How To Keep Husky Entertained? 10 Easy Ways!

If you own a husky, you should be thinking about how to keep husky entertained. You can start by giving your pet plenty of exercise so that it will not become hyperactive.

Then, you can keep him occupied using different ways. For instance, you can train your pet, play with him, or give him some puzzles for mental stimulation. Some other pet owners would also take their pets to doggy daycare. You may also do the same. 

How To Keep Husky Entertained 10 Easy Ways!

Huskies are bred to drag sleighs during winter, which is why they tend to require plenty of exercises to entertain themselves properly. As a result, new husky owners are often overwhelmed with how much entertainment and exercise they need before wearing out their dogs. Although it requires effort and time, entertaining a husky is essential to prevent becoming hyperactive. Otherwise, you will have difficulty managing your dog. 


Ways To Keep Husky Entertained

Your husky shouldn’t be bored because it can lead to destructive behaviors. Below are some ways on how to keep husky entertained. You may also combine several methods to keep your pet stimulated. 


#1. Take a walk

Again, enough exercise is crucial to keep your pet entertained. Or else, you cannot manage your dog despite your effort to entertain him. As the vet recommends, you should give your pet exercise for about an hour or two every day. You should ensure that you fulfill this requirement. 

One way to do this is to take your dog for a walk every day. Also, this might not be enough for them, given that they are very active. You will need to exhaust your dog even a bit more at times. For instance, you can walk towards a hill or to the park.

Also, you can try to take off his leash if you can make your pet come back to you. It would also be good to walk your dog along with his fellow dogs. This would mean that he will be getting more exercise since they will be playing as they walk. Furthermore, you will also give your dog a chance to interact with others which can help him behave better. 


#2. Giving plenty of training

Another excellent way to keep a husky entertained is by giving him plenty of exercise. The training should keep your pet’s attention on yourself, and at the same time, it should be draining its energy a bit. This can help your dog become responsive when you command him, making it easier to keep him under control. 

In training your husky, you can begin with the basics. For instance, you can teach him to stay and sit. It would be best if you dot this in an environment with no distractions to be easier for you to capture your dog’s attention. Once you have successfully taught him the basics, you can proceed to more complicated tasks like teaching your dog to come towards you when you command him. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to train a husky to not run away.


#3. Teach your husky to swim

Another way to keep a husky entertained is by teaching him to swim. This is also a suitable type of exercise since your dog will be able to move his legs a lot so that he can stay afloat. Even in a short period, your pet will be able to expend much amount of energy. Some huskies are nervous about being in the water. This is innate to them, but you can consider some ways to make your dog like swimming.


#4. Playing fetch

Teaching your husky to play fetch is an excellent way to give him attention and exercise. This is a good exercise since your dog will have to sprint a lot the entire activity. Your dog will also interact with you more, thereby making him more responsive. Remember that it can be a bit hard to teach him to play this game first. 


#5. Giving him toys

It is also good to give your pet plenty of toys to play with to be occupied. Meaning to say, you can divert your dog’s attention away from being destructive.


#6. Dog walker

If you find it hard to make time entertaining or exercise your husky, you should consider getting a dog walker that can do that for you. You may also book online or through some app. You may also be interested to know about how to train a husky to walk on a leash.


#7. Using chew toys

Giving your husky some chew toys is an excellent way to keep him focused. Some chew toys are even designed to make a dog calm down. So it will help if you consider getting one and giving it to your pet when he is hyperactive or about to misbehave. 


#8. Tug of war game

A game like tug of war is also a great way to keep a husky entertained. Your husky will most likely like this game, and it is easy to keep a husky focused when he likes what he is doing. 


#9. Giving him puzzles

Giving your pet some puzzles can also make him occupied. Several puzzle games are designed for the mental stimulation of huskies. This will also make your dog focus its attention on the game so that he will get a reward after. You can get a more challenging one to make it harder for your husky to figure out. Here are nine best dog puzzle toys that your pet can try. 


#10. Make him pull you

You can also make your pet pull you as you ride your bike or skateboard. You will be amazed at how fast your husky can run, making this activity a great way to wear him out. 


It’s A Wrap!

With all the steps above on how to keep husky entertained, there’s no way that your pet will be bored. However, doggy care will be the best alternative if you cannot find time for this. 

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