How To Keep Australian Shepherd Busy? 10 Best Methods To Choose From!

It is of utmost importance that Aussie owners know the answers to the question: how to keep Australian shepherd busy? This dog breed is known for its agility and intelligence.

Many love to have them as family dogs due to their distinct attributes. However, they can get destructive when they get bored.

If an Australian shepherd is not trained correctly, he may destroy and chew things. Some would pee just anywhere in the house, sleep alone outside, or steal food in the kitchen. In this post, we will provide you with various ways to keep your Aussie busy and entertained so that he won’t resort to destructive behaviors. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


10 Ways To Keep Australian Shepherd Busy

In this section, you will get to know the best ways on how to keep Australian shepherd busy. We ensure to make a list long so that you will have a definite choice on which method can work with you and your dog.


#1. Get out and exercise

It is a must to talk to your dog for daily walks. If doing this daily is impossible for you, do it at least every other day. Since Australian shepherds are bred initially to have intelligence, stamina, and endurance, they wouldn’t like to sit around the entire day. It is essential to keep the high energy of your dog channel by giving him physical exercise such as running and playing around the park or hiking with friends. You can also take your pet for a walk. Know how much exercise does an Australian shepherd puppy need.


#2. Frozen treat

This method is a great way to keep your pet hydrated and entertained simultaneously. It is ideal during warm days. All you have to do is fill a bowl with beef or chicken broth and put a chew toy inside, the freeze. Once it is frozen already, you can put it in your yard and allow your pet to have fun.


#3. Puzzle games

Another best way to keep your Australian shepherd is using food-dispensing puzzles. You can mix up several games with different puzzles and difficulty levels, which will make your pet paw, roll, or take out some pieces using their mouths. For sure, your fur baby will be busy figuring out the puzzle, and this is something that can drain him mentally. One great puzzle that you can use is the Kong. This is a rounded shape made of plastic that you can fill with edible items such as treats, wet food, or dog’s meal.


#4. Playing flyball

Flyball is a sport that Australian shepherds will like. It is a combination of chasing, fetching, and obstacle racing. As such, it can keep both the body and mind of your Aussie engaged. You can check with the dog fitness center or local training school for dogs to know whether or not you can enroll your Aussie for flyball training.


#5. Trick training

This method is fun and rewarding both for your pet and yourself. You can start with basic tricks such as sitting to standing to more challenging ones such as leg weaves. Please note that it wouldn’t be easy to communicate with your dog. But rest assured, this will be an amusing process and experience. You may also want to read about how to potty train an Australian shepherd.


#6. Take your Australian shepherd with you when going out for short errands

Although you will not be excited to go to the bank, it is the opposite for your Aussie. He will undoubtedly enjoy the ride as he sees new sights. 


#7. Canine sport

To name a few sports that you can teach your dog: disc, scenting, flyball, dock diving, herding, agility, and freestyle. Other than these, there are many activities and sports that you can do with your Australian shepherd. You may compete to have titles or participate. Either way, it will be fun. It would help if you got started in dog sports and events.


#8. Obedience class

You can also have your pet trained by professional instructors. This will be beneficial both for you and your Aussie. You can ask for some recommendations from your vet or even search online to find trainers near your area. Choose those that have experienced training Aussies. 


#9. Giving your Australian shepherd a job

You can let your dog help you by retrieving some things in your house or going with you to the nearest pet store. By including your pet, you are essentially making your dog feel that he has a particular job to do. 


#10. Socialize your Australian shepherd

Your dog needs to interact with humans and other dogs so that he will be kept healthy and happy. Therefore, you have to ensure that your dog is well-adjusted socially so that the interactions with others will be kept safe for everyone. You may sign up your dog to a particular socialization class to learn some socialization tips. Likewise, this will expose your Australian shepherd to new friends inside a controlled and safe environment. 


It’s A Wrap!

Australian shepherds have high herding instincts. They are known to be active and bright. To remain happy and healthy, they need plenty of stimulation and exercise. Ensure that your pet can get a sufficient amount of physical activity daily. You should provide them with toys or other things that can keep them busy.

Furthermore, proper training is essential in channeling the natural energy of your dog in positive and healthy ways. With all the activities on how to keep Australian shepherd busy above, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Consider your schedule and make your pet busy to avoid destructive behaviors.