How To Make Your Chihuahua Happy? 7 Awesome Ways! 

It would be a pleasure to see your pet wiggle and wag its tail; otherwise, you will feel sad as well, so you should know how to make your Chihuahua happy to keep the smiles going within your home. 

If a Chihuahua is happy, it won’t be shy to display it. The little ball of happiness will give you plenty of smiles and will run around you as an invitation to play. You will also receive slurpy kisses from your pet. How wonderful would that feel, right? 

You will also see happy Chihuahuas wagging their tails and wiggling their bodies. Many people love to have them as pets since they can get along well with other dogs. They do not belong to destructive types of dogs; instead, Chihuahuas are well-behaved. 


Ways To Make Your Chihuahua Happy

The ways of making Chihuahuas happy are very straightforward. Most of them require you to effort more. But you can also choose the method that works with your dog and is accessible on your part at the same time. Here are the ways on how to make your Chihuahua happy:


#1. Petting your Chihuahua

Since Chihuahuas love attention, you can bring them happiness if you pet and cuddle them. For instance, if your pet wants a snuggle, then open your arms for him. Please give him a gentle hug or petting and not push him away. Mainly, they would love belly rubs. 


#2. Staying active

Chihuahuas have high energy. Although they are small, it does not mean that they have less power. They love moving around. So to keep your pet happy, it needs regular walks. Take note that the distance should be suitable for the energy level and health of your pet. Avoid pushing him too far. 

Aside from keeping your pet happy, staying active is also beneficial for its mental and physical health. Weight issues, as well as medical conditions, can also be prevented. So it would help if you were consistent on your dog’s exercise or on taking him for a walk.


#3. Making friends

Although Chihuahuas are protective and defensive at first, they would love the friendship after they warm up with other dogs. After that, they would be happy playing and running around with them. Socializing helps improve their behavior since when during the interaction, they would know the dos and don’ts. 


#4. Teach your Chihuahua something new

Your pet would love to learn something new. For instance, you can teach him a new command or trick. Through this, you would also get to strengthen your bond. But you will need to allow time for this intentionally. 

When training your pet, make sure to use a combination of friendly and firm tones. It would be best if you also used positive reinforcement to reward excellent behavior. It is essential to have both understanding and patience. Remember that Chihuahua’s responses are based on the treatment given to them. In addition, you need to be supportive and encouraging as your pet learns. If you want to keep him interested and engage in varying activities, you may explore a new trail or park. 


#5. New toy

These dogs are fascinated with things that they can chew. You can encourage your pet to release its energy and joy on a chew toy so that he won’t chew on your shoe or any other things in the house. They would find colorful and bright toys interesting. The same is true for toys that produce sound. Those items need not necessarily cost much. You can pick one from the toy store in your local area. Or you can make one yourself.


#6. Proper feeding

The diet of a Chihuahua should be both healthy and appealing. Make sure that it contains plenty of nutrients and vitamins that their body needs. Given that they are small, it wouldn’t be a good idea to give them your scraps. Also, it would be challenging for their digestive system to deal with strange foods.

With that being said, you have to make sure that you give the right pet foods containing all the essential ingredients to living healthily. Because a healthy dog is a happy dog.


#7. Avoid boredom

Since Chihuahuas have high energy, they need activities. The absence of actions can make them bored. This is especially the case when you leave your pet alone during the day. If possible, you need to keep your pet active and occupied. To alleviate boredom, you can pet them or teach them tricks.  

Avoiding boredom helps in the improvement of your pet’s overall behavior. If your Chihuahua has nothing to do left, negative behaviors may be developed, such as digging or chewing on things. These activities and behaviors would become a pattern that would be hard to correct if not acted upon immediately. As such, you need to keep your pet busy with some other things like food, toys, tricks, among others.


It’s A Wrap!

As a dog parent, you need to know how to make your Chihuahua happy. It would help if you gave intentional time to care for your dog’s mental and physical health. Doing so would help support the content and long life of your beloved tiny pet. But remember that keeping your happy would require your effort. For instance, instead of watching a movie, you may use the time to take your Chihuahua to the park or buy his food. But it would be worth it to see your pet happy.

The activities mentioned above will not just bring joy to your cute Chihuahua. Still, it can also be a source of happiness and excitement. Sooner or later, you will find yourself getting pleasure from doing all of them, especially those that you do together with your dog. You can also choose an activity that the two of you can enjoy gaining happiness from it. All in all, when your Chihuahua is happy, its overall temperament and behavior would improve, and this would be felt through the entire house.

Anyway, it’s always a good idea to check on related articles, so better read about why are Chihuahua so aggressive and why is my Chihuahua so clingy. Until here, my friends!

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