How To Discipline A Chihuahua? 5 Easy Ways!

Do you want to know how to discipline a Chihuahua? Then, you have come to the right place. Remember that a Chihuahua can pick up the signals you give them. They learn from your reactions. So if you raise them well and train them early, they will grow with positive behavior. 

But it does not mean that you need not discipline your pet at times. There will be instances where your Chihuahua becomes stubborn, or sometimes, it can get into trouble. 

How To Discipline A Chihuahua 5 Easy Ways!

Discipline and good training are not the same a loud shouting and physical punishment. Remember that dogs do not respond well to aggressiveness. In fact, they might mirror back your anger with biting or barking. This does not mean that a Chihuahua can’t be punished because you can. It’s not just the same as you think. The disciplinary methods that you should use shouldn’t scare or hurt your dog. 


Ways To Discipline A Chihuahua Without Punishment

It’s common knowledge that chihuahuas’ obstinate characteristics make it challenging to educate them on how to behave appropriately at the appropriate times. Maintain a consistent attitude of patience, tolerance, and discipline. You may be able to reduce undesired behavior in the future.

Reprimand your Chihuahua as soon as the incident happens so that your dog recognizes the link between the two behaviors. When your pet does something good or behaves the way you want them to, make sure you pat them on the back. With a forceful voice and appropriate body language, you can control your Chihuahua’s behavior. In the following tutorial, you’ll discover extensive instructions on how to teach your dog some basic manners. 

You won’t have to physically discipline your Chihuahua again if you follow the recommendations below. When it comes to dogs, there’s no need to employ any form of force at all! Now, here are the ways on how to discipline a Chihuahua:


#1. Discipline your pet immediately

Because of their anxiety about being separated, Chihuahuas may engage in destructive activity. As a result, coming home to ruined furniture, torn documents, or even chewed-up shoes is possible.

No matter how much you want to shout, if you yell at your Chihuahua, he will incorrectly equate your angry mood with the shoes he just destroyed. Your dog may have a good recall, but they won’t comprehend why you chastised them for what they did the day before. Those aren’t in their mental processes at all!

In fact, if you don’t catch your dog misbehaving in the first place, it’s pointless to reprimand it afterward. Instead, scold your Chihuahua while it’s occurring using the harsh tone and body language recommended below. Know why are Chihuahua so aggressive.


#2. Be consistent

To avoid your Chihuahua being confused, keep your scolding actions consistent and straightforward. For instance, you slap your thigh as an invitation to come over and give them a good smack. But the next day, your dog jumped at a stranger in the parking lot while waiting for you. After that, you chastise the dog.

In such cases, you are sending conflicting signals to your Chihuahua. When it comes to teaching your Chihuahua, you should never utilize a combination of methods. In my part, I used to chew on my hands while playing with him and urge him to do the same. Since he was so young, it didn’t hurt and was much fun for him. Unfortunately, I made a significant error on my part.

My dog’s teeth become more apparent. Then, his jaw became more strong when he was five months old. Despite the rising difficulties, he was adamant about continuing the game. After all, why was he being advised not to do something that I had previously encouraged my dog to do? To properly train Chihuahuas, you must be consistent. If you continue the same regimen, it will be simpler to observe improvement. It may be a good idea to read about how to train a Chihuahua not to bark


#3. Firm voice tone and body language

Dogs are good observers, picking up on even the tiniest changes in your tone of voice or even with your posture. The best approach to discipline a Chihuahua is to use a mix of a firm “no,” a raised a finger, and a frowning expression.

Chihuahuas respond well to your voice tone and facial expressions. Consequently, you haven’t had to harm, lose your cool or do them bodily in this situation. This technique of Chihuahua training will assist you in becoming the alpha dog and pack leader in your household. 

All you’ll achieve by striking and shouting at the dog is to increase their fear of you. As a result, the behavioral difficulties you were attempting to resolve would only worsen.


#4. Using positive reinforcement

It’s appropriate to congratulate your Chihuahua once they’ve been adequately reprimanded and displayed the desired behavior. To educate dogs to respond, utilize a reward or incentive. Furthermore, simple words of praise and encouragement are highly appreciated by dogs. Treats are also an excellent technique to entice your dog back when it is off its leash. Finally, withhold goodies to show your dog that they’ve fallen short of your expectations.


#5. Take a break

You may also use time-outs and verbal warnings in teaching your Chihuahua to behave appropriately. For example, consider the following scenario: you and your Chihuahua are playing, and he’s chewing on your hands. By producing a loud “ouch” noise, you may turn around and move away from your Chihuahua.

Dogs perceive this “ouch” sound as an indication that you are in pain. In here, we presume your Chihuahua is aware of this. To educate your dog that if they misbehave during a game of fetch, they will lose the game. Nothing beats a time out when it comes to reprimanding your Chihuahua. It’s helpful to read about how to teach a Chihuahua not to bite


It’s A Wrap!

Chihuahua owners are well aware of the breed’s famously demanding training requirements. If you stick with it, it will pay off in the long term and save you much headache. While administering punishment to one, keep in mind that a Chihuahua will not correlate the penalty with the offense it has done. Parents who scream and smack their pets may instill fear in them, making it more difficult to modify their patterns.

Instead of using severe punishment, you should apply what you have learned on how to discipline a Chihuahua. For example, suppose the above strategies are utilized for training Chihuahua pups. In that case, both the dogs and their owners will be delighted with the outcomes.

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