How To Make A Chihuahua Like You? 6 Awesome Ways!

The question is: how to make a Chihuahua like you? After you adopt that new puppy and bring it home, you tend to assume that now you will be close to each other and become companions.

However, this may not always be the case. Some dogs are distant as opposed to the majority of Chihuahuas. 

How To Make A Chihuahua Like You 6 Awesome Ways!

But do not worry too much because your case is not hopeless. There are plenty of ways you can use so that your Chihuahua will like and bond with you more closely. In this post, we will explain some of the most effective techniques that you can use.


Ways To Make A Chihuahua Like You

Learn all the techniques below and see which you think will most likely work with you and your dog. Of course, you may combine different approaches or even apply all of them if possible. So needless for you to wait any longer, here are the ways on how to make a Chihuahua like you. 


#1. Teaching a command or trick

This activity will bolster your Chihuahua’s companionship. Collaboration will be required for this to work. You’ll be the manager, and your dog will be the player. You may both learn from each other, and you’ll see the fruits of your labor over time.

Because he appreciates the appreciation and attention he receives after learning a command or trick, he will keep on performing when there are other people. This also helps you build a close bond with your Chihuahua. One tip to remember is that getting your Chihuahua an animal muzzle can be helpful. This is only an option, but this is very useful, especially when your Chihuahua is a habitual biter, even if you don’t want it. A Chihuahua muzzle is a must.


#2. Giving him fresh food

Give your pet the most tender care you can. A dog’s nutrition is essential to its well-being and longevity. To raise a healthy puppy, you must feed him only the best quality foods. Dogs build close ties with their caregivers, especially if the dog food is very delicious. Make your relationship with your Chihuahua stronger by feeding your dog healthful dog food, snacks, and chews. The best way to train a hungry dog is to reward him. Read the 10 best dog food for small dogs


#3. Play puzzle games together

Most dogs aren’t stimulated enough in their brains. However, Chihuahuas can do many things, and they’re surprisingly intelligent. To maximize a dog’s potential, it must be allowed to learn new things. Furthermore, a dog’s self-esteem can be boosted for fun and healthy by working together to accomplish a challenge. For example, dogs may learn to use levers, nose doors, and other mechanisms by playing several amusing games. 

You can use toys or some treats to build a DIY puzzle out of obscure cups that have been inverted upside down. Try this with your dog and see how good he can be at playing a game like this. 


#4. Talk to him frequently

Researchers found that the auditory brain of the dog was activated when pleasurable noises were made, which was critical for the development of human-canine relationships. Therefore, it would be best to talk to him regularly and in an acceptable tone to create a strong relationship. With that being said, wherever feasible, use a gentle voice when conversing with your dog. 

As long as you are talking to your pet, he will like hearing your voice. When you can see that your dog is aware of your presence, it will help you feel more connected to him.


#5. Make him your sidekick

Keep in mind that you may be better off leaving your Chihuahua at home if you have errands or any other activities that require your attention. However, as your relationship deepens, you’ll find yourself doing more and more things together.

You can use a stroller, tote, or carry bag if you’re heading somewhere too crowded. To assist your Chihuahua to become accustomed to new people, sounds, and sights, it’s vital that you gradually introduce him to new experiences. He will behave better in the future if he gets out more. Not only that, but your relationship with your dog will also be stronger as a result. Whether or not he likes you will no longer be put in question. 


#6. Put loving touch to good use

In the case of Chihuahuas, for example, a full-wrap hug does not go over well. Some dogs may find this upsetting, mainly if it occurs without warning. Researchers have shown that animals are more interested in humans who are petting them rather than giving them compliments.


Making A Chihuahua Love You

Your Chihuahua will not only like you but will love you when you show him affection, schedule training sessions, play with them, make him feel secure, and take care of him properly. Those are the ways of showing your pet that you love him, and thus he will reciprocate the love that it gets. 


Bonding With A Chihuahua

To bond with your Chihuahua, the best way to do it is to spend quality time together. You can either take adventures or spend time together. More moments you share would mean a more substantial relationship because spending quality time can strengthen your bond. You can teach your pet commands or involve him in agility. Use the time to help your pet learn a new trick or keep him active. Just any activity that you can both perform together. 


It’s A Wrap!

After knowing the different ways on how to make a Chihuahua like you, you would want to know if your pet indeed likes you, and this is very easy to tell. Commonly, it would wiggle its bottom when he sees you. Good appetite, relaxed body, and showing playfulness are the signs that your pet is happy and like you. You will notice no sign of aggressiveness. He will not exhibit any destructive behavior, too. My friends, you may also want to read about how fast can a Chihuahua run and why are chihuhua so aggressive.

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