How To Make My Pitbull Gain Weight And Muscle? In 4 Easy Ways!

You may be wondering and question: how to make my pitbull gain weight and muscle? There are a few easy ways, and these things I’ll discuss with you as you delve into this article deeper.

The first thing that you should do is to determine whether or not your pet is underweight; this can be made by simply looking at the bulldog’s body composition.

How To Make My Pitbull Gain Weight And Muscle? In 4 Easy Ways!

If you see a little fat layer over the pitbull’s rib cage, he’s a healthy dog. But if otherwise, you can tell that he’s underweight. It would help if you understood that the weight of Pitbulls is affected by various factors, including lack of exercise, illness, stress, parasites, and low diet. In this article, let’s focus on the ways on how we can make your pitbull gain weight and muscle. Let’s start!


Ways To Make My Pitbull Gain Weight And Muscle

Before we tackle the ways, it’s best to know that you’ll realize that they have numerous formal breeds under the Pitbull family. That means that they are all different, especially when it comes to physical appearance and weight. In this article, we’ll discuss the topic in general terms. So, how to make my pitbull gain weight and muscle? Here are the following:


#1. Feeding the right kind of diet

When you decide to take care of a pitbull, you should make sure to provide him his needs. Just like human beings, they also have nutritional needs. So if you expect a more muscular or lean one, you can’t depend on dog foods that you usually buy in stores. Before you should feed a particular food to your dog, it’s best to understand the nutritional value or contents of the same.

My friends, you can feed them many times a day, like shall we say six times in tiny proportions. If it sounds inconvenient for you, you can make it thrice a day, but whole meals. Furthermore, his diet should be composed of carb, fat, and protein- 40 percent each. Once they have this portion, you’re in it, and they’re good!

If you opt for homemade meals, you need to know the foods that consist of these proportions. Perhaps, adding eggs, chicken, or fish together with a small portion of dog food may be enough. There are also instances when dog supplements are added to their food to build their muscles effectively. It may be best to read the four best dog food for pitbull puppies to gain weight.


#2. Exercising

My friends, it’s not enough that they’re on a diet. That means that you combine diet and exercise so your pitbull will gain weight and muscle. You can try allowing him to execute a few exercises like running and walking at the very least. For sure, these simple exercises can help him.

But then, you should remember that exercising without diet is also not enough. So, diet and exercise should be done hand in hand. Much more, you should be monitoring your pet’s diet. For example, if the dog engaged in many exercises, you should also offer more treats and meals, but in the right proportion.

It’s not a guarantee once you love the result, so you should not just stop there. There’s still a need to continue doing the exercises to keep the dog active. Plus, it helps in maintaining his muscle composition. Anyway, there are also rooms for an upgrade. For example, you can try another intensity level; this can keep him healthy and excited at the same time.

You may want to read how much exercise does a pitbull need.


#3. Training

Can you see his muscles? That’s excellent news, my friends! When he gets muscular definition, it’s time to skip runs and walks. Instead, it’s time to have high-intensity cardio exercises. Perhaps, running up and down stairs or bench may do. Also, your dog may sprint. Aren’t these exercises exciting?

For starters, 10 to 15 minutes of cardio exercises may be enough. But as time goes by, adding another 10 minutes may be a good idea.

Much more, try using gym equipment. But take precautions; you may be asking your vet first. Also, it’s not always a yes for pitbulls, so don’t expect that they will love doing exercises every single day. It’s not disobedient. It would help if you also tried giving respect to them.

Yes, you’re there to motivate them to try to push beyond their limits. But forcing them is a different thing, and this won’t make them happy.


#4. Providing dietary supplements

I guess I’ve mentioned this before; you can add some dietary supplements to your pet’s diet. Doing so requires the affirmation of your vet. Also, these should be given in moderate amounts only.

Well, there are many dietary supplements for dogs nowadays. Try giving them vitamins, for instance, so these will serve as nutrients to make them gain weight and muscle.

Then again, in giving them dietary supplements, you should give them inconsiderate amounts. Overdoing it is not favorable for them. My friends, you have to focus on your pet’s exercise and diet. From the name itself, dietary supplements are just supplement. This alone can’t guarantee weight gain and muscle growth.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, we’ve already answered your question: how to make my pitbull gain weight and muscle. In four easy ways, you can. And as an owner, you are responsible for taking good care of your fierce little friend. You have the responsibility to provide him with proper nutrients and housing. You should make sure that he’s healthy. It takes a lot of time and effort so you can guarantee weight gain and muscle growth.

Never ever settle to mediocre. Once the result is out, and it’s positive, it’s not an indication to stop. Instead, it means that you’re ready for the next level. And as the owner, you have to move and go make the weight and muscle your pitbull deserves and needs.

I hope you’ve learned a lot from this article; you may want to read the 14 best dog breeds for kids. Until here, my dear friends. Enjoy your day!

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