How To Help My Husky Gain Weight? 5 Best Tips!

You might be concerned since your pet is underweight, which is why you ask yourself: how to help my husky gain weight again. This article will cover everything you have to know regarding the eating habits of a husky. Furthermore, you will get to see how you can help your pet. 

We will present you with five different approaches that you can consider if your husky is skinny and wants him to gain weight. We will discuss each of them in detail along with other necessary information. But before that, let us look at the typical weight of huskies. 


Huskies’ Normal Weight

Some husky owners get concerned about their pets’ weight when they shouldn’t be! Many huskies are slim, and this is entirely normal. It is okay even if you can feel your pet’s ribs for as long as it is not too much. Generally, it is healthier than a dog is underweight than if it is overweight. 

The average weight of male huskies ranges from 45 pounds to 60 pounds. In comparison, female huskies range from 45 up to 60 pounds. It can vary a bit, but ideally, the weight of your husky will fit within those weight ranges. 


Tips To Help My Husky Gain Weight

If your pet is a bit underweight, you should consider the tips below to help him gain weight. Also, ensure to keep in mind the following information even after the weight of your husky becomes normal. So, here are the tips on how to help my husky gain weight:


#1. Adding chicken broth

Here is a simple yet effective way to make your food eat his food. First, it would help to pour chicken broth without salt into the kibble and put it before your dog. The tasty juice of chicken is the most attractive food for huskies. So if you have broth leftover over dinner, you may save it and give it to your dog.

Take note that you should only give your pet plain broth. It is not ideal that you add salt or any other ingredients that may upset the stomach of your husky. Remember that a husky’s stomach can be susceptible. Furthermore, you can make healthy and delicious broth biscuits made of chicken. This would be an excellent treat for a husky.


#2. Using dog food’s seasoning

Many companies offer a healthy and fun way to make your pet’s kibble more rousing. This is by using some seasoning for dog foods. Like how we prefer to add herbs and spices to enhance our food, dogs would love this. So, you can also add some seasoning to your pet’s food. Many flavors are available. Choose those that are made of good quality and natural ingredients. By simply mixing this to the food of your husky, he will drool over. 


#3. Adding organic peanut butter

Most, if not all, huskies love peanut butter. By simply mixing a small portion of peanut butter into your dog’s food, you will see how clean his food container will be after it. Dogs must avoid too many nut varieties. However, peanuts are not nuts. They are legumes that contain plenty of nutrition. Remember that you should use organic peanut butter that does not contain Xylitol and salt. Other than these two, it would be acceptable to allow your pet to eat peanut butter. 


#4. Mixing his kibble with wet food

Changing the texture a little can be enough to make your pet eat more. It is recommended that you use a similar brand of wet dog food to the dry food you are using. Using similar brands will ensure that the ingredients are of the same quality. Start by introducing a small amount and ensure that your pet is constantly given the correct portion. Generally, a husky will not eat more than he needs. However, it is still crucial that you know the calorie and nutritional breakdown of the food you give him. 


#5. Limiting the eating time

This option is a form of training. The goal here is to train the dog only to eat when putting down the food. For example, some huskies leave the entire day with their bow filled with food, and he will eat every time he is hungry. But this will teach your dog to graze. As a result, he won’t be eating properly. 

Many husky owners succeed in helping their pets gain weight through this method. Essentially, you limit the amount of time that his food remains down. For this method, you need to call your dog for dinner, place his food in the bowl, and pick up the bowl after 10 minutes. 

That exact 10 minute is the only chance your pet gets to eat. After that, he will have to wait for the next mealtime to eat again. You are essentially training your dog that his food is not readily available all the time. So he has to eat when the food is given to him or else it will be gone shortly. You may also be interested to know about why is my husky not eating.


It’s A Wrap!

As a husky owner, you should know your pet’s overall health condition. The same is true with any other pet you have at home. Closely paying attention to your dog will allow you to notice something not right. For instance, the weight of your husky! Remember that huskies need plenty of exercise.

With the lack of proper training, your dog will conserve much energy. Unfortunately, as a result, he will lose his appetite. But with the tips above on how to help my husky gain weight, you can make you’re husky eat more again. It’s best to also know what to do with the husky while at work and how to play with a husky.

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