How To Groom Australian Shepherd? 3 Awesome Tips To Remember!

The question is: how to groom Australian shepherd? This dog breed is considered lovable and intelligent. But Aussies are not ideal for those who do not have an active lifestyle. That is because this breed loves action they tend to herd just anything they find.

But many people want to have them in their household because they are great companions. This will remain true for as long you train and socialize them early. You would love their beautiful coat that comes in contrasting red and blue shades. They are easily noticeable as compared to other canine breeds. 

How To Groom Australian Shepherd 3 Awesome Tips To Remember!

But to maintain the good looks of your Aussie, you need to know about the essential grooming tips. Below, we will be discussing the grooming tips that are mainly applicable to this particular breed. Keep reading!


Fur Of Australian Shepherds

Aussies have a double coating that keeps them warm during the cold season and cools in the summer heat. The topcoats are long, straight, and silky guard hairs close to their bodies. On the other hand, the undercoat is softer and thicker, particularly around the trousers and neck. The underfur of Australian shepherds also has varying thicknesses. Keeping your Aussie well-groomed is essential to ensure that the coat will not get tangled and matted.


3 Tips To Groom Australian Shepherd

Tending the tresses of your Australian shepherd is the key to keeping him cute and lovely. This breed does not require numerous sessions with the groomers. But they require general upkeep from their owners. This ensures that they will always look tidy and prevent matting. Keep in mind the tips below on how to groom Australian shepherd:


Tip #1. Brush your pet

The best that you can do for your pet is to brush his hand. You have to know that this breed is often shedding, so it is essential that you get rid of the dead hairs. Brushing will also help in stimulating the skin. It is recommended that you combine the long tooth rake of the undercoat and the slicker brush. In doing this, ensure to get through the bottom of their but avoid irritating the skin of your Aussie pup along the way. Here’s how to brush Australian shepherd.


Tip #2. Shaving is not ideal  

This breed shouldn’t be shaved as it will mess up the coat’s delicate balance that insulates when cold or hot. Depending on the season, the coat holds a temperate air layer next to the body to keep it either warm or cool. If you shave an Australian shepherd, its coat might not grow back as such anymore. Also, take note that shaving would not help in your dog’s shedding. They will lose hairs – just shorter this time. Know how to shave Australian shepherd.


Tip #3. Regular bathing

It is completely fine to bathe your Aussies once a month. Of course, it would be lovely to have your pup smelling fresh. But ensure not to go extreme with bubbles. I guess it’s helpful to read about how often should I bathe my Australian shepherd puppy.


3 Hairstyles For Your Australian Shepherd

This section will introduce to you the most common hairstyles done to Australian shepherds. Whichever cut you choose for your pet, he will surely look adorable. Keep reading to find out the best hairstyle for your pooch. 


#1. Minimal trim

You can allow the natural beauty of your pet to shine through! Although you would need plenty of brushing to maintain the flowing hairs, rest assured, it will be worthwhile, especially when you snuggle up next to the cozy coat of your pet. Also, consider buying thinning sheers to keep up the look. This will result in a more natural look than other trimming scissors. The minimal trim is good in keeping the coat mat-free.


#2. Simba style

The name of this style says everything about the way it looks. This is Lion King-inspired. The hairstyle will keep the hair of your dog shorter on his body, leaving the hair around the neck regal and fluffy. Although this style is not as typical as other styles, it is perfect for the incredible coat of your Australian shepherd.


#3. Teddy cut

If you want to make your dog look sweet with longer hair, you can go with the teddy cut. This has a round shape that can soften the look of your dog. To maintain this cut, it is recommended that you use a snap-on comb of size A. But this may vary depending on what you prefer. The back, belly, and sides will be trimmed up in this cut. The paws can also be trimmed off using curved shears to ensure that the hind legs will have a smooth and round shape.


How Often To Groom Australian Shepherd?

As a general rule, grooming an Australian shepherd should be done once per week at the very least. It is imperative that you groom your pet’s coat regularly, as this will keep him comfortable. This will likewise keep the skin of your dog healthy.

Australian shepherds, in general, shed moderately to heavily. The accumulation of their dead hair can result in matting. As such, they are removing that loose and dear hair will help keep him healthy and stimulate the skin of your dog. Not only that, but it helps the coat as it protects your dog against the weather.

If the double-coat is appropriately brushed, it can insulate the dog properly when it is hot or cold. It will provide the dog’s body with temperate air while cold or heat is prevented from penetrating the topcoat.


It’s A Wrap!

However you groom him, he will surely look sweet, dapper, and dignified. It would be best to figure out the style that best fits your dog, time, and budget soon. Remember to be cautious of the cue your dog gives. If anything related to the grooming you do stresses your dog, then it would be best to find another hairstyle, grooming approach, or groomer. Nonetheless, we hope that you learned a lot from this post on grooming an Australian shepherd. Now, that’s how to groom Australian shepherd!