How To Groom A Long Haired Chihuahua? 4 Amazing Ways!

If you are a fan of Chihuahuas, for sure, you know that they may come in long and smooth hair variety with different colors and patterns, so you must know how to groom a long haired Chihuahua. 

Long-haired Chihuahuas are not like the short-haired ones that need minimum maintenance only. If you prefer longer hair, it also means that more upkeep is required.

How To Groom A Long Haired Chihuahua 4 Amazing Ways!

Grooming must be a part of the routine of your Chihuahua if you want to maintain its good health, and it is not something that should be seen as challenging and bothersome. In this post, you will learn the basics of grooming so that the coat of your lovely pet will be kept clean and shiny. 


Ways To Groom A Long Haired Chihuahua

It is simple to groom a Chihuahua and keep it clean. However, you need to start grooming your pet at a young age so that they will get used to dealing with this activity. When it comes to grooming, cleanliness is the most crucial part. 

As recommended by experts, you need to bathe your pet once every three months at the very least. Since Chihuahuas are indoor dogs, they do not get dirty easily. 

But if your pet sleeps with you or travels regularly, you should consider washing them more often. Furthermore, to ensure that your pet’s hair does get matted or tangles, you need to brush it out thoroughly yet gently every week. So, how to groom a long haired Chihuahua? Here are the following considerations:


#1. Bathing

Before you start bathing your pet, you need to brush out its hair. Doing this will help in the detangling process as he baths. Given their small size, you need to ensure that the water is not more than 4 inches deep. Also, place a towel or mat on the bottom so that your Chihuahua will not slip. Now, put your Chi in the bathtub and well of its hair. Next, get your dog shampoo and massage your finger through its hair, starting from its head towards the tail. If your area has a high prevalence of fleas and ticks, pick a shampoo that can repel those. 

The nose and head should be washed gently, make sure to avoid the eyes of the dog. Then, rinse off the shampoo and finally, dry your dog using a big and soft towel. 

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#2. Drying

If possible, you can dry your pet naturally under warm sunlight since most dogs do not like the noise produced by the electric dryer. If the weather is cool, you can lie your Chi on the bed with a towel to dry. Hold your dryer in your hand and put it in the lowest setting. Then dry, starting the stomach of your pet. 

Use your other hand to stroke and reassure your dog. If you think that your dog feels comfortable, you can bring the dryer closer. Ensure to keep the dryer moving so that it will not concentrate in one area. When blow-drying towards the ears and head, shield the face and eyes of your dog. Also, make sure that you do not blow into its ears. Finally, ensure to keep watch of the heat of your dryer frequently so that your Chihuahua won’t be overheated. 


#3. Brushing

Since Chihuahuas belong to the long, fine guard, and soft hair breed, constant brushing is essential. Typically, it would take about two years for the hair to develop its thickness fully. Frequently, Chihuahuas also have an undercoat. 

When the coat is fully dry, get your pin brush and gently brush it onto his hair. You can also use a brush that includes rubber tips so that his skin won’t be irritated. This will remove both the danger on the undercoat and dead hair. After that, get a soft brush to brush his coat to shine and condition it. Finally, it would help if you combed gently using your double-sided comb to lift your pet’s hair. Doing so will also comb his hair into place. 


#4. Trimming

You need to trim your Chihuahuas hair around his toes using a shaver or hair clipper. Then, do the same with the extra hair in between his pads. The tail area should also be kept tidy and short by clipping it sanitarily using a pair of blunt scissors. This is done so that the feces will not stick onto his hair. 

Your dog’s nails should also be trimmed using a nail clipper that has safety guards to avoid cutting the nails of your pet too short. This is important because cutting the nails so short may damage the quick, which is the veins towards the nails. 

In such a case, it would be very painful for your pet. When you are done clipping, you should file or grind the nails to avoid the splitting of the nails and also to smooth all the sharp edges. 



#1. How often is grooming done to Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas with short hair need a whole body brushing once every week at the very least. Ensure to cover every area, including the tail, legs, and lower chest. For Chihuahuas with long hair, it is suggested that brushing the coat should be done three times each week. You may also want to read about how to groom a pitbull


#2. Is a haircut required for a long-haired Chihuahua?

Even though Chihuahuas require low grooming maintenance, more upkeep is needed by Chihuahuas with long hair. Your dog deserves a haircut that can help him the personality. 


#3. Will the hair of my Chihuahua grow back if I shave it?

Unlike other breeds of dogs with long hair like Maltese, the long hair of Chihuahuas does not grow continually. In other words, if it has already reached its full growth potential, it will not grow anymore. 


It’s A Wrap!

Since you have reached this point, you sure know already the different aspects included in how to groom a long haired Chihuahua. This dog breed is not that hard to maintain, but you will need to exert a bit more effort for maintenance with a long hair variety. I guess you should also read about how to make your Chihuahua happy

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