to teach your pet to keep on track and follow your instructions.

However, what is good about this particular game is that nothing is needed to be purchased. You can use anything from your storage. Then, use them in creating fun tiny obstacles for your pet. For sure, your husky will enjoy it as he goes through the entire course.


#2. Tug-of-war

You can teach this game easily to your dog. Playing this game is also very simple. However, others assume that this will encourage the husky to become aggressive since too much roughhousing is involved in this game. But teaching your husky to play this with proper instruction and rules, tug-of-war is an efficient way in keeping your husky entertained. Of course, you can also incorporate training with this game.


#3. Hide and seek

The next game on the list will test your pet’s problem-solving skills. This is an excellent game if you cannot play outdoors. Finally, hide and seek is a great indoor game since your dog knows where everything is located, so he knows where he can find you. To succeed in this game, you gradually need to increase the hiding place’s difficulty.

This way, your dog will be eager to continue searching after every accomplishment. Another way of playing him and seek is to ask your pet to find the toys you hide. To make this game more effective, you can use your husky’s favorite treat or toy to make him more motivated for the search.


#4. Fetch

This is the usual game played with dogs since it is also the simplest. Your husky will be excited to chase and pick up fast-moving objects that you throw. With that being said, it will stimulate him to run fast. Huskies, in general, loves running. Fetch huskies love the game since running is even more enjoyable for them.

This activity is also an excellent exercise for a husky since he will run more. Other than that, it will enhance your husky’s searching and smelling skills since he needs to search the stick or toy that you throw, then get the toy and bring it to you.  


 #5. Soccer

Another fun game that includes running is soccer. If you play with your husky puppy, you can use small and softball. But if you own larger dogs, you can use a big and firm ball. You can also set up nets and goals to make soccer even more challenging. However, this game would take time before your husky can grasp the rules of the game and play it. Therefore, patience is needed for this game. Also, ensure that your husky will be able to learn every rule.


It’s A Wrap!

If you know how to play with a husky, you will be able to keep your pet active, happy, engaged, and entertained. For the most part, playing games and keeping your husky busy is an excellent way to keep an eye on his behavior. This will also keep your dog out of trouble. What’s also good about playing games with your husky is strengthening your bond with him.

Since you are with your dog regularly and enjoy the game together, your husky will trust you more. Meaning to say, it can help improve your relationship. Read related articles; know how much exercise does a pitbull need and how to keep husky entertained. 

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