How To Deal With An Aggressive Husky? 8 Easy Ways!

The question is: how to deal with an aggressive husky? Some dogs that have not socialized with others may use aggression for them to survive. Unfortunately, aggression is among the common behavior issues among huskies. 

In case your husky shows some aggression, you need to know how to deal with it properly. Be reminded that huskies are among the strongest breed of dogs, and their bite can be powerful.

How To Deal With An Aggressive Husky 8 Easy Ways!

Aggression is also dangerous, uncomfortable, and severe. It can become worse without proper intervention. But we will help you combat this. 


What To Consider?

It would be best to consider when your husky has started showing aggression, as an event could have triggered this behavior. By tracing back, you can quickly identify it. For example, sudden aggression may be due to an injury. It is also possible that someone has mistreated your pet. Or maybe you have inadvertently rewarded the behavior and continue to do so. 

But if your dog has been aggressive since then, it may be due to some factors such as the previous owner being aggressive or emotional. In some cases, the lack of proper training also causes aggression. 

It would help if you also considered the timing when your dog becomes aggressive. Perhaps, he becomes aggressive when he dislikes someone around, or something has caused him to be terrified. But if aggression is shown randomly, then it may be due to some other reasons mentioned earlier. 


Ways To Deal With An Aggressive Husky

So, how to deal with an aggressive husky? Dealing with aggressiveness depends on why your dog displays this behavior. Here is a list of options for you. You can combine different methods until you find what works best for your pet. 


#1. Positive reinforcement

This is a training in which your husky is reinforced to show your desired behaviors by giving him rewards whenever he displays them. In using this aggression training, you should reward your pet every time he is not aggressive when he usually would be. Likewise, it would help to reward your dog every time he showed signs that he was not being aggressive. This way, you are curbing your dog’s behavior into something that you want him to be. 


#2. Make him obey your command

It would help if you tried training your pet to do various simple things like commanding him to stay or sit. This is to instill in him that you are the leader. If your husky sees you as his leader, it would be easier for you to control him. 


#3. Do not reinforce bad behavior

You may be inadvertently reinforcing the bad behavior of your pet. Rather than giving your dog what it likes, when being aggressive, try to redirect this behavior. A way to do this is by training your husky to come towards you when you command. 


#4. Don’t be of high energy

Being aggressive or emotional when your dog is around will make him react or behave differently, too. So whenever you are around your husky, you should try not to be too emotional. Instead, be calm so he will respond calmly too. 


#5. Be consistent

The most important aspect when training a husky is consistency. It is not possible that you will achieve the results that you one with only one training session. So be consistent, and soon your hard work will bear its fruits, maybe in a couple of weeks or so. 


#6. Do not punish your dog

You should avoid punishing your dog at all costs as it will not help. The husky won’t comprehend why you punished him and will become resentful of how you treated him. Instead, you can try to recognize when your dog will be likely to misbehave or become aggressive and redirect this behavior using positive reinforcement. This is the best way to deal with dog aggression. 


#7. Ensure your dog can get enough exercise

The way huskies are bred is that they should get plenty of exercises every day. Suppose your dog does not get enough physical activity. In that case, it may lead to the development of some behavioral issues like aggression. To give your dog exercise, you can take it for a walk around the block, or you may get someone to walk him if you cannot do so. Dog walkers will do this task for you at a cost. Other than that, you can play with your dog like fetching its favorite ball. 


#8. Getting help from a professional dog trainer

Perhaps, you cannot identify why your husky shows aggressiveness, or if it already seems dangerous, an ideal option for you is to ask the help of dog trainers or dog behaviorists. Through this method, an expert can help by showing you the things that have to do with your husky, which is safe for both of you. Here are also ways on how to train a chihuahua not to bark and how to house train a pitbull puppy.


It’s A Wrap!

Those are the eight ways on how to deal with an aggressive husky that you can employ. Often, you cannot eliminate the problem. However, it can be minimized and prevented. Be reminded that each husky aggression is different. Therefore, it would help if you chose a solution that will best suit the case of your husky.

Even if your dog often displays aggressiveness, there is hope. After you have learned how to deal with aggression among huskies, be guaranteed that you will attain significant results in time. Take note that the earlier you start the treatment, the better. Today, you should keep in mind that you must not give up on your pet, especially even before you try to do something!

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