How To Cool Down A Husky? 7 Amazing Tips!

Husky owners are more concerned during summer; remarkably, they are finding ways on how to cool down a husky. These snow dogs can handle the cold weather very well, but the hot weather is another story.

Starting the spring, most husky owners are asking for tips in keeping their husky cool. This post will provide you with the tips that you need to keep your pet comfortable, relaxed, and happy during the hot weather. Scroll down as we’ll walk you through each of them one by one. 

How To Cool Down A Husky 7 Amazing Tips!


Tips To Cool Down A Husky

Since the coat of huskies is thick, they tend to get hot during the summer season. With that being said, you should do your part and help your pet to remain calm. Below are some tips that you should consider. 


#1. Avoiding the midday sunlight

Ensure that your pet stays indoors when it is the hottest time of the day, typically at 12-4. It would help if you also kept out of any areas with direct sunlight. In case your flooring is made of tiles, your husky should lay there. That is because the tiles are excellent, and they can help draw out the heat in his body. 

The heat will then dissipate to the floor. You can also allow your pet to lay in a cooling bed that is elevated. Just ensure to cover it from below. If you have carpets or rugs, do not let your pet lay there. Those things can hinder them from expelling the heat. 

Also, keep your away from the windows where sunlight hits directly. Or you can put up a heat shield or blinds. This investment would be worth it not just for your husky but also for the other members of your household. 

Making use of an air conditioner is the standard in most hot countries. This is the easiest way to keep the husky cool. But if an air conditioner is not available, you can make use of fans or a blower. 


#2. Watch his paws

Look at the paws of your husky. Its pads may burn if the pavement is hot. When you take your husky outside, look at where he is walking. If possible, you should keep him under the shade or on the grass. Remember that if your hands find the pavement too hot, then the paws of your husky will find it too hot. When you are exercising your dog, it is essential to notice the surfaces on which he walks.


#3. Do not cut or shave his coat

The coat of your husky must not be trimmed, cut, or shaved. Although their coat is thick and has double layers, it helps them in regulating their body temperature. Shaving or cutting the coat of your husky will affect his ability to control the temperature of his body.

As a consequence, your pet will tend to overheat. He might even be prone to heatstroke. The topcoat is the most important. This is coarse and thick, protecting the husky from insects, direct heat, and UV rays.


#4. Keeping the husky hydrated

It will help if you put a large bowl of water next to your husky during hot climates, especially when you will leave your pet along for a large portion of the day. It is also ideal that you put some bowls everywhere in the house so that your dog will be encouraged to drink.

Your husky must be hydrated all the time so that he can regular his body temperature properly. When a dog is dehydrated, it will be hard for him to stay cool.

If you were out for a long time, it would be best to have someone check up on your dog to ensure that he will get enough water. Also, tell your friend to ensure that he is comfortable. But, most importantly, do not forget to bring enough water when taking your dog out for a walk.


#5. Choose the appropriate time to exercise

Even if it is hot, you still need to exercise your pet. The weather shouldn’t hinder you from providing him with the physical activity required for the day. To be safe, you should take out your pet or late in the afternoon. If you are only walking, avoid going too far. You can take him in your car if the walking area or park is far from your house to avoid overheating him before the exercise. Know how much exercise a husky needs


#6. Using wet towels or cooling beds

A cooling bed works so well with dogs. Most dog owners I know have one for their pets. They can all attest that it is suitable for their furry friends. Huskies, in particular, would love to lay on them even until nighttime when it is not hot anymore. 

As an alternative, you can get your old towels and wet them using cold water. Then lay them into the shade so that your husky can lay on them. This is, however, not free from mess as compared to cooling beds. But the advantage is that you need not spend on this. 


#7. Provide space

Before you take a husky home, you should have considered that this breed would need space. There should be enough space onto the floor wherein the case lay down, change position, stretch, and fidget all he wants. If he has enough space to do such things, he will become more comfortable even in hot climates.

If you are keeping your husky inside a crate, ensure to have someone who can check every time you are away. He should then be allowed to go out for playtime and potty breaks to make sure that he is happy.

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It’s A Wrap!

In no time, the summer will be just around the corner again. You must be equipped with the different tips on how to cool down a husky. Ensure to keep in mind every item we included in the list above. I guess it’s helpful to read about why does my husky howl and why my husky is not eating.

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