How To Clean Chihuahua Ears? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to clean chihuahua ears? Well, it’s simple; all you need is a piece of cotton and some dog ear-cleaning solution or lukewarm water; this is by far the easiest and most effective way to clean their ears and get rid of any excess wax.

People are often very considerate about their little canine friends. However, while taking care of them they often forget their ears. 

This is dangerous because Chihuahuas’ ears are pretty sensitive compared to other dogs. And they require proper cleaning. So now you want to learn more about how you can take care of your Chihuahua, then continue reading this article!


Chihuahuas: A Little Bit About This Breed

Chihuahua is a tiny dog, but oh boy, when we talk about its personality, that’s a whole different story right there. Considering the dog’s size, it has a huge personality. Moreover, it’s fun-loving, intelligent, but it might be a little stubborn to train and groom.


Cleaning Chihuahua’s Ears

It is vital to clean your Chihuahua’s ears to prevent dirt from building up in there. When dirt builds up in their ears, it puts them at a high risk of getting an ear infection.


How often to clean Chihuahua’s ears?

You should check its ears regularly. A sign that your Chihuahua’s ears are healthy is when you rub it or gently massage it, but they don’t feel any pain nor become uncomfortable. However, if you sense that your Chihuahua is being a little hesitant when you touch its ears, then this might be the time to do a little check-up. But you must know what a healthy and clean ear looks like. These are some characteristics; pink, odorless, free from any dirt or ear wax, doesn’t smell yeasty or stinky). Some Chihuahuas don’t need ear cleanings that often. However, if your little friend enjoys exposure to water and you take it for swims often, then you should also check its ears often. This is because, during swimming, water enters their ear’s canal, causing ear wax to build up.


Supplies needed to clean Chihuahua’s ears

There is not much you need. To clean your Chihuahua’s ears, you will need a cotton ball, a veterinarian-approved dog ear-cleaning solution (you can use lukewarm water for the time being if you do not have the solution), and a towel. Here’s a couple of tips:

Firstly, when choosing a place to clean your Chihuahua’s ears, make sure it is not an indoor area of your house. As your Chihuahua might shake its head during the cleaning process, and that can cause a bit of a mess. Try to choose places like the washroom, so it is easier to clean the mess (if any). Secondly, avoid using Q-tips or any pointy cleaning tool as this pushes the dirt or wax more profound in your dog’s ears, causing problems. Thirdly, please refrain from using any homemade ear-cleaning solution for your Chihuahua because some ingredients in it might irritate your little friend.

Steps To Clean Your Chihuahua’s Ears

After reading this guide, you will know how to clean chihuahua ears. Here are the following steps:


Step #1. Getting ready for the things needed

Get all your supplies and your dog ready. Grab some of your dog’s favorite treats as well to make him calm during the process.


Step #2. Pouring ear cleaning solution

Pour an adequate amount of the ear-cleaning solution into your Chihuahua’s ears and start gently massaging the base of the ear (for about 30 seconds). Don’t let the tip of the bottle touch their ears, as this can cause an infection. Read about cleaning your Chihuahua’s ears


Step #3. Wrapping up

Allow your Chihuahua to shake its head freely, and use a towel to protect yourself from the splashes, and wipe down your ccChihuahua’sface. Once it is done shaking its head, take the cotton ball, start gently wiping its ear canal, and do not go very deep. Suppose you felt that your Chihuahua seemed in pain during the whole process. Please consult a veterinarian.


Can Hydrogen Peroxide Be Substituted As A Cleaning Solution For Chihuahua Eras?

No! It cannot substitute an ear-cleaning solution at all and shouldn’t either. This common ingredient can irritate your pup’s healthy skin cells. We mentioned before that CCChihuahua’sears are very sensitive compared to other dogs. However, in this case, this goes for all dogs, the tissues in their ears are susceptible, and excessive use of hydrogen peroxide can cause damage not only to the skin cells but to the ear itself as well. So, the best choice is not to experiment with anything and opt for veterinarian-approved ear-cleaning solutions.



It is vital to keep in check and clean your dog’s ears to avoid any dirt from building up, as this can cause infections. To proceed with the cleaning, you must first identify your cChihuahua’shua’shua’srequire cleaning. After identifying that, if they require cleaning, you can proceed with the simple 3-step cleaning guide. With the help of the simple guide, we hope you understand how to clean chihuahua ears. Remember to check your pup’s ears regularly! You may also want to read about how to discipline a Chihuahua and how to make your Chihuahua happy.

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