How To Get Your Husky To Stop Biting? 4 Easy Ways!

Are you interested in knowing how to get your husky to stop biting? This is a common question that most husky owners ask. However, the behavior is not something that you should reinforce. That is because it can become problematic if your dog develops and makes it a habit. 

Fortunately, only a couple of simple techniques are involved in training your husky so that his habit of biting will stop. The only things required are consistency and time. 

How To Get Your Husky To Stop Biting 4 Easy Ways!

The best techniques you can use include intervening when your husky bites, commanding him, using treats and praise, and replacing the things he bites when he is biting something that he should not. Keep reading as we will discuss each of those techniques below.


Defining The Task

Biting is a cute behavior of dogs when they are still very young and small. But as your pet grows older, his teeth grow, too! In that particular stage, biting will most likely become a problem. You must train your husky to stop biting so that you can raise him as a well-behaved dog.

Although this can be hard at first, using positive reinforcement consistently can improve your dogs’ behavior. It will only take a couple of weeks to succeed in this training.


Ways To Get Your Husky To Stop Biting

Below are the simplest methods that you can try to prevent your husky from biting inappropriate things. Take note that these methods will not stop the biting habit all at once. A husky puppy needs to chew and bite, and you cannot get away with this. You have to train your puppy the things that he can or cannot bite. So, here are the ways on how to get your husky to stop biting:


#1. Intervene 

The first time you see your pup chew or bite something inappropriate, you should stay stop using a louder than usual voice and firm tone. By doing so, you will gain your puppy’s attention and even startle him. You should avoid pointing at your dog when telling him to stop since it can tempt your dog into jumping and biting on it. 


#2. Inform

It would help if you taught your dog the meaning of NO. Remember that this is very important. After you get your dog’s attention since you have intervened as he is biting, you need to tell him that this is an unacceptable act. Then, say NO once again using a raised and firm voice. 

If you do this right and for enough time, the puppy will mentally link the behavior with the word – NO. Eventually, he will comprehend that you dislike this behavior. 


#3. Replace

Right after you say NO, you should divert your dog’s attention to a toy that you prepared. If his attention remains on the toy for a couple of seconds, you should be ready and praise him. 


#4. Praise

After your pet has focused on his toy, you have to praise him. For instance, you can tell him that he is being a good boy. Then, give him his favorite treat. This time, you are praising your dog for biting and chewing something that he is allowed to.


Will This Method Work?

In teaching a puppy the meaning of NO, you have to use positive reinforcement, repetition, and association. For example, once you have intervened with your dog as he does something undesirable, you should tell him NO. Then, after you diverted his attention, praise him. 

After enough repetitions of the steps above, your husky will associate NO with the things that he must not do. The use of positive reinforcement or praise is crucial. All dogs will respond better when praised for something that they do correctly instead of being scolded for the wrong things they do. 

As a dog owner, you need to understand the importance of proper discipline. It would help if you did not do it incorrectly in which you tend to abuse your dog. Being authoritative includes using firm, deep, and raised voice tones. It shouldn’t be more than that. 

Even if you smack or hit your dog very lightly, it does not matter. You still punish him physically, which is not ideal for making your dog calm and behave well. This technique might work at first. But you are essentially teaching your husky to be scared, which in turn can result in behavioral issues that can be very problematic. 

Although you might think that your dog is terrible for biting, you need to be aware that most dogs want to please their owners. Therefore, bad behavior is usually not intentional. 


Why Does Your Puppy Bite You?

At times, your pup seems to target you. This is primarily because the husky puppies see their owners as a replacement for their canine mother. Other than that, there are some other reasons behind your husky puppy biting you. This includes teething, rough play, showing dominance, or your dog tests his bite. Know how to calm down a husky


It’s A Wrap!

Just like in any other form of training a dog, you need to be patient and consistent when it comes to how to get your husky to stop biting. It would be best if you also prepared some treats and the durable toys of your pet throughout the entire time of training. 

As such, any time your husky starts to bite anything inappropriate around the house, those items are already in place. Through repetition, your husky will quickly learn and understand the purpose of this training. 

With that being said, you must say NO to him repeatedly when he is doing things that you do not like, and do not forget to praise him when he does something right. This is a simple but effective approach. Go on and try it with your husky! Also, read about how to cool down a husky and why does my husky howl.

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